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Justice Recap

A woman, Lauren Mason, takes some pills and tells her husband Jeff that she can't sleep. He assures her that they're safe in witness protection and when he testifies against gun manufacturer Donald Block, it will all be over.

Block is on the news talking about how his company will get by just fine despite the fact that the Pentagon has canceled their contract with his company.

Lauren says that she wants Jeff for herself, not off on an undercover assignment like he was on infiltrating Block's organization for two years. He gathered evidence that Block was supplying guns to terrorist groups and white supremacist organizations to avoid bankruptcy. Jeff insists that he was just doing his job, but Lauren warns him that things won't be any different once the trial is over. She storms off and Jeff apologizes to the officers guarding him. They assure him that everything will turn out fine, and one of the officers--Carl Witherspoon--0davises Jeff to get some sleep. Jeff decides to take the guest room.

Later, Carl joins his partner Danbro on the porch and spots something. The partner goes to check it out and Carl tells the third officer, Tom Swain that their teammate heard something and went to investigate. When Swain checks on Lauren, he discovers that she's slipped out the back. He runs out, calling to Lauren, and Jeff joins him and asks what's going on.

Block's man Kowlecki carries an unconscious Lauren into a house.

KC arrives at the station and hears Swain arguing with his superior. When Swain comes out, he tells KC that the judge won't give them a delay on the Block trail. Swain explains that Lauren was taken to keep Jeff from kidnapping, but there's no evidence of a kidnapping and the judge figures that Lauren ran off.

Block is heading in for questioning and gets a call from Carl. Carl assures him that Lauren is still out and Jeff got the message and won't testify. Block wants Lauren alive for leverage to guarantee Jeff's cooperation until the case is officially dropped.

KC meets with Chapel and tells him what happened. He's reading Block's medical file and says that they'll find Lauren before they kill her. They go to his hotel room where a trunk is sitting on the floor, and Chapel explains that Block is claustrophobic. They have until the end of the weekend to break Block, learn where Lauren is, and free her.

Chapel and KC drive to the station and KC points out that Chapel doesn't have a client and the plan is more basic than usual. She wonders if Chapel is taking it personal, and Chapel doesn't answer her. He figures that one of the cops is crooked.

Inside, Swain questions Block about Kowlecki. Block claims that Kowlecki quit Carl calls Swain out and warns him that IA is looking into Lauren's disappearance. Block and his lawyer refuse to stick around, and as they leave Jeff confronts Block. He asks where his wife is, and the officers pull him away when he loses his temper. Block leaves the station, and Chapel and KC follow him.

Swain assures Jeff that they'll find Lauren, and Carl takes over.

At the house where Kowlecki is holding Lauren, she's blindfolded. She suggests that Kowlecki let her go since she hasn't seen his face, and Kowlecki ignores her.

Supremacist Franklin Dekker calls Donald and demands his guns. Chapel and KC listen in and listen as Block says that he's been tied up promises that he'll soon get the guns to Dekker. Once Block hangs up, Chapel speeds up and cuts off Block's Swain pulls up and Chapel gets back in the car. He and KC watch as Swain drags Block out of the car, plants a gun on him, and arrests him.

Chapel and KC go to a diner, and KC is shocked that Swain planted a gun. Chapel tells her to keep an eye on Swain, because he doesn't want him in the way. KC tells him not to joke about hurting Swain, and Chapel reluctantly agrees. He figures that they can still put Block in a box: solitary.

When KC returns to the station, Swain asks her if she'd ever do anything she thought she wouldn't do. She asks if arresting Block changed anything, and Swain admits that Jeff still won't testify and Lauren is still missing. The IA officer calls Swain in for more questioning.

County jail guard Connor Gulch wakes up and finds Chapel standing nearby... holding the bullets for Gulch's gun. Chapel says that he's there to give Gulch a second chance to do something right. Gulch begs Chapel not to hurt his wife, and Chapel says that he needs Gulch to help him.

The next day, Carl meets with Block in jail. Block tells Carl to get him out fast, and Carl twists his ear and warns that if Block rats him out then he'll kill Lauren and let Block take all the blame. As Carl leaves, Block tells him that Chapel is after him but Carl isn't impressed.

Chapel meets with Dekker and claims that Block sent him. He says that he'll take care of Dekker while Block is in jail, and Dekker says that he has some men in jail. He offers Chapel a pamphlet on Nazism and Chapel says that they'll have to talk about race relations sometimes.

Gulch takes Block to meet with Chapel, who congratulates him on his plan to abduct Lauren. He asks where Lauren is, and Block claims that he doesn't know. Chapel repeats the question and when Block doesn't answer, Chapel says that he's going to have to get extreme. Gulch takes out a shiv and hands it to Chapel. Chapel puts it in Block's hand and Gulch calls for reinforcements, claiming the shiv belongs to Block. He then hauls Block off to solitary while Chapel smiles in satisfaction.

the guards toss Block into the cell and Gulch tells him that Chapel may think he's in charge but it's his prison.

At the safe house, Jeff tells Mike that the DA is still hammering him to testify. Carl tells him that his first obligation is to Lauren.

Kowlecki offers Lauren some chicken noodle soup. She refuses and he walks away.

The IA officers take Swain's statement, clearly unconvinced.

Chapel calls Jeff and says that he had a wife once, and it ended bad. He tells Jeff that it won't end that way for Lauren and hangs up.

In solitary, Block slowly loses his mind.

Once Kowlecki dozes off, Lauren tries to shift that she's handcuffed to, that is bolted to the floor.

Chapel goes to Tuttlebaum's Fine Carpets and the owner says that the pieces have arrived. He shows Chapel the guns and asks if his favor is paid up. Chapel says that he has a gift for him and insists that he'll like it.

Swain meets with KC, and she suggests that someone might be lying about Swain to IA. She figures that someone in the house was in on Lauren's abduction.

Chapel takes the guns to Dekker, loads one pistol, and puts it to Dekker's chest. He pulls the trigger but nothing happens, and says that it's defective merchandise. He claims that Block is trying to set him up and sell the supremacists garbage, and Dekker demands his money back. Dekker says that he has a few men in jail, and Chapel suggests that they scare Block a lot to get his money back. Chapel says that he'll fix it so Dekker's men can get to Block queen, and then he'll get the money and bring it to Dekker.

KC shows Swain copies of the IA transcripts that she hacked from their database, and they go through them to find out who is lying.

Dekker tells his men that he doesn't trust the scare tactics, and they'll have his men kill Block... and Chapel.

Swain finds Carl's statement that he saw Swain in Lauren's bedroom and drugged her. they figure that Carl is setting Swain up, and Swain swears KC to secrecy. She goes out and calls Chapel, who is going to see Block. KC explains that Carl is the crooked cop and Swain is going after him. Gulch takes Chapel to solitary and gives him the key to Block's cell. Once Chapel enters the cell block, he opens Block's cell door and shows him the monitor. Dekker's men are coming, and Chapel explains that they think Block sold them bad guns and blamed it on Block. He asks where Lauren is while the skinheads get closer. Block finally gives up the address, and Chapel has him call Kowlecki and tell him to walk away

Chapel takes the phone away from Block and shoves him back in the cell, locking the door. He goes to the cell block door but discovers that the door is locked and Gulch refuses to open it. The skinheads come in and Chapel reveals that he blocked the lock with the pamphlet that Dekker gave him earlier. He opens the cell block door, throws Gulch into the cell block, and closes the door behind him. As Chapel walks away, he hits the alarm.

Kowlecki calls Carl and tells him that Block called. Carl tells him to call Lauren and he's on his way. Swain is watching and follows Carl.

Kowlecki removes one of Lauren's handcuffs, and she hits him over the head with a nearby piece of firewood. She tries to reach the key in Kowlecki's hand, just as Carl comes in. He apologizes and strangles her, and Swain comes in and orders him to stop. The two men fight and Carl gets Swain in a choke hold. Chapel arrives as Swain passes out and knocks Swain unconscious with a paddle. He frees Lauren and assures her that Swain is still breathing. Chapel says that he already called Jeff and he's on his way. the police pull up outside and Lauren runs out while Chapel watches from the shadows as the reunited couple kiss.

The next day, Carl offers the DA a deal in return for his turning evidence against Block. The DA, Vanita Jackson, says that she doesn't need it and tells Carl that he's going to serve 50 years for his charges.

Jeff, Swain, and Lauren arrive at the courthouse. KC watches as Lauren Jeff kiss as they go inside. Later, she meets with Chapel and describes what she saw. She says that Chapel did good, and he says that they both did. KC admits that she likes Swain but it's complicated.

Block is soon convicted on Jeff's testimony.

Later, Chapel drives a truck to where Dekker is. Dekker claims that his men got excited, and opens the truck to reveal Tuttlebaum and his men. They're all Jewish and armed, and Tuttlebaum reveals the concentration camp numbers on his arm. His men take Dekker and h is supremacists away, and Chapel walks away, satisfied.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2016

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