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Trip to Stabby Town Recap

A woman, Maddie Howard, is riding down the street when a man in a hoodie jumps her. She runs through the nearby park and he chases her. When Maddie runs into an alley, she recognizes the man and says that they can work it out. He stabs her repeatedly in the chest and runs off.

At Linda's office, Lucifer tells Linda about how Chloe made him a sandwich. Linda stares at him and says nothing, and Lucifer tries to raw her out. She finally asks Lucifer if he tortured Hitler. Lucifer says that he was worried that he'd never see Linda again, and Linda admits that Maze gave her some clarity. However, the therapist asks about her uncle.

Later, Lucifer tells Chloe that he broke his therapist as they arrive at the crime scene. He says that he can't discuss his problem with Chloe, and Dan explains what the witnesses saw. Chloe figures that Maddie knew her killer, and the witnesses didn't get a good look at the killer. Ella comes over and says that the killer was big and strong, and she found one head hair. Dan shows them a photo that a tourist took with a shot of the weapon. Lucifer realizes that it's Azrael's Blade and says that he as to go.

Azrael goes to the forest where he buried Uriel, taking Amenadiel and Maze with him. The grave is open but Uriel's body is still there, and Lucifer explains that the weapon of the Angel of Death is in human hands. The angels explain that in human hands, Azrael's Blade demands to be used to fulfill its purpose. It amplifies a human's anger toward someone, turning them into a killer. Amenadiel insists that they find the blade, warning Maze that it will accelerate as it moves from human to human. Lucifer agrees with Amenadiel, and says that he'll clean up his mess. Maze isn't interested in helping until Lucifer points out that the Blade obliterates celestial beings. Since it could affect Chloe, they can't have her involved. Lucifer tells Maze to move Uriel's body somewhere safe without disturbing the grave site... including a footprint.

At the station, Lucifer asks Ella to do something for him. She warns that there's something that she wants but she's not sure if Lucifer can handle it, and whispers in his ear. Chloe sees them together and leaves, while Lucifer draws back in shock but finally agrees.

Lucifer takes Ella to the grave and asks her to work out what disturbed the area. When she hesitates, Lucifer asks her to have faith in him and she agrees. He points out the footprint, and Ella sees something burned nearby. It's a piece of paper, and Ella says that she'll try to reconstruct tit.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the yoga studio where Maddie worked. Her friend Corrina Huff explains that their guru, Jenson Glory, developed the Glory Way and Maddie showed it to her. It's a mind-and-body system that reveals the "home you." Lucifer points out that it's spiritual gobbledygook, but Corrina insists that if someone follows it then they will uncover their true self. Corrina can't think of anyone who hated Maddie, an Lucifer asks her to write a list of anyone with any minor disagreements. Chloe draws him to the side and says that's not the profile of the murderer they're following, and points outs that he's been spending a lot of time with Ella. Lucifer says that he isn't and quickly goes back to the investigation.

Later at the station lab, Ella shows Lucifer the reconstructed paper and found two things: a map leading from downtown LA to the grace site. The other thing was the business logo of the lawyer's office where Charlotte works.

Lucifer goes to see Charlotte and says that she's been busy. He shows her the reconstruction and Charlotte says that she took a dozen of her clients there so that someone would dig the Blade up. Charlotte points out that Lucifer shouldn't have left it in a covered-over hole in the middle of nowhere if he didn't want it found. Lucifer wonders why she did it, and Charlotte explains that she wanted to get God's attention. She wanted to mourn with her husband, but got no response like always. Charlotte figured that God might take a moment because the celestial blade was being used. When Lucifer points out that humans die, Charlotte says that's what they were designed to do. She realizes that Lucifer has become attached to humans, and Lucifer tells her to either help him get the Blade back or he'll send Maze over for a visit.

At the station, Chloe is calling suspects and confirming their alibis. Dan complains that his pudding is gone from the breakroom fridge, and Ella goes by, Chloe asks Dan if she and Lucifer are working on a case together, and Dan wonders if she's jealous. She insists that it's a partner thing, just as Lucifer comes over and asks what they're talking about. Chloe says that Dan has a monthly poker game, and Lucifer invites himself. He gets the list of grievances and compares it to the list of Charlotte's clients, and finds one matching name: Duncan Watts. Lucifer says that Duncan is the killer, and Chloe confirms that he's the studio's landlord. Duncan was upset that Maddie parked in his spot, and tried to have the studio evicted. Lucifer points out that the photo of Duncan makes him look strong, and tells Chloe that he's going off to see Duncan. Chloe insists on going with him, and Lucifer says that he has to make a private phone call first.

Once they get Lucifer's call, Amenadiel and Maze go to the office. There's no sign of the blade, and Maze complains that Amenadiel and Lucifer are coddling Charlotte. The demon says that the whole mama's boy thing is kind of a turnoff, As they argue, Lucifer and Chloe pull up outside. Lucifer runs in and Amenadiel and Maze tell him that the blade isn't there. He has them go out the back, just as Chloe comes in. She wonders what Lucifer is hiding, and sees a bloody handprint on the yoga studio door. Chloe requests backup, draws her gun, and goes inside. It's Duncan, stabbed to death... and nearby are the corpses of an entire class of six yoga students.

Once the unis arrive and bag the bodies, Lucifer confirms that there' no sign of the murder weapon. Chloe figures that Duncan came after the class when killing Maddie didn't satiate his anger. Lucifer suggests that they passed the weapon from one person to the next. Chloe doesn't believe it, but Ella agrees with Lucifer based on the pattern of the wounds. When Chloe points out that they're missing one yoga attendee, they realize that the teacher's mat is unoccupied. The class schedule says that Jenson aught the class himself.

Back at the station, Chloe confirms that Jenson's real name is Jamie Ostrowski and he has lawsuits and sexual harassment suits against him. The trainers sign themselves over to Jenson when they join, but Chloe figures that even if it's a cult it doesn't make sense.

At Linda's office, Lucifer tells the therapist about the Blade. She's curious about the Angel of Death, but Lucifer would rather talk about his problems. Linda focuses on him, and Lucifer wonders why he cares so much about the dead humans. He wonders why he feels responsible, and Linda admits that it's not her usual therapy. Lucifer gets a text that the police have picked up Jenson and leaves.

At the station, Chloe is questioning Jenson. He claims that he wasn't at the studio, and Lucifer comes in as Jenson says that he was at home and missed the last few classes. Lucifer figures that the Blade is whispering to him, and uses his power to have Jenson admit that he wants... a raspberry cream cheese muffin. Jenson removes his corset, revealing that he's gained weight recently and couldn't show up because his body image was bad for business.

That night, Amenadiel and Maze meet Lucifer at his penthouse. They didn't find the Blade, but Maze found Jenson's stash of Pop Tarts in his basement. They agree to check out Jenson's second house, but Amenadiel figures that Jenson doesn't have the Blade.

Once they leave, Ella comes in and says that Duncan's shoe prints match the footprint at the grave. She figures that the two cases are connected and demands answers. Lucifer says that he's dealing with a matter of cosmic importance and asks Ella to indulge him a little longer. Ella reluctantly agrees and hugs him, just as Chloe comes in and finds them together. Once Ella leaves, Chloe says that they have video from Jenson's home security system showing him sleeping during the murder. Corrina was subbing for Jenson, and she's not at her home. Lucifer figures that Corrina isn't the one running and leaves without explanation.

Lucifer drives to Jenson's home and finds Corrina standing over Jenson's body. She says that she entered the studio after Duncan killed the class, and the Blade started calling to her. Corrina is shocked that she killed Jenson, and says that years ago Jenson raped her. Chloe, Dan, and a squad of unis arrive to arrest Corrina. Lucifer speaks up, saying that Corrina acted in self-defense and justice has been served. As a uni leads Corrina away, Lucifer realizes that the Blade isn't there. He goes out and finds Dan standing by the pool, staring into space and holding the Blade.

Dan turns to stare at Lucifer, and points the blade at him. He says that Lucifer ruined his marriage, and slashes at Lucifer. Dan manages to cut Lucifer's stomach, and Lucifer tells him to put down the Blade. Undeterred, Dan complains that Lucifer ruined his marriage and stole his snacks, and Lucifer points out that Dan's life was already on the rocks before Lucifer showed up. However, he admits that he took the pudding. Dan grabs him and holds the blade to his throat, but then fights the Blade's influence. Lucifer has Dan look him in the eye and asks if he really ruined his marriage, and Dan admits that he didn't. he drops the Blade and doesn't remember what happened, and says that he feels great. As Dan walks off, Lucifer tucks the knife into his jacket.

The next day, Chloe tells Lucifer that the murder weapon has disappeared. Lucifer feigns ignorance, and Chloe wonders why he doesn't care anymore. Ella walks by and Lucifer realizes that Chloe thinks he and Ella are sleeping together. She points out that it's inappropriate, and Lucifer insists that it was all work related.

Back at Linda's office, Linda apologizes to Lucifer for obsessing about Hell. She says that things were less complicated when she thought he was just an average guy with family problems. Linda realizes that he's just another screwed up patient and says that they should do it.

That night, Ella makes Lucifer come with her to church. She has already sensed that he was searching for something, and figures that Lucifer might find what he's looking for with God. An attractive woman goes inside and Lucifer figures that he should give her a reason to go to confession.

Later at Lux, Lucifer meets with Amenadiel and tells him that he's hidden the Blade far away from Charlotte. Charlotte comes in and complains that there wasn't enough carnage to attract God's attention. Lucifer figures that she wants something from God, and she says that she wants her family back. With Lucifer and Amenadiel at her side, Charlotte thinks that she can force God to listen to reason. Amenadiel admits that he agrees with their mother, and he's learned that they shouldn't be there.

Lucifer takes out the Blade and insists that he isn't going back to Hell, and Charlotte says that it's about going home. He tells them that Earth is his home, and the Blade starts to glow as Lucifer tells Charlotte to deal with it. Charlotte figures that there's no sense arguing and tells Amenadiel that it's time to go, and the two of them walk out together. As they go, Charlotte tells Amenadiel that they have an opening.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2016

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