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Very Erectus Recap

Gordon is taking Lux's things out to the dumpster as Lydia sniffs around. He finally calls her over and apologizes for doing it to her. He aims a gun at her head, and says that when he's done with Lydia then he'll do it. Gordon tells her to get away and then holds his fur coat for a minute before taking it with him back into the animal transfer unit.

Ken drives an ambulance up to a theater and Bart gets out of the back. He says that they're out of gas, and Bart looks around. She says that there's something weird going on because Dirk isn't around, and the universe always leads her to her target. Bart tells Ken that she's going to stand there until something happens, and waits. And waits.

Dirk and Todd drive out into the country, and Dirk figures that they're looking for buried treasure. Todd says that he doesn't like leaving Amanda alone, and Dirk says that they have everything under control. A cat meows and Todd looks around, while Dirk smiles and tries to look innocent.

Estevez and Zimmerfield leave the station, and figure that Patrick's lawyer knows more than he's saying. Farah is keeping them under surveillance.

Todd and Dirk stop off at a restaurant, and Todd figures that Dirk has some kind of power. Dirk insists that he's not psychic and tells Todd to drop it, but Todd persists. He draws something and asks Dirk to tell him what he drew. Dirk refuses and causally says that it's a cowboy, and walks off. When Dirk goes after him, he bumps into a waitress.

Amanda hears the Rowdy 3's van outside and goes outside to confront them. The door opens in invitation, and after a moment Amanda gets inside.

Todd goes after Dirk and finds him in a jeep. Dirk says that the chef traded him his Corvette for the jeep, and said that they'd need the jeep to go off-road to follow the map. Dirk gives Todd a new shirt and Todd remembers seeing his other self wearing a similar American flag shirt and a white fur coat at the hotel on the day Patrick died. Dirk tells him to get in, manages to start off the jeep, and drives off as two of Gordon's men follow them.

Riggins and Hugo prepare to confront the Rowdy 3, who were Project Incubus. He tells Hugo that he's not to engage under any circumstances unless he gets the word. Hugo suggests that he used the word "cinnamon," and Riggins asks if he read the file. His underling admits that he did but it was hard to understand, and Riggins explains that the Rowdy 3 were some of the first subjects taken into Blackwing. They subsist on psychic energy, and Riggins tells Hugo to follow his lead. Hugo wonders why they didn't give Riggins any backup, and Riggins says that some people think that he's too emotionally involved. He insists that no one knows the subjects like he does, and they can reason with the Rowdy 3.

The Rowdy 3 drive off and Amanda says that it isn't the first van of crazy assholes that she's gotten into. Impressed, they give her beer and Martin introduces Vogle, Gripps, and Cross. They have no idea who Dirk is, and Martin says that they've just been following him around because Dirk's energy tastes so good. Amanda wonders if they sucked the energy out of her and they agree, and Martin says that she's like a buffet to them because she's nuts.

Estevez and Zimmerfield talk to Gordon's former coworker at the zoo. He says that Gordon is a prick, and he used to be in charge of the old animal transfer unit. The detectives take an interest and she says that they have to get the keys from the manager.

Todd and Dirk follow the map to a quarry, and Dirk insists that it will all work out . He denies that he's psychic and starts digging, and Todd joins in.

Ken is waiting on a bench and suggests that he get some food. Bart tells him that it doesn't matter, but Ken convinces her that she won't miss her chance to kill Dirk. She goes into the Chinese restaurant with him and admits that she's never had Chinese food. Bart explains that food comes to her when she's supposed to eat it, and takes out a wad of $17,000 to pay for their bill. That night, they get a hotel room and Ken realizes that she's never slept in one before. When she realizes that they have a shower, Bart takes a very long one. She finds a bottle of shampoo and figures that it's a drink, and Ken wonders why he's still there.

Todd finally gives up after they dig 30 holes, and suggests that they double-check the map. He then suggests that they pack it in for the night, and Dirk points out that it's one more thing he's walking away from. Dirk warns that giving up is an easy road to nowhere, and a shovel in the dirt is all that it would takes. Todd tells him to dig one more hole, but Dirk refuses. Irritated, Todd says that he can't leave, takes the shovel, and digs as Dirk watches. He hits something and they dig up a box. Inside is a metal thing.

They rowdy 3 drive up to a traffic cop's car and start smashing it. The guard runs off and Martin hands his bat to Amanda and invites her to hurt it. After a moment, she starts in as the Rowdy 3 cheer. She hallucinates her hands sprouting spikes and falls to her knees, and the Rowdy 3 feed on her psychic energy and tell her that she won't have to worry about her hallucinations anymore.

The next morning, Todd wakes up to the sound of a kitten meowing. He finds it and asks Dirk why he took it from the crime scene. Dirk says that he took it on a hunch, and asks Todd when the last time was that he was with a band. Todd says it was six years ago and he made some really bad choices. Dirk tells him that together they can see in two places at once and he's glad Todd is there, and they go back to work.

Todd and Dirk follow the map, keep digging, and find more boxes with more parts of the machine.

Zimmerfield and Estevez tell their boss that the missing girl was last seen with Gordon. He says that they don't have enough for a warrant and tells them to move on. Zimmerfield blows up at him and then leaves with Estevez. The senior detective figures that someone is covering for someone else and tells Estevez that they're not wasting any more time.

Todd manages to assemble the parts, and Dirk suggests that they can trade it for Lydia. When Todd asks if Dirk sees visions of the future, Dirk says that he hasn't. Todd explains that he's seen the shirt before on the day that Patrick died. Before he can finish, one of Gordon's lackeys opens fire on them with an electrified crossbow. The fake coroner opens fire with a gun, and Dirk and Todd take cover. Dirk picks up the kitten and the fake coroner yells that Dirk has the shark. When Dirk tosses it at the crossbow wielder, it transforms into a psychic projection of a hammerhead shark. Todd hits the fake coroner with a shovel but it doesn't do anything, but the hammerhead shark attacks the man as well and then turns back into a kitten. Dirk picks up the kitten and says that they've found the murder weapon.

Riggins and Hugo search for the Rowdy 3 at an abandoned building and spot Amanda. Riggins tells Hugo not to move and goes off, and the Rowdy 3 attack Hugo. Riggins comes back and tells Martin that they need to talk. Martin warns that Riggins doesn't tell them what to do anymore, and Riggins says that Gripps' family misses him. Martin slams his head into Riggins and says that they're not going back to any freak show. When Amanda comes over, Hugo grabs her and puts a gun to her head. Riggins tells him to let her go, and Martin tells Amanda not to be scared and they'll meet again. With that, the Rowdy 3 walk off. Amanda bites Hugo's hand and runs off, and Riggins hits Hugo and says that it's very bad.

Farah continues following Estevez and Zimmerfield as they go to the animal transfer unit.

Dirk figures that their attackers were after the machine, not the kitten. When he says that Todd is a good friend, Todd says that he's a horrible friend. He says that he was thinking about Amanda and if he dies, then there's no one to take care of her. Dirk says that he's a good brother, and Todd tells him that he's a shitty person and if he dies then there'll be no one to support her. He explains that he doesn't have the disease, but he said he did so his parents would send him money and he wouldn't have to work. When Amanda got sick with the disease he was faking, Todd realized that she needed the money more than him so he said he got better. However, it was too late because his parents were out of money. Amanda keeps saying that Todd's "cure" is what gets her through the day. Todd tells Dirk that he's always been a complete asshole and goes back to the jeep... and realizes that the kitten is gone.

Ken finally uses the bathroom in the morning. He discovers that Bart has left and goes after her. She complains that he's slowing her down with sleeping and eating, and she says that she's going to kill a man across the street. Bart warns him that all she does is kill people because it's the will of the universe, but Ken warns her that she won't find Dirk in a woman's prison. When he grabs Bart's arm, she glares at him until he lets go. Bart then calls to the man and tells him to come over... and a car hits him. She then tells Ken that there's no stopping her and if he gets in her way again then she's taking his head off.

Zimmerfield and Estevez drive to the animal transfer unit and discover that the gate is unlocked. They go inside and find hundreds of candles and mystic runes. The detectives find a pile of 35 bloody corpses in one room and stagger out, gagging. Estevez is unable to get any bars on his phone, and goes to their car to use the radio. Farah is watching from a sniper's post, and stares in shock as one of the bald men shoots him with an electrified crossbow bolt. He and another one open fire on Estevez, while Gordon drives off with a barking Lydia. Farah sees him through the sniper scope, and also sees another bald man moving in on Estevez. As Estevez gets the dying Zimmerfield into the car, Farah shoots the bald man and runs off.

Estevez realizes that Zimmerfield won't survive to get to the hospital and pulls over to try and stabilize him. All he can do is watch as Zimmerfield dies.

Dirk and Todd search the forest for the kitten, and Dirk says that everything is connected but only he can see it. He doesn't know what he is, but explains that when he was young he got intuitions about how the universe worked. They never help him, and Dirk figured that he should use them to help people. Todd is the first person who has actually acted like a friend to him, and Dirk says that he's sick of his bullshit. He doesn't think that Todd is an asshole, and figures that he's just making excuses. Dirk points out that he's surrounded by bizarre things and even Todd doesn't want to be around him, and tells Todd that he'd appreciate it if he'd stop calling himself an asshole. Surprised, Todd admits that Dirk is right and when they get back, they'll save Lydia and figure out what the machine is... and tell Amanda the truth. He then tells Dirk that he is his friend.

Farah goes back to the apartment and finds Amanda there. Amanda hugs her, happy to see her. She says that she'll tell her anything she wants to know, and Farah nervously insists that everything is under control. Farah asks if Amanda has talked to Todd or Dirk, and says that she saw Lydia.

Wilson calls Hugo into her office and demands a personal account of what happened. Hugo says that they tried Dirk first, but Dirk said that he didn't want to be brought in. When he says that Riggins vetoed his aggressive approach against Dirk and the Rowdy 3 and Riggins is too close, Wilson asks him if he can do the job. Hugo says that he can be much more aggressive.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2016

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