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The One You've Been Waiting For Recap

In Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Lloyd arrives at an antique shop, Lost Treasures, at 3 am, and asks the owner Marvin Brickle where it is. He takes out a 1931 solid gold pocket watch and then tells Mrs. Lloyd that there's been a change in the price. Marvin says that he can't let it go for less than 80, and she points out that his jacket is smoking. It bursts into flames, and Mrs. Lloyd snatches up the pocket watch... and then bursts into flames as well. A man watches from the shadows as they both burn to death.

At the bunker, Sam returns with food and is surprised when Dean says that he's not hungry. He wonders if Dean is cool with Mary leaving them, and shows Sam a report about two people dying in a mystery fire. Mrs. Lloyd was rich and Dean wonders why she was there at 3 am. He figures that they should check it out and Sam agrees.

The brothers arrive at the shop and break in. Inside, they scan for EMG and find nothing. Sam checks Martin's computer while Dean knocks antiques over as he looks around. Checking the computer files, Sam finds an email on the pocket watch with a Nazi symbol on the cover. Meanwhile, Dean finds a hidden room and finds it filled with Nazi memorabilia. Sam comes over and says that Martin's ledger indicates that the watch belonged to a member of Hitler's inner circle. The police didn't report finding the watch, and Sam points out that the MO matches that of the Thule.

A woman, Ellie, returns to her apartment with a man, Nick. They kiss and she nervously says that she just got out of a relationship, and then goes to the bathroom. Once she's alone, she tries to nerve herself up. Ellie hears a crash outside and looks out to see two men approach Nick. They concentrate on him and he bursts into flames. One of the men sees her and Ellie locks the bathroom door and climbs down the fire escape, scraping herself. When the younger man tries to shoot her, the older one stops him and says that they need Ellie alive. His father, Nauhaus, collects the smear of blood and tells his son Christoph that they have what they need to rack him.

Sam and Dean call Aaron in Berlin, Germany, and he says that he's working his way through the Judah Initiative ledger. Aaron confirms that the Thule operatives are nervous about something big, and they've found references to "The Blood." A report of another body comes in and Sam and Dean head out.

At Ellie's apartment, the police officer that Ellie ran to a neighbor and called for help. Outside in a police car, Christoph handcuffs Ellie, gets in the car, and drives off just as Sam and Dean arrive. They drive off after Christoph, who tells Ellie to shut up. He drives into a parking garage, gets out, and calls Nauhaus. Dean arrives and trains a gun on Christoph, while Sam frees Ellie and they get out.

Later at an abandoned building, Sam and Dean tell Ellie that they're hunters as they tie Christoph to a chair. Christoph says that they'll have to kill him because he's not talking, and Dean takes out a gun and prepares to shoot. Their prisoner quickly says that the watch belongs to his father, a commander in the Thule High Command. Christoph says that at the end of the war, everyone but Nauhaus knew it was over. Nauhaus placed Hitler's soul in the pocket watch so that he could bring him back. Christoph explains that he was born in Buffalo in 1984, and all the Thule have been doing is talking about bringing Hitler back. The Thule agents got whacked by Soviet agents and the watch went from China to Peru to the antique shop. Christoph says that Hitler can only possess someone who possesses his blood. He tells them that Ellie is Hitler's descendant, and knows that she was adopted. Ellie storms off and Sam goes after her, while Dean prepares to move out.

Sam talks to Ellie privately in an office and she explains that she texted her mother to ask if she was adopted. Her mother said to call, and Sam assures her that she can handle what's going on.

Nauhaus drives to the parking garage and sniffs the blood, and realizes that Ellie is close.

Sam tells Ellie that it will get easier, and Dean comes in. He tells Ellie that they can use Ellie as bait to get the Thule. Dean says that it's one of the times that they have to fight and they'll keep her safe. Nauhaus enters the adjoining room and Dean quickly shuts the blinds before he can see them. Meanwhile, Nauhaus frees Christoph. Dean comes out and shoots, and another Thule agent attacks him. Sam jumps Nauhaus while Christopher finishes freeing himself and runs. Dean finishes off his opponent and kicks Nauhaus off of Sam, and another agent attacks him. The agent throws Dean through a window, and Nauhaus orders a retreat. When Sam checks the office, he discovers that Ellie has climbed out the window.

Ellie walks down the street and Nauhaus grabs her and drags her into his car.

Sam and Dean go back to the parking garage and are unable to reach Ellie on her phone.

In the car, Nauhaus and Christoph listen to Sam's voice mail. Nauhaus complains that Christoph told them about Hitler, and tells him that he's a disappointment. Christoph says that he used to admire his father but now all he wants to do is resurrect Hitler. His father says that it's the perfect time for Hitler to return, and tells Ellie that she has Hitler's eyes.

Dean and Sam go to a diner and hack every traffic camera in the city trying to find Ellie.

Nauhaus arrives at an airport hangar and tells his agents to begin the purification ritual. One agent confirms that they have a patrol looking for the Winchesters, and Nauhaus tells his man Fritz to secure his son. Fritz takes Christoph out behind the hangar, draws his gun, and tells him to run. Before he can shoot, a call comes in from the patrol saying that they've found the Winchesters. Christoph jumps Fritz, grabs his gun, and shoots him dead.

Christoph goes to the diner and sits down with the Winchesters, and says that he'll take them to Ellie if they protect him. When Dean wonders why they should believe him, Christoph points out the Thule agent outside and says that he just killed Fritz. He admits that he was never good enough for Nauhaus, and Dean tells Sam to get the Impala while he takes out the Thule agent.

Nauhaus and his man Hans find Fritz's corpse and Nauhaus says that they'll focus on resurrecting Hitler. They go back to the hangar where a drugged Ellie is strapped to a gurney.

Christoph leads the Winchesters to the hangar and Sam handcuffs him inside the Impala. The brothers then arm up.

Ellie wakes up and sees Nauhaus on a gurney next to hers, hooked up to her by tubes. He says that they're going to transfer her blood to his body and then Hitler will possess him.

The Winchesters takes out two of the Thule agents on guard.

Inside the hangar, Hans places the pocket watch on Nauhaus' chest. It digs into his body and after a moment, Hitler laughs and says that it's been a long time. He gets up and laughs maniacally, and says that Hans looks great. Ellie starts to pass out from blood loss, and Hitler thanks her for the gift. He then tells his men to take the rest of her blood, get some dogs, and feet Ellie to them.

Dean and Sam break in and find the Thule agents waiting for them with guns. They take the Winchesters into the hangar, and they realize that they're facing Hitler. Ellie manages to get up and grab a nearby gun, and shoots one of the agents. Sam and Dean grab their gun and shoot the other agents, and Dean pistol-whips Hitler. He then shoots him in the head.

The next day, Sam and Dean take Ellie to the Impala and take Christoph out. The Winchesters warn him that the Thule that are left will hunt Christoph as a traitor, and he quickly leaves. The brothers then take Ellie back to her apartment and she says that she'll be okay. She thanks Sam for everything and goes inside, and Sam goes back to the Impala. Dean suggests that they get some pie now that he's killed Hitler.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2016

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