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Ambition Recap

KC gets a call from a college friend, Veronica "Ronnie" Barnes, who says that she's seeing a doctor because she's pregnant.

Later, Ronnie leaves a message on KC's voice mail admitting that she's not okay. The doctor called her back and confirmed that her boss Senator Thomas Haywood is the father.

Thomas is doing an interview about trying to shut down military spending.

Ronnie tells KC that she loves Thomas and wants his baby, and doesn't know how to tell him that she's carrying his child since he's married.

The reporter talks to Thomas' wife Maureen.

An aide interrupts Ronnie to let her know that Thomas needs a lift to his family compound. Ronnie abruptly ends her message to KC and drives Thomas home, and tells him the news. He asks what she wants, and Ronnie breaks into tears. She tells him to get out and when he does, drives off. Crying, Ronnie goes off the road and flips her car over. Thomas runs over and confirms that Ronnie still alive but trapped in the car. He tries to get the door open but can't, and runs to his nearby mother's home. When Thomas tells Ellen what happened, Ellen says that the media will get hold of the story and ruin him. She tells her man Eddie Farragut to deal with Ronnie, and assures Thomas that everything will be okay.

Eddie goes to the crash site and calls back to Ellen telling what happened. Ellen tells Thomas that it's up to him to decide what they do next. She asks if he wants to stay in the Senate and eventually become President. Thomas finally takes the phone and tells Eddie to do it. Ronnie calls to Eddie to call someone, but he ignores her and tosses a lit match into the gasoline leaking from the car.

Later, the news reports that Ronnie fell asleep at the wheel of her car after working late at a strategy meeting.

KC listens to Ronnie's message the next day, and tells Chapel that her friend didn't have any family. She explains that the Haywoods had Ronnie cremated without an investigation, and Chapel assures her that they'll know Ronnie was important.

Later, Ellen is meeting with her son when KC drops off some letters, posing as a volunteer named Sally Craig. Once she leaves, Ellen warns Thomas that she can't clean up after him forever. He tells his mother that he's not asking her.

KC leaves an unaddressed envelope on Thomas' desk. He eventually opens it and finds a blackmail note threatening to reveal that Ronnie was pregnant with his baby. The blackmailer says that he'll be calling Ellen's home at 10 that night. Shocked, Thomas immediately and KC sneaks into his office bathroom and gets his razor. She then takes it to Chapel, who asks how she's doing. KC finally admits that she' fine and says that she needs to do it. Chapel tells her that she needs it done, and he's not there to be a shrink. KC snaps at him, saying that she's not going to cry because she's a woman. Chapel agrees to drop the matter and asks about the Haywood finance. KC confirms that they're not broke but they're low on funds.

Later, Chapel meets with ex-governor Luke McElroy. McElroy says that he's scandal-free thanks to Chapel and asks what he needs. The ex-governor says that he knows the Haywoods and had to do business with them, but they have too many secrets. Chapel says that he's going to unsettle them.

Thomas shows Ellen and Eddie the blackmail note, and they figure it was someone who knew Ronnie. The phone rings several hours early, and Ellen answers it. It's McElroy, who says that he knows about the girl and the blackmail note. He reads Chapel's script, saying that people in the party want to see Thomas in the White House. McElroy then says that he has a friend who deals in the kind of problems that the Haywoods are facing.

Once Ellen hangs up, Maureen comes in and tells them that there's someone at the door. She asks Thomas to come to bed, but he says that he has to deal with a new problem. Disgusted, Maureen goes to bed. Chapel is there, and says that he went to Ronnie's apartment to find anything that linked her to Thomas. He shows them the razor that KC stole earlier, but Eddie insists that he checked the place. Chapel then says that he also found Ronnie's diary and Thomas' name is prominent. He tells them that he's there to make Thomas shiny and brand-new for the big election in 2004, and asks to see the blackmail note. When Eddie wonders how he knows about it, Chapel says that the people he works for have a spy in Thomas' office. With time running out, they have no choice but to give Chapel the note.

Shortly after 10, the phone rings. Chapel finally picks it up and KC--using a scrambler--plays Ronnie's message to her. She demands $2 million, and Chapel insists that the Haywoods are upstanding citizens and hangs up. Eddie and Thomas object, and the phone rings again. Chapel tells Eddie to back off and Ellen agrees. KC tells him not to hang up again, and Chapel promptly hangs up. When KC calls back again, she plays more of the recording and asks if they want it published. Chapel says that they'll have to send them a copy of the tape and they'll need two days to verify it. KC hangs up and Ellen figures that Chapel has bought them two days. She asks how Chapel is going to use the two days, and figures that he'll go hunting. Chapel tells them that they'll be in touch.

In the hallway, Ellen tells Eddie to check out Chapel and everyone on the campaign committee.

Back at the motel, KC shows Chapel the plans to Thomas' district office. Thomas sits on the Senate Military Appropriations Committee, and the Pentagon courier arrives with a sergeant every Monday at 9 am. He gives the top-secret military plans to Thomas, who has one hour to review them. It's a Federal violation for anyone to enter Thomas' office while he has the files.

Later at Thomas' campaign headquarters, KC goes into his office and barricades the door, and then plants a camera in the overhead light. Meanwhile, Chapel calls McElroy and asks who would be interested in buying military secrets. He then tunes in the camera. Meanwhile, the courier arrives and gives the files to Thomas. KC slips into the office bathroom just as he comes in and takes out the files. Chapel watches the entire thing, and KC comes out and claims that she had to use the bathroom. She flirts with Thomas and asks to see the files, and he agrees. KC makes sure that Chapel is able to record the plans, while Thomas tries to kiss her. She figures that Thomas likes the danger, and then squeals, claiming his hands are cold. The courier and the sergeant hear her and run in, and the colonel says that Thomas' clearance is suspended pending an investigation.

McElroy calls Chapel and tells him to contact an Aung Myint, who is a military attaché for his country but also buys military secrets. Chapel sends him a note to meet him at the meat department of a grocery store. He's there sampling wieners, and offers Aung a few samples of the military records before leaving.

Later, Chapel meets with Ellen and she figures he knows who the blackmailer is. KC calls using the scrambler, and Chapel says that they'll pay. As he writes down the delivery instructions, Eddie talks to Ellen privately. He says that KC has a false ID, and Chapel doesn't exist in any database. They go back to the study as Chapel finishes the call, and Eddie demands his real name. Chapel points out that they all have secrets, and says that KC is the blackmailer. He plays back KC's call and unscrambles it, and Thomas confirms that it's KC. Chapel then shows them a photo of Aung and claims that he's helping KC blackmailing Thomas. He tells them that McElroy is putting up the $2 million and tells Thomas to fake an illness and stay in. Meanwhile, Chapel will take care of KC and make sure that no one sees her again.

The next day, Chapel meets with Aung at the meat department. They negotiate for the plans and Chapel tells him that he has until they get to the checkout stand to pay his price. Aung finally gives in.

At the motel, a sleepless KC meets Chapel in the restaurant and she admits that she doesn't feel anything about Ronnie's death. He tells her that they are what happens to them, and that's all they really have. However, Chapel tells KC to stick around because it gets better.

Maureen tells Thomas that she's sick of the secrets and is leaving. Ellen sees the entire thing, and Thomas wonders how they got there. She assures him that no one will ever know about his unborn child, and tells her son that he's her every dream... and then they kiss.

The next day, Chapel calls McElroy and tells him to call the FBI and tell them that Aung will be buying some military secrets at noon that day. Chapel then comes up with $2 million and puts it in one case. He has another case with the military secrets, and tells KC that he plans to switch them.

Later, the Haywoods and Eddie meet Chapel at his car. When Ellen points out that he left his lights on, Chapel gets in to turn them off... and switches cases. They then drive off in three cars, Chapel in the rear. KC gives them more directions and tells Thomas to come alone to a plaza and look for the man with the briefcase. The FBI are running surveillance on Aung at the plaza, and consider him armed and dangerous.

Chapel calls Eddie and says that he can't let Aung see him. He tells him to keep an eye on Thomas and says that he'll swing around the plaza. Thomas parks and approaches Aung, assuming he's the man picking up the blackmail money. The FBI see him and take photos, and Thomas gives Aung his case and takes Aung. The agents move in and capture both of them. When Eddie runs over, Chapel pins him to the hood of his car. Meanwhile, the FBI agents open Thomas' case and discover that it contains military secrets, and Aung's case has money. They assume that Thomas was selling the secrets and put him under arrest for treason.

The news is soon reporting about Thomas' arrest. The colonel is glad to report that it isn't Thomas' first offense. Eddie is arrested as well and charged as a co-conspirator. Maureen insists that she and Thomas are separated and she has nothing to say.

Later, Chapel visits Ellen and she figures that McElroy's people sent him to finish the job. He says that there's nothing to tie McElroy or KC to anything, and says that her family did a lot of great things once upon a time. However, he says that doesn't mean she can do whatever she wants and gives her a photo of Ronnie. Crying, Ellen asks why he took her son. As he goes, Chapel says that he had the place bugged and heard everything.

The next day, Chapel and KC sit in the park and KC talks about how Ronnie loved to play with children. She admits that she doesn't feel satisfied getting revenge on the Haywoods, and wonders if there's something else she needs to do. Chapel tells her that there is: let Ronnie go. KC finally breaks into tears and Chapel puts a sympathetic arm around her and lets her cry into his shoulder.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2016

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