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Episode 4 Recap

Vixen and Kuasa approaches a manor in Star City and Kuasa explains that the Water Totem is there. She tracked it there in the hopes that she would eventually have enough money to obtain it and take it back to Zambezi. Vixen leaps over the fence, carrying Kuasa with her, and then contacts Felicity via the comm. Felicity confirms that the house is empty just as guard dogs confront them. Vixen takes on the power of a dog, cowing them.

The two women go inside and search the storage room. When they find the Water Tote3m, Kuasa shoves Vixen back and dons the Totem, saying that she'll never feel weak again. She knocks Vixen back with a blast of water and admits that she couldn't have recovered it on her own. As the two Totem-wielders fight, they set off the security system.

Kuasa chases Vixen outside onto the roof. The police pull up and Kuasa knocks Vixen to the ground below. She commands the guard dogs to attack the police and then chases Kuasa down the street. continuing despite Kuasa's best efforts to stop her with blasts of water. The Atom grabs Kuasa from behind and explains that he's Plan B, Kuasa breaks free but Black Canary arrives and subdues her. Vixen says that now Kuasa helps them like she promised, reminding her that Eshu killed their father and destroyed the home. The Atom and White Canary agree to help them against Eshu.

Felicity warns the team that Eshu is in Detroit and on a rampage downtown. Vixen asks Kuasa to help her, and after moment Kuasa takes her hand.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2016

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