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Mad City: The Executioner Recap

At the station, Jim tells Detective Campos to take statements from everyone at the party to see if anyone saw the killer. Lee comes in and admits that Jim was right. Jim asks if she talked to Barnes at the party, and compares when she did to when Symon died. Lee realizes that he suspects Barnes is the murderer, and Jim says that he hopes he knows what he's talking about.

Later, Jim tells Harvey what Symon said about Barnes killing him. Harvey doesn't believe it, and Jim suggests that Barnes saw Symon and lost control. He points out that Barnes has been acting odd recently, and Harvey says that Barnes is at home resting. Jim insists that it doesn't feel right, and Harvey says that he'll help to prove that Barnes is innocent.

Barnes is in a warehouse on the docks, tying three criminals up from the rafters with nooses around their necks. They're balanced on chairs, and Barnes rants about how the voices tell him what he has to do. He announces what their crimes are and how he's been waiting for years to get the proof he needed. Barnes then kicks out the chairs one at a time, declaring them guilty. Once they're dead, Barnes says that justice is served.

Ivy goes to the home of her newest prey, an antiques dealer named Anton. He says that his vault is upstairs where he keeps his most valuable acquisitions, and Ivy asks to see it. Antony points out that they've just met, but Ivy goes up anyway and Anton follows her. He wonders who she is, and Ivy says that she meets men like him and they give her things. She admits that she doesn't give them anything, and explains that she uses plants to make perfume. Ivy dabs some on her wrist and invites Anton to smell it. When he does, he falls under her control and Ivy tells him to open the vault. Once he does, she knocks him over the head with a vase and steals a necklace that matches her dress. As she runs out, Anton grabs her by the throat and demands to know if they sent her. Ivy kicks him and runs out.

At the Cobblepot manor, Edward nervously checks his watch. Oswald finally asks him everything is fine, and Edward admits that Isabella said he'd call. The phone rings and Edward quickly answers it. It's the police, who ask if he knows Isabella. Once Edward hangs up, he tells Oswald that the GCPD wants to see him but wouldn't say why. He wonders if something happened to Isabella, and Oswald dismisses his concerns.

At the morgue, the coroner shows Edward Isabella's body. Oswald talks to an officer, who says that Isabella went through a red light and crashed into a train. He offers his condolences and says that he's there for Edward. Edward hugs an astonished--and pleased--Oswald.

Selina is feeding her cats at her apartment when Ivy comes in. She introduces herself and asks if there's anything to eat.

Harvey calls Jim and says that Forensics found fingerprints in the bathroom where Symon was attacked. Barnes' prints are there, but Harvey points out that isn't suspicious. Harvey says that Jim should tell Barnes his suspicions and give the captain a chance to defend himself. Jim agrees, an then goes into Barnes' office and finds Alice's file on the desk. When Barnes comes in, Jim says that he was looking for Paulie's file and Barnes gives it to him. The captain asks if Symon said anything to Jim, and Jim says that Symon didn't. One of the witnesses thought otherwise, and Jim says that Symon tries to speak but couldn't before he died. Barnes suggests that the mob executed Symon to cover their connection to him, and says that his CI told him that a man named Sugar did the killing. He asks Jim to keep it between them in case the mob has someone inside of the department, and invites Jim to come along. When Jim suggests that he let Harvey know, Barnes says that they won't take long enough to bother.

Outside, Jim gets into Barnes' car. When Barnes goes to the trunk to get a shotgun, Jim calls Harvey and leaves him a voicemail with the address they're going to, and tells him to get there. As they drive to Sugar's location, Barnes tells Jim that he's disappointed with him for not collecting statements from all the witnesses: him. He tells Jim to ask his questions, and Barnes says that he saw Symon at the party but didn't talk to him. The captain does say that he was in the bathroom before it was a crime scene, and Jim half-jokingly says that he's in the clear... for now.

As Barnes drives, he says that Gotham is a cesspool. Jim says that he came back to the GCP to do things right, like Barnes. He reminds Barnes what he said about how the law is the line, and that if they break the law then they're no better than the criminals. Barnes says that the city is at a crossroads and good men have to fight for it. He tells Jim that the decision is his to make. Barnes drives past their stop, and Barnes says that he made a mistake and gave the wrong address.

Selina brings Bruce to her apartment and shows her the now-adult Ivy. Bruce wonders Ivy is back, and Selina punches Ivy in the shoulder and complains that she didn't tell her she was alive. Ivy hugs her and Bruce asks why she came back, and Selina says that she called him in because Ivy freaked her out. her friend says that guys just give her stuff, and she has ways of getting stuff. Bruce says that she looks nice and Selina glares at him, and then asks why Ivy came back. Ivy finally admits that she's in trouble with Anton, and Bruce hears someone approaching. Selina looks out the front door and two men in masks spot her. She barricades the door and leads Ivy and Bruce out a hidden door as the two men come in and fire crossbows at them.

Jim and Barnes confront Sugar and Barnes asks where he was when Symon was murdered. Sugar claims that he was at the fights and he has witnesses, but Barnes doesn't believe him. He insists that he's innocent, and Barnes tells Jim that he believes Sugar. However, he says that sugar isn't innocent and shoots him dead. He then turns the gun on Jim.

Selina, Ivy, and Bruce go to the docks and Ivy says that she doesn't know who the killers were. Bruce tells Ivy to return the necklace, and Selina agrees. Ivy insists that it's hers, and Bruce offers to buy it. he agrees to pay her $5,000 for it and Ivy agrees.

At the Cobblepot manor, Oswald is posing for a portrait. Edward is listening to Vivaldi and Oswald checks on him. His friend is lying in the darkness mourning and listening to Isabella's favorite music. Once Edward admits that he's just going to sit there, Oswald goes back to pose. However, after a moment he goes back in and tells Edward that he's acting scary and depressing. He says that Edward needs to move on, and Edward agrees. He says that he's going to where Isabella was taken from him and say goodbye. Oswald tells him that Isabella would want him to be happy,

Barnes has Jim drag Sugar's body out of sight and says that he knows Jim has been investigating him. The captain admits that he killed Symon and Paulie, and insists that he is the law. He just needed something to unlock it, and Jim realizes that he's infected with Alice's virus. Jim says that Barnes is innocent, but Barnes insists that he's not insane. When Jim figures that Barnes is going to frame him for Sugar's murder, Barnes says that it's up to Jim. He talks about how the city needs people like him to fight crime, and asks Jim to join him. Barnes reminds Jim that he shot Galavant in cold blood, and Jim says that he's regretted it every day. He tells Barnes that he stands against him, and Barnes says goodbye. A man comes in to meet with Sugar, and Jim leaps out the window when Barnes turns toward him. Jim runs off before Barnes can shoot him.

Edward goes to the railroad tracks where Isabella died and lays flowers on the spot. A blind homeless man comes over asking for spare change, and Edward asks him if he was there when Isabella died. The man says that Isabella was screaming for help before the crash, and Edward realizes that it doesn't match with the police's story.

Bruce and Selina take Ivy to Anton's place, and they find the door open. Inside, Anton is dead on the floor, a crossbow bolt in his eye. Selina grabs the necklace and throws it across the floor, and Ivy goes to pick it up. She finds a key in the setting, and then realizes that Bruce and Selina are a couple. Bruce says that they are, and is surprised when Selina says that they're not. They agree to go to Wayne Manor to discuss the situation.

Harvey returns to the station and Alvarez tells him that Barnes called in and reported that Jim shot an unarmed suspect. He advises Harvey to find Jim and get him to surrender or they'll kill him. Jim calls Harvey and says that Barnes killed the three men and is infected with Alice's blood. Barnes chases after him, and Jim drops his phone as he runs. The captain crushes it and continues on.

Harvey goes to the lab and tells Lee what's going on. He figures that they'll believe the medical examiner, and asks Lee to trust Jim because the two of them are all that Jim has.

Jim breaks into the old foundry, locking the door behind him. When Barnes tries to come in, Jim clubs him with a fire extinguisher and runs upstairs. Barnes manages to corner him.

Edward goes to the garage where they took Isabella's wrecked car. He examines the car and discovers that the brake lines were cut, and figures that someone paid off the police officer. Edward wonders who has that kind of money and influence... and realizes who does.

Sirens sound and Barnes says that when the police come up, they'll find Jim's body and believe him when he says Jim is a killer. Jim tells him that he needs help, just as Harvey calls up via the bullhorn and says that he's under arrest. He says that they know he's infected with the Tetch virus, and Jim jumps Barnes. The two men fight and Barnes throws Jim across the room. Jim manages to grab his gun and orders Barnes to drop his shotgun. Barnes asks Jim to stand down and let him go, and tells Jim that he's just the same as he is. Jim says that he'll decide who he is, and Barnes declares him guilty. He pulls the trigger... and Jim shoots first. When Harvey and the others arrive, they find Barnes on the floor, clutching at a shoulder wound.

At the Wayne manor, Bruce says that they'll look into the matter the next day. Once he goes to get them some food, Ivy hopes that she didn't mess things up between Selina and Bruce. Selina insists that Bruce isn't her boyfriend.

The masked men find a secret wall in Ivy's apartment and a case with a newspaper clipping. Their leader, Luka Volk, realizes that it's about Bruce.

Jim returns to the station and finds Lee waiting for him. He thanks Lee for what she did, and she admits that she's glad she fabricated the report "proving" that Barnes was infected. She says that she has to be going and leaves.

Edward confronts Oswald, who apologizes for not being sympathetic earlier. He gives Edward the portrait... with Edward in the background. Edward tells Oswald that Isabella was murdered and he knows who did it: Butch. He figures that Butch did it in retaliation and a relieved Oswald says that it makes perfect sense. He promises to find Butch and make him pay for what he's done.

Jim and Harvey look at Barnes' office, and Harvey apologizes for doubting Jim. His partner says that he didn't when it mattered.

At Arkham, a straitjacketed Barnes yells "Guilty" over and over in his cell.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2016

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