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Dead End Recap

In Eichhorst's sanctum, Dutch struggles against the chain around her neck. The German comes in dragging a police officer and says that he brought her some company. He pours schnapps down the officer's throat and then stings the man, draining his blood. Eichhorst then breaks the officer's neck so he won't come back, and advances on Dutch. She asks what he's going to do to her, and Eichhorst merely says, "Everything."

In an apartment in Washington Heights, Abraham wakes up and looks around. He realizes that he's tied to a chair, and sees the Lumen on a nearby bed. A man steads him, holding a gun, and has the same burned year that Rudyard di as a child. Abraham addresses Rudyard by name, and describes how they met in 1966 in Austria. Rudyard realizes that Abraham is the man who saved his life from the strigoi, and raises the gun.

Eichhorst tells Dutch to tell him something secret about her. When she refuses, Eichhorst talks about how her perfume reminds him of a woman he could never have. Disgusted, Dutch figures that he joined the Nazi Party because he couldn't get laid, and Eichhorst tells her that someone like her could never understand what he went through. He then walks out, sealing the door behind him.

The Past

Eichhorst goes door to door as a radio salesman. He shows a housewife a cabinet radio and she eagerly signs. Her husband comes in and says that they are laying people off at the plant. He rips the contract apart and throws it at Eichhorst, who returns to his office. They ask how many radios he sold, and Eichhorst admits that he sold none. The head salesman Oscar tells him that he has to project confidence and then has the secretary, Helga, give the sales bonus to another salesman. Eichhorst glances over at Helga as she sits back down, and she smiles briefly at him. Once the others leave, Helga tells Eichhorst that he's terrible at saying radios because he's destined for greater thing. As she turns to go, Eichhorst invites her to have dinner with him. Helga asks for a rain check until the weekend and Helga eagerly agrees.


Aanya is going through a chest of family photos when Gus comes in and she says that it's strange to have someone else in her room. She realizes that he isn't coming with him, and Gus says that it isn't in him to run. When Aanya says that it could never work out between them, Gus smooths her hair and she kisses him. They end up on her bed making love.

Vasiliy, Eph, and Nora pull up to the Mayfield Hotel where the detective told them Dutch had been taken... and discover that it's now serving as the National Guard Headquarters. Vasiliy wonders what they do now. Eph sits down and thinks.

After sex, Gus holds a sleeping Aanya. Someone in the distance opens a door, and Gus wakes Aanya to tell her that it's time to go. After dressing, Gus goes down to the kitchen and assures Angel that the people who will get the Guptas out of New York can be trusted. He makes Angel promise he'll take care of the family. Angel wants to fight, but Gus insists that he get the family out of town. The Guptas come in and Gus takes a phot of them with Angel. Angel hesitates and then says that they're ready to go. He whispers to Gus that he'll get the Guptas to safety and then leaves with them.

Vasily parks in an alley and Eph insists that Dutch must be inside. They head toward the hotel and find an abandoned police car, with Dutch's cap in the back. They realize that one entire side of the hotel has no nights, and Vasiliy figures that they sealed the section off. He mutters FDR's name and runs off, and Nora and Eph follow him.

Abraham reminds Rudyard that he saved his life, and offers to purchase the Lumen. Rudyard says that the book has been special for him, and assures Abraham that it's in the right hands. Abraham warns him that Eldritch wants the book and warns that the fate of the world is in his hands, but Rudyard says that people don't think he understands. He does understand, and he's going to sell the book to get enough money to go to Tahiti. Rudyard runs out as Abraham yells at him to stop.

Gus and Angel drive the Guptas to a checkpoint in the Bronx. The ganger gives his name and the officer on duty demands his paper. Gus tells him to check his list, and the officer says that there is no list. Eve pulls up and Gus tells Angel to stay in the car. As he gets out, the officer tells the Guptas to get out of the car. Gus promises Aanya that it would have worked between them, and he'll get her once it's all over. Angel drives the car through the gate and pulls over on the other side. He sends the Guptas on and then goes back through the gate. The former wrestler says that he kept his promise and send the Guptas to safety. After a moment, Gus takes Angel over to the car and introduces him to Eve as the Silver Angel. They get into her car and drive off.

In his kitchen, Eichhorst cuts up a pineapple and remembers his past.

The Past

On their dinner date, Helga talks about how she plays a violin. Eichhorst wonders why she hasn't become a professional, and Helga admits that after the crash came, her father lost his job and her family needs her money. When Eichhorst insists that she go to Vienna, Helga suddenly kisses him and then asks what he wants to do with his life. He admits that he hasn't found anything to excel at. A Nazi brownshirt stands up and talks about how Germany will rise again. Helga wants to leave, but an intrigued Eichhorst listens as the brownshirt says that the party need people... people like Eichhorst.

As they walk home, Helga reminds Eichhorst of what the Nazis think of the Jews. Eichhorst agrees with Hitler that the Jews are parasites and leeches, and Helga admits that she's a Jew. She asks if she's a parasite and a leech, and Eichhorst insists that Hitler is talking about foreign Jews, not the Germans. Angry, Helga says that Eichhorst is right where he belongs and walks away.


Eichhorst enters his sanctum and offers her some pineapple. She knocks it away, figuring that he's seasoning her, and Eichhorst punches her. He says that she has no choice but to eat, and tells her to say that she will eat the pineapple. Dutch recites his words and Eichhorst puts a piece into her mouth. Once she eats it, Eichhorst admits that pineapple is an exquisite seasoning and leaves. Once he's gone, Dutch spits out the pineapple, gagging.

Abraham finally works his way free and leaves the tenement building.

In the sanctum, Dutch manages to reach her purse using her feet. Eichhorst comes back in and finds Dutch eating the pineapple. He orders her to take off her pants and when she hesitates, hoists her up and screams in her face to do it. Dutch complies and asks what he plans to do, and he says that it's a night for trying to do new things. Eichhorst paints her mouth with lipstick, sits behind her, has her spread her legs, and bend over.

The German releases his stinger, but Dutch turns and sprays him with Mace. She takes the key and unlocks the collar around her neck, and runs out. Dutch steps on a nail in the closed-off hallway, and stops to pull it out. Limping, she continues on and finds an elevator. It isn't working, and the doors are bricked over.

Vasiliy leads Nora and Eph into the sewer and explains that during FDR's presidency, they used two subway lines as a private entrance for him when he came to NYC.

Eichhorst washes the Mace out of his eyes and removes one of his contact lenses.

Vasiliy and the others find the entrance to the Mayfield.

Dutch continues looking for an exit, and Eichhorst calls to her. He says that there is nowhere for her to go, just as she finds a stairwell and goes down. Eichhorst calmly pursues her, calling that he's almost there. Eichhorst comes to a brick wall and Eichhorst closes in on her.

Vasily, Eph, and Nora hear Dutch calling from above on one of the floors they passed.

Eichhorst thanks Dutch for the chase and approaches her. She lunges at him and he easily slaps her down and drags her up the stairs.

Vasiliy comes to the bricked over wall and hears Dutch on the other sides. He hacks at it with his rebar, screaming that he's coming for Dutch. The exterminator finally makes a hole, inserts a stick of dynamite, and they all take cover as it explodes. The trio follows Dutch's screams and spot her down the hallway, and Vasiliy throws a silver grenade. Eichhorst runs off just in time, and Eph and Nora chase him while Vasiliy picks Dutch up and assures her that she's okay

Eichhorst makes it into the subway line, his skin burning from the silver. He screams in frustration and then walks off.

The Past

Eichhorst, now an officer in the SS, is called to headquarters. Helga is there, and the officer in charge says that Helga claims to know her. He asks if Eichhorst has a relationship with Helga, and Eichhorst says that they worked together in the same office. Then she was accused of stealing. Helga denies it, sobbing, and Eichhorst walks away smiling.

The next day, Eichhorst walks proudly down the street. He meets Oscar and the salesman says that it's good to see him. Once Eichhorst walks on, he sees Helga and other Jews strung up by their necks. Eichhorst's commander is nearby, and Eichhorst nonchalantly flicks his cigarette at Helga's corpse and walks away.


As Eph and Nora drive the truck away, Vasiliy sits in the back with Dutch and holds her. Nora and Eph glance briefly at each other.

The next day in Manhattan, Rudyard arrives at a checkpoint run by Alonso's men. Rudyard says that he's there to see Alonso and the cardinal sent him. After a moment, they let him through. When he meets with the crime lord, Alonso recognizes the Lumen and demands to see it. Rudyard reluctantly hands it over, and Alonso says that they can do business.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 21, 2015

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