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Changing Recap

In the Thorul Research Outpost in Svalbard, Norway, Dr. Rudy Jones' assistant Dr. Bailey takes him to see a frozen wolf. She explains that they found a Bronze Age Viking spearhead in the wolf's body. When Bailey has Rudy touch it, he discovers that it's still warm. And tissue is soft. Jones suggests that it might be a dear and reaches into the wound in the wolf's side... and something grabs him.

In National City, Megan serves Kara and Mon-El Aldebaran ale that a woman across the bar ordered for Mon-El. Megan then goes over to where Hank is at the bar, and says that he has good friends. Meanwhile, Mon-el tells Kara that he found work but is reluctant to say what it is. He insists that he can control his powers, just as he shatters a glass in his hand. Mon-El agrees to train with her if she drinks the ale, and Kara chugs it. She immediately gets drunk and bursts into laughter, and Mon-El goes to get more drinks.

Alex comes in and realizes that Kara is drunk. She spots Maggie playing pool and goes over to talk to her. Alex apologizes for dropping a bomb on her before, and Maggie says that she dealt with it by coming out to her family. She assures Alex that it's real for her and she deserves a happy life, and tells her to tell her family. Alex and Hank both get calls and head back to the DEO with Kara.

At the DEO, Winn shows them a video of Jones' assistant begging for help, insisting that whatever is attacking them isn't human. No one has been able to contact them since the SOS went out, and the government put the outpost under quarantine until the DEO could investigate. Kara has passed out, and Hank says that he and Alex will check it out.

Hank and Alex take a DEO team into the outpost and find corpses everywhere. They appear to have been sucked dry of their essence. The team finds Rudy lying on the floor, moaning in shock. They take him back to the DEO and Rudy realizes that his team is dead. He wants to get right back to work and stop climate change, and says that they can find him at National City University. As Jones walks off, he staggers and ducks out of sight, and then starts to mutate.

The next day, Supergirl and Mon-El are training at the DEO and she easily dodges his attacks. She explains that she's trying to prepare him in case he wants to be a superhero, and doesn't realize that he's having second thoughts. Alex asks to talk to Supergirl privately, and they go for a walk. She says that it's about Maggie and how they started hanging out, and she started developing sexual feelings for her. When Alex says that Maggie thought she should tell Kara, she did. Kara is surprised to learn that Maggie is gay, and Alex admits that she's not sure if she is herself. Her foster sister asks if she's ever been with a girl, and Alex says that it isn't because she's found the right guy. Alex admits that she's had similar thoughts before in high school, and liked sleeping over with her friend in the same bed. It scared her, and they fought over something stupid and drifted apart. Alex realizes that she suppressed the memory and others like it, and doesn't know if Maggie likes her the same way. She tells Kara that she doesn't want to talk to her about it anymore and walks off.

That night at the university, Rudy examines his blood and confirms that the organization is rewriting his DNA into something new, merging with him. His superior comes in and says that Rudy should be at home, and Rudy insists that he needs to finish his work. The man says that he's firing Rudy for cause, and Rudy says that "they" don't accept it.

At the DEO, Bailey says that he's found a video of an autopsy on Bailey's computer. The video shows Bailey and Rudy examining the corpse, Rudy getting infected, and then Rudy draining the energy from his teammates. They realize that he's infected.

Supergirl and Alex go to the university lab and find the dead superior. Rudy steps out and says that they can't stop what they're changing into, and that only they can save the world from the human parasites. Supergirl punches him but Rudy grabs her fist and absorbs her power. Alex shoots at him but the bullets bounce off and he crushes the gun. Rudy then breaks open the door and walks out.

Back at the DEO, Winn figures that the parasite is from the Angon system and got trapped on Earth during the Ice Age. Supergirl warns that the more Rudy absorbs, the more dangerous he is. James comes in and asks if Kara is okay, and Hank has Winn start running down Rudy's other potential victims. He tells Kara to go home and rest, and James says that he wants to help. Supergirl tells him that they've got it and leaves, telling Alex that she's fine.

Once Supergirl leaves, Alex wonders how James heard about what happened. Winn quickly makes an excuse that James got the information from an anonymous source, and takes James out. Once they're alone, James says that he needs the suit Winn is making for him. Winn insists that he's not his assistant, and if James goes out without it then he will die. James reluctantly agrees.

Alex goes to Kara's apartment and says that she's been weird eve since she told her. Kara assures her that she's not disappointed in her, and insists that she's okay with it. She has Alex sit down and talk with her, and apologizes for not creating an environment where Alex could talk to her. There's never been room for Alex's issues in their conversations, and Kara tells Alex that she knows what it feels like to keep things inside. She assures Alex that she is not alone, and assures Alex that she doesn't have to do it alone. Kara asks about Maggie, and Alex says that she likes her so much. As they hug, Alex's cell phone rings. It's a text from the DEO reporting an alien attacking civilians, and Kara says that she'll handle it.

Supergirl flies to the location and finds Mon-el fighting an alien, Brian. Mon-El explains that Brian doesn't pay back his debts, and his bookie is paying Mon-El to collect the money. Supergirl tells Brian to run along, and then complains that Mon-El is using his powers for money. Mon-El doesn't understand why he can't use his powers to make money, and takes offense when she dismisses him as a Daxamite. He insists that it doesn't make him a bad person, and points out that she loves the attention. Supergirl says that she thought he could be a hero but was wrong, and flies off.

Back at the DEO, Winn tells Supergirl that he's located Rudy's likely next victim: Rand O'Reilly, a lobbyist for climate change denies on the board of National City University.

As Rand goes to his car in the parking garage, Rudy steps out of the shadows and introduces himself. He knows that Rand got him fired and says that he's going to save the world from humanity. Supergirl arrives and "Rand" shapeshifts to reveal that he's J'onn. Rudy insists that the world is dying and they've been chosen to save it, and attacks the two aliens. When Supergirl moves in, Rudy absorbs both of their powers and mutates into a giant purple slug-like creature. Alex and her team arrive and open fire, and the "Parasite" leaps off, leaving Supergirl and J'onn, unconscious.

At the DEO, Winn and Alex examine their unconscious friends as Mon-El watches. Alex explains that Rudy mutated, and James arrives and asks if there are any updates. Mon-El says that he has to go, and Alex explains that the yellow sun lamps are bringing Supergirl back. J'onn has lost a lot of blood, and Alex gets an idea for where to get a transfusion.

Once James and Winn are alone, James says that they can't wait any longer. As they go to Winn's workshop, Winn says that Rand is speaking at a climate-change deniers' conference that night. He gets out the suit that he's been working on but warns that once James puts the suit on, he will become someone else. There's a cost, and Winn asks if he's ready. James says that he's been ready since the day he found out the truth about Clark, and it's who he is. Winn opens the case and reveals the suit.

At the bar, Alex finds Megan and says that J'onn needs her help. As Megan goes to get her stuff, Alex sees Mon-El drinking at the bar. She tells him that the city could really use a hero, and knows what Mon-El did earlier from Supergirl. Alex says that she suspects that he's a coward, but Supergirl believes in him and that's why she's so upset at him all the time. Mon-El says that he doesn't know how, and Alex tells him to start by standing up like the rest of them.

Alex takes Megan to the DEO and explains what happened to J'onn. Megan says that she can't provide the blood of a Green Martian, and that if J'onn knew the truth then he wouldn't want her to provide blood. Alex warns that J'onn will die if Megan doesn't help him. after a moment, Megan agrees, and whispers to J'onn to forgive her.

Rand is en route to the conference and rehearsing his speech when Parasite attacks his limo. Rand gets out and Parasite advances on him, but Mon-El arrives and tells him to stop. As rand runs off, Mon-El grabs a signpost and throws it at Parasite, then lunges forward. It grabs him and prepares to feed on him, but James steps forward, wearing Winn's "Guardian" costume, and tosses an explosive on its chest. The blast knocks it back, and Guardian introduces himself to Mon-El.

Winn is in a nearby van, monitoring the battle through the camera in Guardian's helmet, Parasite attacks and Guardian summons a shield to bounce it back.

Supergirl wakes up and Alex tells him that Parasite is attacking the conference. The Kryptonian figures that she'll have to get some power that Parasite can't handle.

Parasite throws a car and Mon-El catches it before it can hit a young girl. Her mother takes her away while Guardian attacks the creature.

Supergirl flies to the National City nuclear plant. She then flies to the battle and knocks Paramount down, and says that Parasite was never meant to be a mutated creature. Supergirl gives Parasite one last chance to help him, and the creature charges forward. She holds up a piece of plutonium 239 and lets Parasite absorb it. The energy overwhelms it, causing Parasite to explode. Supergirl goes over to Mon-El and thanks him for showing up. She also thanks Guardian, and discovers that his suit is lead-lined to negate her x-ray vision. He says that he's a friend and takes off on his motorcycle.

The next day at CatCo, Winn visits James in his office. The news anchors are all talking about Guardian, and Winn says that he did good. He realizes that James wants to keep doing it, and James figures that Winn does as well. James says that they're heroes, just like Kara, because that's who they are. Winn wonders if they should keep their activities a secret from Kara, and James figures that they should.

That night, J'onn wakes up and reverts to his Hank form. He realizes what Megan did, and thanks her for her help. Hank asks her to stay and Megan agrees to do so until he falls asleep. As she takes his right hand, Megan notices that Hank's left hand is trembling.

At the bar, Alex finds Maggie and admits that she told Kara the truth. Maggie hugs her and Alex kisses her. She wonders if it was okay, and Maggie says that it was good but warns that they're in different places. She suggests that Alex experience it for herself but assures Alex that she's there for her as a friend. After a moment, Alex says that they're cool but then walks out.

Later, Kara goes to Alex's apartment and flies in through the window when Alex won't open the door. Alex insists that everything is fine and tells Kara that she was wrong and shouldn't have said anything. Kara realizes that something else is wrong, and Alex says that Maggie doesn't like her like that. Crying, Alex says that it's humiliating. Kara hugs her and says that she's proud of her.

Mon-el is walking down the street and hears a man sitting in the shadows, coughing. After a moment, Mon-El goes over and the man tasers him with an alien weapon. A black van pulls up and they load Mon-El in. The head scientist is driving, and welcomes Mon-el to Cadmus.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2016

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