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Homewrecker Recap

Lucifer and Amenadiel are riding a tour bus around LA, and Amenadiel says that he and Charlotte are going to try to find a way back to Heaven. The tour guide is clearly bored, and Lucifer takes his mic and adds some enthusiasm to the spiel. He has everyone to drug dealer Sleepy Pete, and points out his nightclub Lux. Lucifer realizes that Amenadiel has gotten off.

Later in therapy, Lucifer wonders why Amenadiel won't embrace LA like he does. Linda points out that Amenadiel has only been there for a few months and he's a fallen angel, and then asks why Lucifer decided that LA was his home. Lucifer says that he didn't realize it was true until he shouted it at Charlotte, and explains that her and Amenadiel want to get back to Heaven but it was never his home. She points out that it's Lucifer's first home, and says that people make LA their home either because they're running from something or toward something. Linda tells Lucifer to decide which it is for him.

Lucifer meets Chloe at a crime scene at a Bel Air mansion. Ella is examining the crime scene, and Lucifer realizes that the victim is Dean cooper, a LA real estate tycoon. He tells Chloe that Cooper owns the block that Lux is on, and Ella explains that he was stabbed in the neck with a shard from a champagne flute. The killer wiped the prints clean, and Ella offers to reassemble the broken glass and glue it together so they can get a print. Maze calls Lucifer and he tells Chloe that he has to deal with the problem before Maze kills it.

When Lucifer arrives at Lux, he finds men going over the place. One man, Eric Cooper identifies himself as the new owner and tells Lucifer that he's being evicted. Eric says that he's Dean's holdings, and says that what happened to his father is unfortunate but business is business. Lucifer suggests that they come to a deal and asks him what he desires, and Eric says that he wants Dean to turn over in his grave. He points out that the lease was written on lipstick on a stripper's thong, and figures that it wasn't binding. Eric tells Lucifer to vacate or he'll have him removed, and Lucifer prepares to eviscerate him. Maze stops him and warns that he can't do it in front of the humans, and tells Eric to leave. Eric readily agrees, saying that it's a police matter now,

Once they're alone, Maze tells Lucifer that Charlottes is responsible. Lucifer doesn't believe it and, picking up on Eric's comment about it being a police matter, makes a call. Maze goes to Amenadiel's office and tells him her theory, but he says that he doesn't believe it. Amenadiel points out that Charlotte would have no reason to kill a human, just as Charlotte comes in. Maze tells her that she knows what Charlotte is up to, and insists that it won't work. Charlotte says that if she did come up with a plan, Maze wouldn’t figure it out. Maze promises that she'll figure it out and leaves, and Amenadiel asks if Charlotte was involved in Dean's death. She denies it, but says that they can use it to get Lucifer to come home with them. Charlotte refuses to leave another son behind, and Amenadiel tells her that no human will make Lucifer give Lux up. His mother just smiles and leaves.

At the Cooper manor, Ella manages to reassemble the glass and tries to bump fists with Chloe. Chloe isn't interested, and Dan reports that Dean had no reputation. She asks him if he can assist her, and he says that he's on another case. As he leaves, Lucifer calls Chloe and suggests that Eric is the killer. Ella interrupts to say that the prints on the flute came back: they belong to Eric.

Chloe meets Lucifer at the Cooper Building, and Lucifer explains that Eric is liquidating Dean's assets, including Lux. She says that she can't have Lucifer terrorizing Eric, and as they go in Eric falls onto a nearby car from the seventh floor. Lucifer and Chloe go over and Lucifer insists that he had nothing to do with it.

Later, Lucifer and Chloe go to see Eric at his home, where he's in suspension. Chloe points out that four people saw Eric leap off a balcony by his own free will, but Eric's girlfriend Christi insists that he's innocent. Eric tries to talk, and says that Dean ran the business into the ground and he thought making emergency sales could save them. However, there's nothing left, and Eric couldn't live with disappointing Christi. Lucifer suggests that they renegotiate, and Eric tells him that someone made a deal with him for all the property on the strip. Dean had it drawn up and then let it sit on his desk, and Eric couldn't block it once Dean died. However, it wasn't enough. Eric says that the buyer was Eleanor Bloom.

Charlotte approaches a lawyer, Kevin Burdick, in the courthouse bathroom. He says that he needs to contact one of Burdick's clients, an explosives expert named Patrick O'Neal. She tells Burdick that Patrick is her client now, but Burdick refuses to give up his client. Charlotte shoves him into a wall and walks out.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to Eleanor, pointing out that she closed on a deal Dean has been taunting her with for years. Eleanor says that the two of them have been buying out each other's properties for years, and tells them that she has an ironclad alibi. Lucifer asks what she desires, and Eleanor says that she wants everything Dean had so she can tear it all down and put up a megamall. Chloe threatens to tie up the development for years with a murder investigation, and Eleanor says that her accountants found hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrecorded payments.

At the station, Chloe confirms the off-the-book payments. Lucifer says that he's going back to Eleanor to get her home back, and Chloe tells him not to hurt her. She warns that the law is on Eleanor's solution, and Lucifer figures that he's on his own.

Dan is questioning Patrick in the interrogation room when Charlotte comes in. She tells Dan to leave her client alone, and Patrick immediately agrees to take her on his lawyer. Dan has no choice but to leave, and Charlotte tells Patrick that she's posted his bail and wants him to bring down a nightclub for her.

When Lucifer returns to Lux, he finds workers moving his things out. He shows them who they're dealing with... by inviting them to a typical Lux party. Charlotte comes in and finds Amenadiel drinking. He says that Lucifer is staging a sit-in, and Charlotte explains that she was going to have the building blown up but couldn't convince Patrick to kill that many people. Maze sees them talking, and glares at Amenadiel.

Charlotte goes to Lucifer and says that she disagrees with him but offers to support him. Linda is at the bar and Lucifer introduces her to Linda. He tells Charlotte that Linda knows about celestial beings, and leaves them to get acquainted. Linda tells Charlotte that it's an honor to meet her, and thanks her for existence. Charlotte thanks Linda for taking good care of Lucifer, and Linda refuses to discuss Lucifer's sessions.

Chloe calls in Simon Holbrooks of Private Investigative Solutions and points out that Dean was paying him off the books. Simon explains that people hire him to find out to find secrets. He refuses to say whose loyalty he was testing at the Cooper company. Dan comes in and tells Chloe that they got calls about an illegal party at Lux.

The unis arrive at Lux and Lucifer tries to bribe them. Chloe comes in behind them and tells the unis that she'll deal with it. Once they leave, Chloe tells him to turn the music back on. She assures him that it's his home and she's always been on his side, and invites her to dance. Chloe reluctantly gives in, and Charlotte and Linda see them together. Charlotte realizes that Lucifer has a strong interest in Chloe.

Once the party dies down, Lucifer and Chloe go to the bar. She goes through the payment records and notes that none of them match up to Dean's new hires. Chloe warns Lucifer that what she did will only work and she can't see a way to save Lux. Lucifer says that it was an institute of sin long before he bought it, and describes the building's history. Chloe realizes who Dean was looking into and starts to go. When Lucifer refuses to go, Chloe points out that the moving crew is passed out on the floor and the police won't be there for another day, and says that she needs Lucifer's help.

Amenadiel follows Charlotte to a low-key bar. Maze approaches him and figures that he doesn't trust Charlotte, either. Amenadiel says that he's protecting Charlotte, and Maze figures that Charlotte didn't tell him who she was meeting with. Much to their surprise, Dan joins Charlotte at the bar.

The next day, Simon is hitting women at a bar when Lucifer comes over and points out that Simon is seducing the woman to report back to her fiancé's wealthy parents. The woman walks off, disgusted, and Chloe arrives to say that Simon also goes after potential spouses. Dean hired Simon to check out Christi, and Simon admits that Dean didn't trust Christi. He approaches Christi and she stayed faithful. When Simon told Dean, he wanted Simon to make some. He Photoshopped photos of Christi in compromising positions, and then Dean tried to blackmail her to break off the engagement. Lucifer loses his temper and starts to go after Simon, and Chloe says that when word gets around Simon will be out of business.

At the bar, Dan admits that he was surprised when Charlotte invited him out. She flirts with him and Dan says that he's been gun-shy since his divorce. Charlotte sympathizes and says that she's only recently comes back, and asks what happened between Dan and his ex. As Dan talks about Lucifer without mentioning him, Amenadiel and maze watch and Amenadiel is ready to break it up. Maze takes a drink and says that they should let it play out.

Dan says that it felt good to get things out, and Charlotte starts to leave. He apologizes for oversharing, and Charlotte admits that he is attractive and she has some time. She kisses him, and Amenadiel moans in disgust while Maze takes photos. She starts to go after them, and Amenadiel insists that it's just an innocent date. He refuses to interfere with his mother enjoying some happiness, and Maze jokingly says that she didn't want to watch.

The next morning, Charlotte slips out of bed while Dan is asleep. She then calls Patrick and says that she needs a charge for one person, and she'll take care of it herself.

Lucifer go to see Eric and Christi. Eric says that Christi was out looking for a venue for the wedding on the day Dean was killed. They tell Christi that they know she killed Dean. Eric says that Dean showed him the evidence and he knew it was fake, and he flew into a rage and killed Dean. When Chloe starts to put him under arrest, Christi confesses to the murder. Chloe points out that they could both go to jail, and Lucifer wonders why one of them is sacrificing themselves for the other. Christi says that they won't.

Later at Lux, Chloe finds Lucifer sitting alone. He says that he sent everyone home and it was the people that made it his home. Chloe tells him that Lux has been named a Heritage Site thanks to a friend on the city council. Lux can't be demolished for development. When Lucifer is surprised, Chloe says that it's just something friends do for each other. He invites her out for dinner.

Later in therapy, Lucifer tells Linda what Chloe did. She says that people make gestures like that all the time, and asks him if he was really looking for a home. Linda asks why she's the only human in his life who knows who he really is, and points out that Lucifer doesn't show Chloe his true face but he doesn't. The therapist wonders if Lucifer would be afraid of how Chloe would react, and says that Lucifer has stopped looking for something because he's found it.

That night, Chloe sits at the restaurant and waits.

Lucifer sits alone in Lux, drinking and ignoring Chloe's texts asking where he is. She goes out to her car... unaware that there's an explosive charge fastened to the underside. Charlotte watches from an alleyway and prepares to trigger the bomb.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2016

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