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Episode 6 Recap

As the people of Detroit run in panic from Eshu, Macalester runs toward the battle carrying a book. Meanwhile, Vixen chases Eshu into an alley but he summons more flames and promises that she can't stop him. He tells her that she isn't fit to wield the Tantu Totem and she knows it. Undeterred, Vixen charges forward, avoiding Eshu's flame blasts, and the two of them fly into the air, sparring.

Macalester arrives as Vixen slams Eshu into the dock. His arm hisses as it touches the water, and Vixen drives him down into the lake. She grabs the Totem from around Eshu's neck and swims to the surface, and gives the Totem to Macalester. Eshu surfaces, grabs Vixen, and drags her under. She knocks him free with the powers of an electrical eel, then draws on Crocodile to knock him unconscious and let him sink to depths.

Macalester helps her out of the water and says that according to the lore, it takes someone of strong spirit smashing the Totem to sever the wearer's bond to the Totem and send the item's soul back to the gods. Vixen tries to smash but it but can't, and Macalester tells her that she needs more help. She summons the spirits of all of the animals and destroys the fire Totem, and Macalester says that it had to be done by someone of great personal strength.

Later at the museum gala, Mari looks at the piece of the fire Totem, kept in a case. Ray Palmer and Laurel Lance are in the audience and nod to her in congratulations. Cisco texts her to a meeting on a rooftop, where Green Arrow, Flash, Atom, and Black Canary are waiting. When Arrow asks why she left Detroit, Vixen says that it's her calling to help people in need. A supervillain is rampaging on the streets below, and Vixen leaps into battle with the other heroes.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2016

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