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Stranded Recap

In Pennsylvania on September 17, 1754, the team run through the woods with French soldiers in pursuit. A French officer, Lt. Louis Conlon, steps out ahead of them, gun drawn.

The next morning, the French discuss what to do with the "British spies." Louis, leaves his son Jacques in charge of the prisoners and rides off. Jacques examines Wyatt's gun, and the trio argue among themselves. Abigail says that they have to work together, but Wyatt points out that Rufus is recoding them for Rittenhouse. He taunts Jacques, who grabs a gun and prepares to shoot him. Wyatt works free of his bonds, knocks Jacques down, and fights another soldier who charges over. After a brief struggle, Wyatt ends up shooting Jacques.

Once Wyatt frees his teammates, they head back to the lifeboat. Wyatt gets the recorder from Rufus and throws it into a nearby stream, and tells Rufus to claim that he lost him. Abigail tries to work out what Flynn is doing, and Wyatt figures that Flynn has already done whatever he came to do. They hear voices up ahead as they approach the lifeboat, and see Flynn's men attaching explosives to the vehicle. They move clear and prepare to trigger the charge, and Wyatt shoots one of them. The other one opens fire and then shoots at the side of ship, blasting open a hole. Rufus runs over while the man runs off for the mothership. They chase after him but he gets into the mothership and it departs before they can stop it. The team realizes that they're trapped in 1754.

Louis returns to the camp and finds Jacques dead, and vows to find the "spies."

Back at the lifeboat, Wyatt figures that Flynn's plan was to strand them in 1754. As she searches the dead terrorist, Abigail tries to get him to talk to her. He points out that she cut a deal with Denise to try and get her sister back, while his wife stays dead. Abigail insists that she's fighting for Amy because Wyatt told her to find something to fight for. Rufus reports that there is serious damage to the circuitry and they need a couple of capacitators. Abigail asks what he needs to build one, and Rufus says that he needs a forge and a blacksmith.. She figures that some of the things he needs are at Fort Duquesne, and Wyatt points out that the French soldiers are from there. Rufus warns that he'll have to use the wiring from the nav systems and they won't survive, and remembers the protocol.

In the present at Mason Industries, Mason tells Denise that Flynn returned to the present three hours ago. Their team hasn't returned yet, and Mason tells Jiya to stop moping and figure out a way to get the team back using the protocol.

Rufus has Wyatt dig a hole a specific distance from the lifeboat, writes a message, and puts it in a non-biodegradable bottle. He admits that the system has never been tried before, and if it fails then they die violently.

Mason gets a call from Benjamin pointing out that they've lost the lifeboat and Flynn is operating unchecked. When Benjamin specifically mentions Lucy, Mason wonders why she was chosen for such an important mission. He wonders who pulled the strings to get her on the mission and why, and says that they have no relationship without the lifeboat. Mason hangs up and gets on a plane to Pennsylvania.

The team head to the fortand Wyatt stops Rufus from eating some poisoned berries. Rufus admits that he hates the outdoors and figures that's why they have Wyatt. Wyatt asks who he has, and points out that he's just one guy. If he doesn't have someone that he can count on then they're not going to survive. Wyatt walks off and after a moment, the others follow him.

Louis and his men ride nearby and follow the trail that the team has left. Wyatt leads Rufus and Abigail through a nearby water to cover their tracks, When they emerge from the other side, they find a dead French soldier. Wyatt removes his uniform and realizes that the body is still warm. Shawnee Indians surround them, arrows drawn.

The Indians take the trio to their village and tie them up. Abigail warns her teammates that the Shawnees aren't friendly to the British, and they're waiting for their chief. Wyatt warns that he can't escape and figures that they'll be there a while.

In the present on the site where the team buried their message, Denise brings a team in and claims that they're with the CDC. As they dig up the spot where the lifeboat was programmed to line, Jiya tells Mason that she and Rufus aren't close. Mason says that it would mean a lot to Rufus to know how worried she is about him.

Rufus starts talking about Chocodiles, and Wyatt and Abigail start chuckling. He then says that he would give anything to tell Jiya how he really feels. Rufus says that they went on a date once and it was awkward, and they haven't talked about it since. Abigail talks about how her mother read biographies for kids to her when she was a child, and she thought she'd have time to read them to her children. Wyatt talks about how Jessica wanted a little boy, and he'd tell her that they had all the time in the world. Abigail apologizes for saying that Jessica's death was meant to be, and tells Wyatt that he deserves to get her back. He says that she deserves to get Amy back.

The Indians come in with their chief, Nonhelema. She speaks English that she learned from missionaries, and Abigail recognizes the name. She introduces herself as Dr. Quinn and claims that they've come to treat the sick. Nonhelema doesn't believe her and describes how the French came, built forests, and killed their men. She tells her men to kill Wyatt and Abigail, but spares Rufus because she realizes that he was forced to be there. They cut him free, and Rufus says that they're not from anywhere around there. He says that Abigail and Wyatt are his friends, and they're not supposed to be there and just want to go home. Rufus says that if she kills them then he'll have to kill him, too. After conferring with her brother, Nonhelema figures that if Rufus is willing to die for his friends then they must not be from around there. She spares their lives for Rufus' honor, but wars that if he's proven wrong then she will spare no one.

In the present, the diggers find the bottle and discover that it's cracked. They carefully open it and discover that the writing has been obliterated by age.

The next day, the trio goes back to the soldier's corpse to get his uniform. Abigail thanks Rufus for what he did, while Wyatt puts on the soldier's uniform. He says that he and Abigail will stall while Rufus gets the parts that they need, and says that he has the fact that he doesn't speak French covered.

At the fort, Rufus and Abigail bring Wyatt in claiming that he's a wounded soldier, and Abigail does the talking in French. Rufus then moves off and gathers the bottles and metal that he needs to build capacitators.

In the present, the team tries to bring out the writing on the paper. All they can work out is "death" and millennium".

Rufus finds a forge and goes to work hammering the tin and copper into foil strips. Meanwhile, the camp surgeon comes over to check on Wyatt. Abigail says that he's a nurse and he's fine, but the surgeon doesn't trust her and insists on examining Wyatt personally. He says that Wyatt has too much blood and plans to inject him with mercury to get his humors in balance. Abigail tells Wyatt to knock the man out, and they join up with Rufus... just as Louis rides into the fort. The guard confirms that the people that he's looking for are in the fort, and the soldier begins searching for the team.

Wyatt leads Abigail and Rufus over to the wall, moves a wagon into position, and helps them up and over. They return to the lifeboat and Rufus hooks up his makeshift capacitators while Wyatt patches the hole and Abigail stands watch. Rufus warns that without the navigation system, they could land anywhere, and they need Jiya and Mason to help them land if they got his note.

In the present, Jiya tells Mason that she doesn't know what else to do. Mason offers her a drink and talks about how he and Rufus met when Mason was doing a charity outreach. He went to a science fair at a Chicago middle school and saw Rufus demonstrating a monorail system that runs on recycled coffee pods. They talked after the fair, and Rufus said that he had to pick up his brother. Impressed, Mason figured that Rufus would do great things and wanted him to do them for him. Jiya talks about she and Rufus argued about Star Trek versus Star Wars, and insists thathe'll be back soon. She realizes what the note says and figures that the lifeboat's nav system is down.

Mason explains that he wrote down a code that would let the tem at Mason Industries take control of the lifeboat and bring it home.

Jiya explains that they have to take over the lifeboat controls when it's in midjump and bring it home. Rufus referred to the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, and says that she'll need help.

Abigail and Wyatt figure that they're going to die either way so they might as well risk the faulty navigation system. The French soldiers close in and the team gets into the lifeboat. They seal it just as Louis and his men ride up, and the soldiers open fire on the lifeboat. The engine doesn't start up, and Rufus fixes the wiring. The lifeboat departs as the soldiers stare in shock and cross themselves.

Jiya warns that they're not ready, but Mason says that they're out of time. She runs the program to intercept the lifeboat, and it appears off-center in the main room. The team crawls out, Rufus last, and he looks over at Jiya and waves. She waves back, smiling.

Later, Jiya finds Rufus in the wardrobe and says that they know each other better than they thought. She starts to go, and then turns and kisses Rufus. Rufus asks what that was for, and she says that it was for him making it back.

Denise requests surveillance on Mason to find out what he's hiding from them.

The team goes out to a bar, and Rufus finds a reference to French soldiers reporting a mysterious orb that disappeared. They share a toast and Abigail gives Rufus a book of Chocodiles. She then tells Wyatt that she doesn't know if the journal is real, but it matches her handwriting. Wyatt tells her not to write a journal if she doesn't want to, and Abigail says that she's always believed that everything happens for a reason. She figures that she has to believe in her own fate, and Wyatt tells her to have a drink. He then asks if she decided to take the drink if it was prewritten. Wyatt tells her that she made the choice, and history is made up of choices... and they make them. He says that if she's not happy with the history that Flynn has predicted for her then she should rewrite it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2016

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