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Episode 5 Recap

Eshu looks down on the city of Detroit and sends a video message that he no longer represents his government. He promises that he will destroy Detroit unless Vixen hands over the Totem. Macalester calls Vixen and says that he found a song in the archives. It says that each Totem has a center, like a soul. If the soul is crushed then the Totum will lose his power. He assures Vixen that she was meant for the battle.

Eshu finds the heroes and attacks, and the heroes attack him. Eshu manages to hold them at bay, and Vixen leaps through the fires and knocks Eshu back. Black Canary attacks him but he knocks her back. When the Atom tries to blast Eshu, Eshu blasts him back as well. Kuasa charges forward and blasts Eshu with water, and Vixen renews her attack.

The Fire Totem wielder generates a blaze of heat, knock Kuasa back. She manages to hold his flames at bay, and refuses to run like her mother did. Eshu overwhelms her and Vixen can only watch as her older sister is reduced to ash. He advances on Vixen and promises to break her spirit and then kill her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2016

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