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The Watergate Tape Recap

Rufus is at home making coffee and sees his brother Kevin's basketball trophy. His mother comes in and assures Rufus that Kevin understands how important Rufus' job is, and how it pays for everything they have. Rufus gets a text from Connor and goes outside, and finds Connor waiting for him in a limo. The Rittenhouse man is with Connor, and asks Rufus how Kevin took the loss. Rufus stays in the car, and Connor explains that Flynn took the mothership to DC on June 20, 1972. The Rittenhouse man says that the Watergate break-in was that day, and Nixon secretly recorded every conversation in his office. He made a tape on June 20, speaking to Bob Haldeman. Nixon's secretary erased the tape for 19 and a half minutes, and there is a concern that Flynn is going back to '72 to steal the tape before it's erased. When Rufus wonders what's on it, the Rittenhouse man says that it's important that no one hear what's on the tape... particularly Flynn. He gives Rufus a number to call when he gets there and make regular reports. If he doesn't do it, the Rittenhouse agent makes it clear that Rufus' family is in danger.

Lucy drives to the house of her father, Benjamin Cahill. She sits outside, unable to bring herself to go inside, and Denise calls her to say that Flynn has taken out the mothership. Lucy eagerly heads for Connor Industries rather than talk to her father. When she gets there, the team suits up for 1972 and Lucy tells the team what she did. Lucy insists that Benjamin is just her biological father, and Wyatt says that some point she's going to have to talk to him. Denise gives them the proper papers, and Lucy says that she would give anything to hear the tape. Rufus says that he wouldn't, and the team board the lifeboat and take off.

Protestors are outside the White House and the ship lands in a nearby marsh. As the team goes in, some soldiers arrive and the protestors call them baby-killers. A fight breaks out and the team is separated. Flynn steps out and one of his men tasers Wyatt and then chloroforms him unconscious.

When Wyatt wakes up, he finds himself tie to a chair with Lucy and Rufus. Flynn has them in a hotel room, and points out that it's the same room they were in when Lincoln was shot. He says that he needs Lucy to do something for him, but reveals that he already has the Nixon tape. While Wyatt finds a protruding nail on his chair and starts to pry it loose, Flynn says that he had to shoot two White House guards and the authorities are looking for him. When Lucy wonders what, Flynn plays the tape. Nixon discusses Rittenhouse, saying that they have to get the document back or he'll be ruined.

Flynn shuts off the tape and points out that the tape confirms that Rittenhouse is real. Lucy says that she doesn't know anything about the document, and Flynn says that he looked through her journal and confirmed what she's saying. He tells Wyatt and Rufus that Lucy will write it in a few years, and they'll be quite the team in the future. Lucy insists that it's not real, but Flynn says that they discussed it before. Rufus is shocked to learn that Lucy has been in contact with Flynn, and Lucy says that it's complicated. Wyatt tells her that the truth isn't complicated, and Flynn says that she didn't believe in Rittenhouse until Nixon confirmed it. He figures that if Rittenhouse wants the document then he wants it first, and cuts Lucy free. Flynn tells her that she'll find a way to get the document, frees Rufus, and says that he'll kill Wyatt if they don't bring him the document. Wyatt tells them to leave, but Lucy says that she'll do it and leaves with Rufus.

As they go back to the White House, Rufus complains that Lucy has been lying to them. Lucy insists that the journal can't be true, and asks Rufus if he ever had a secret that scared the hell out of him. They go to a payphone and Lucy says that they'll call every Felt in DC until they reach Mark Felt, the associate director of the FBI who tipped off Woodward and Bernstein under the fake ID of Deep Throat. While Lucy starts making calls, Rufus calls the number the Rittenhouse man gave him. The man at the other end tells him to report. Once Rufus does, the man tells Rufus to destroy the document once he gets it. Lucy pounds on the payphone booth door and tells Rufus that she found Felt and he agreed to meet with them.

Lucy and Rufus go to a parking garage and Felt steps out of the shadows. The time travelers claim to be reporters with the Times, and ask him about the Watergate break-in. When Felt starts to walk away, Rufus says that they'll blow his cover to anyone who will listen if he doesn't cooperate. Lucy says that they're trying to do the right thing, and Felt claims that he doesn't know anything about a document. However, he says that the thieves first broke into a hotel room one floor up. Someone called the police off, and all they found was a piece of paper with a fist with horns on it in the garbage. Rufus draws it and Felt confirms that was the symbol, and Lucy tells him to keep talking to Woodward as she and Rufus leaves.

At the hotel, Flynn tells Wyatt that it must be hard having a teammate that is lying to him. Wyatt doesn't buy it, and Flynn says that they're in the same war but Wyatt is fighting on the wrong side. As he works at his ropes, Wyatt tells Flynn to explain what's going on. Flynn says that two years ago the NSA outsourced some surveillance to a group he worked with off the books. He stumbled on huge sums of money being funneled to Connor to develop time travel. Once Flynn broke the encryption, Rittenhouse's name kept coming up. He flagged the files to his NSA contact, and assassins came to kill him. They killed Flynn's wife and child instead, and Flynn was forced to flee because he was outnumbered. Rittenhouse framed him for all of it, just because he asked a single question. Wyatt wonders why he doesn't go back and save his family, and Flynn says that they can't go back to where they've already existed. Since he doesn't know who put the hit out in the first place, all Flynn can do is wipe Rittenhouse from the map… and maybe bring his family back.

Lucy and Rufus go to the headquarters of the Black Liberation Army, and Rufus explains that they have the same symbol that Felt mentioned. The local chapter is run by Gregory Hayes, one of the founders of the BLA. Rufus tells Lucy to wait outside and goes in alone. He asks the bartender to let him talk to Gregory, and says that he needs to discuss the Watergate and the doc.

Once Gregory comes out, he wonders what Rufus is accusing him of. He figures that Rufus is a Fed, and Rufus insists that he isn't. He says that he's there for Eldridge Cleaver because he wants the doc, and he couldn't come because he's in exile. Gregory figures that he's lying, and Rufus recites all of the information he knows from the history books to prove that he knows Eldridge. Satisfied, Rufus says that they're going to get him what he came for.

At the hotel, Flynn tells Wyatt that the journal doesn't say if Lucy gets the document. He admits that the journal sometimes makes it sound like Lucy is crazy. Flynn asks if Wyatt wants to know what Lucy said about Wyatt. He recites what Wyatt will tell Lucy in the future about how he left his wife off on the side of the road after a fight. They found her two weeks later, strangle din the bushes. Wyatt yells at Flynn to shut up, but he reads how Lucy wrote that Wyatt should let go. Flynn says that he understands because they can change history and save the people they love.

Gregory takes Rufus and Lucy to an older house. He leads them to the Doc: a young woman and tells her that people are there to pick her up. She expects them to drive her to San Diego, and once they're alone Lucy points out that if they don’t turn Doc over to Flynn then Wyatt is dead. She goes in to see Doc, while Rufus notices a phone on the wall.

Doc says that they call her Doc because she got a PhD in history at the University of Chicago where Lucy got her degree. She says that Rittenhouse broke into the Watergate looking for her when she was staying there, and explains that they're after her because she left. She was born into the organization, which goes back generations. As they talk, Lucy sees a phot of a young Doc with her parents. Doc yanks it away, and says that Rittenhouse controls all of them. Her part was to keep the roster membership in her head, with every member since the founding in 1778.

Rufus calls his contact and explains that Doc is a woman. The contact tells him to destroy the doc, and Rufus insists that he can't kill someone. In response, the contact asks for the address and says that they'll do it for him. Rufus hangs up and turns to find Lucy there. He warns her that Rittenhouse is listening and holds up the tape recorder, then fills the sink with water and drops the recorder in it. Lucy is shocked that Rufus was secretly recording them, and Rufus says that they threatened his family. When Lucy objects, Rufus reminds her that she was keeping secrets, He says that they just have to trust each other, and Lucy wonders how they can ever do that again.

At the hotel, Wyatt pries the nail loose and picks the lock on his handcuffs. He then calls Flynn in and says that there's got to be a way to take Rittenhouse out without destroying America. Flynn warns that Rittenhouse and America are intertwined, and they have to destroy the body to attack the body. Wyatt says that he is a sociopath and attacks him. More of Flynn's men come in and manage to subdue Wyatt, and Flynn says that Wyatt has an hour left.

Rufus calls the contact and says that he has the Doc, and gives him the address.

Flynn's men handcuff Wyatt again, and one man reports that Lucy called with Doc's location.

Rufus and Lucy take Doc away and explain that Rittenhouse and Flynn to the house so that they'd fight each other. They then head for the hotel.

At the house, the two factions fire at each other. Flynn's side wins and Flynn realizes that they've been played.

At the hotel, the man guarding Wyatt hears a noise and goes to investigate. Lucy crawls in the window and Wyatt has her get the nail from the trash and has her give it to him. He frees himself and attacks the guard as he comes back, taking him out. They meet up with Rufus and Doc, and Doc tells Lucy that her family made it to Hong Kong a year ago. Her son was born and she couldn’t let him be trapped into Rittenhouse the way that she was. Gregory arrives and tells him that Eldridge wants him to take Doc to San Diego personally. Once they leave, Wyatt and Rufus walk away from Lucy.

Rufus goes to a payphone and calls his contact, and claims that they lost Doc in the confusion. He then apologizes to Wyatt, insisting that Rittenhouse threatened his family. Wyatt tells him to keep spying on them and record Lucy. They'll act like everything is normal and Rufus will spy on Rittenhouse for them. Wyatt points out that they both lied to him and he doesn't trust either one of them.

The team returns to 2016 and Lucy is unable to find any historical records to Doc. Wyatt leaves on his own, and Rufus asks Lucy if it will be okay. She walks away without a word. Rufus goes out and finds the limo waiting for him. Connor and the Rittenhouse men are waiting, and the man asks him what happened 44 years ago. Rufus says that he doesn't know why Flynn showed up at the house, and the Rittenhouse man points out that on Rufus' final report he was the contact and there was a quiver in his voice.

Flynn goes to the cemetery his wife and daughter are buried.

Wyatt sits in his room and looks at the maps and clippings that he's collected of his wife's death.

Lucy drives back to Benjamin's house and finally goes up to the door. She knocks and a teenager answers the door. Lucy asks if Benjamin is there, and the boy calls his father to the door. It's the Rittenhouse man, and Lucy says that she has the wrong address. Once she leaves, Cahill makes a call and says that Lucy came to visit him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2016

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