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Killer Frost Recap

In the subway station, Savitar tells Flash that he rules the speed force and is a god. Meanwhile, Joe breaks free from the cultists holding him and aims at where he thinks Savitar is, even though he can't see him. Alchemy picks up his Stone and flees into the darkness, while Savitar speeds off with Flash.

Savitar runs across the city, beating Flash as he goes. Cisco and Caitlin track Flash's suit tracker across the city as it appears and reappears at once. HR suggests that if Flash can't move that fast then something else can.

When Savitar drops Flash near the waterfront, Flash tries to speed at him but Savitar easily dodges his attack and beats him again. HR suggests that it was three against one, and Iris begs Caitlin to use her ice powers combined with Vibe's powers. Caitlin warns that it's too dangerous, and Iris begs her to do it.

Savitar tells Flash that he is the past and he is the future. As he prepares to kill him, Vibe opens a breach and he and Killer Frost arrive. Killer Frost manages to freeze Savitar on the spot where he's standing, and after a moment Savitar speeds away, shattering the ice around him. Vibe goes over to Flash, moaning in pain, and confirms that his friend is okay. Flash thanks them for coming.

Later, Joe brings the cocoon with Wally to the lab while Barry heals at an accelerated rate. Caitlin warns Cisco that he's had the equivalent of a mini-stroke because he opened the breach, but he'll be fine. Barry thanks Caitlin for saving his life, and she goes check on Wally. As Caitlin goes, her eyes briefly turn white. Meanwhile, Barry figure that Alchemy is just a lackey, and HR wonders why Barry is the only one who can see Savitar. Barry suggests that it's because they're both speedsters, and HR realizes that Savitar is the name of the Hindu god of motion.

Barry and Cisco go to the lab where Caitlin is examining Wally, and she says that Wally is alive but his vitals are subdued. She doesn't know if they can take Wally out safely, and Joe says that he feels like a fool just standing there and his gut is telling him that he needs to do something. Once Joe leaves, Iris assures Barry that it isn't his fault, but Barry isn't convinced.

At the station, Joe questions the cultist that they captured. The cultist says that Alchemy's powers are beyond human understanding, and promise that they will all be tried and the human race will be judged. Joe grabs him by the nose and demands to know how he can get Wally out of the cocoon. Someone knocks at the door, and Joe reluctantly answers it. It's Caitlin, who says that Wally is out of the cocoon and is fine.

Once Joe leaves to see him, Caitlin enters the interrogation room and locks the door behind her. She freezes the camera and demands to know where Alchemy is. The cultist says that he can sense that she fears her power, and says that he fears Savitar. Caitlin freezes him and two officers hear him scream. They pound on the door, and Caitlin fills the room with mist and slips out when the officers come in. she freezes the door shut behind her as Julian comes out. Julian hears the officers in the interrogation room, and Caitlin tells him to come with her.

When Joe arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs, he tells the others what Caitlin told him. Barry speeds to the station where Detective Patterson is establishing a cordon around the area. He tells Barry that a female meta took Julian hostage, and asks if Barry knows her. Barry claims that he doesn't, and Patterson figures that she's crazy and says that they'll get her.

Caitlin takes Julian to a frozen food warehouse, and Julian realizes who she is. He wonders if she's going to kill him, and Caitlin says that she needs to find Alchemy. She asks him to find an algorithm to track down anyone who has searched for a specific keyword--Savitar--in the last six months. When Julian hesitates, Caitlin freezes his hand and tells him to get to work.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others what happened. Cisco figures that Caitlin is becoming Killer Frost like he saw in the vibe, and saving Flash from Savitar put her over the edge. HR suggests that they track Caitlin the same way that they tracked Captain Cold, and pick up her trace at the warehouse. Barry speeds off while Cisco tries to work out what Julian is doing.

Julian gets the address of two people that looked up "Savitar," and asks Caitlin what she's going to do to them. She says that she doesn't know and tries to get hold of herself, while Julian sends out a text message to Patterson. Caitlin realizes what he's doing and prepares to kill him, just as Flash speeds in and tells her to stop. When Julian tells him to take Caitlin out, Flash knocks him out. Caitlin insists that she has to find Alchemy and help her get rid of her powers. Flash says that they love her and will do everything that they can to help her, and Caitlin points out that he keeps messing up with everyone's lives. As Cisco and the others watch, Caitlin tells Flash that he screwed Cisco worst of all. She yells that Dante was alive until Flash created Flashpoint.

Patterson and his men arrive and open fire, and Caitlin uses her powers to turn invisible. Flash speeds her out of sight, and Caitlin cuts his tricep with an icicle and says that it will take at least four hours to regenerate, and then runs off.

At the lab, Iris checks Barry's injury. Joe confirms that the police took Julian to the hospital, and he's still unconscious. Cisco says that Barry killed Dante, but figures that they need to focus on finding Caitlin for now. Barry agrees and Cisco says that he got the two addresses from Julian's laptop. Cisco tells Barry to stay there and he'll cover one address. HR volunteers to take the other, and iris tells Joe go to go with HR while she and Barry watch Wally. As they go, Cisco tells Barry that he won't call him because he's done enough.

While Joe and HR watch the cultist's apartment, Joe says that they can't have a conversation about how he's feeling about his son. HR tells him that Barry admires him, and he doesn't listen to Joe because his real superpower isn't speed--it's hope. Joe doesn't believe that things will work out, and says that he needs the others to trust him. When HR says that he will, Joe wonders if he can trust him and HR asks what his gut tells him.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the satellite records a rapid temperature deceleration from the house that Cisco is watching.

In the house, Craig's wife tells him to check the thermostat because it's cold. He goes over to it and Caitlin destroys it with an icicle. She tells him to answer every one of her questions but she'll harm his friend. Craig says that he's never seen Alchemy without his mask, and confirms that he can take powers away. He warns that Alchemy is just an acolyte like him, and Savitar showed them a future where Caitlin was glorious and powerful. Craig calls her Killer Frost and says that his lord has special plans for him.

Cisco calls to Caitlin, and she goes outside. He's dressed as Vibe and says that he wants to help her. Caitlin says that there's only one person who can help her and her name is Killer Frost, and shoots icicles at him. Vibe takes cover and begs her to stop, and then fires a vibe beam back at him. Flash arrives but Killer Frost freezes the street and he slips, and then moves I for the kill. He trips her and they collapse together, and then she kisses him... and freezes him. Vibe blasts her away, tells Flash to vibrate to warm himself up, and goes after Killer Frost..

Killer Frost wakes up in a pipeline cell and claims that she's normal. They refuse to let her out, and Caitlin says that Cisco is pathetic. Barry promises that they can help her, and Caitlin reminds him that he promised to help Eddie and Ronnie. He says that she's sick, and Caitlin say that she's broken and Barry got his happy ending with iris. If they let her go, she'll leave them to their miserable lives. Barry closes the cell window and Cisco admits to Barry that there's no way to fix Caitlin.

In the medlab, Joe tells HR to help him get Wally out of the cocoon. HR suggests that they leave it to the scientists, and Joe begs him to help.

Iris checks on Barry, who points out that they're fighting each other instead of Savitar. She says that he tried to make the pain stop, but Barry says that his friends hate him. Iris points out that in the original timeline, the same thing may have happened to Caitlin and Dante. She tells him to stop going over the what-ifs, and everyone in the building needs Barry to be strong because they need Flash.

The lights flicker and they realize that Wally is waking up. they go to the med lab and find Joe cutting Wally out of the cocoon. Barry speeds Joe out of the way as the cocoon explodes. They find wally standing in the debris, vibrating at superspeed. He runs off without a word., and HR says that he was helping Joe. Joe figures that he shouldn't have cut Wally out, and says that Barry needs to talk to Caitlin because they need a biochemist. Barry reluctantly agrees.

In the pipeline, Barry tells Killer Frost that they need her help. He lets her go while the others watch on the monitor. Killer Frost wonders what the catch is, and Barry says that he has to kill her. He refuses to fight her, Killer Frost summons an icicle and prepares to stab him, but hesitates. Barry tells her to live up to her name and says that villains kill their friends because nothing matters to them. When she still can't, Barry says that she can't do it because she's still her. Crying, Caitlin hugs Barry and he tells her that he's got her.

Later, Caitlin figures that Wally is in a fugue state. His mind and muscles are misfiring, and he's synthesized a neutral compound that will synchronize the two. HR asks Joe where Wally would go, and Joe realizes he'll go to the house in Keystone where he grew up.

Flash and Joe go to the house and find wally there looking at it. Flash speeds in and injects Wally, and he reverts to normal.

The next day, Wally is speeding around the pipeline exercising his new powers. Caitlin comes in and Cisco hugs her, just as Wally runs in. He tells Joe that he feels fine, and Barry tells him that he's a speedster now. Joe tells his son that Caitlin is going to run every test possible on her, and that she's up to be a doctor. The hospital texts to say that Julian is awake, and Barry tells Caitlin that he'll talk to Julian.

Cisco goes to his workshop and Barry goes after him. He says that Cisco is his best friend and asks if they'll be okay. Cisco says that he doesn't know, and Barry accepts that.

At the hospital, Barry finds Patterson going to see Julian to get his statement. Patterson tells Barry to talk to him quick, and Barry goes in. Julian figures that Barry is there because of Caitlin, and that she's not one of the friendly metas. Barry insists that Caitlin is a good person and says that he'll do anything Julian wants if he doesn't turn her in. after a moment, Julian claims that he's suffering amnesia from the blow he took, and Barry shakes his hand. However, Julian tells Barry to resign from the police department immediately, saying that he's unfit to be CSI. He asks if they have an agreement, and Barry agrees. Barry goes out and listens as Julian tells Patterson that he doesn't remember anything.

Later at the station, Barry is packing to leave when Iris and Joe come in. Joe realizes that Barry quit so Julian would keep Caitlin's secret, and Barry admits that he might be right. Iris says that the lab is his life, but Barry says that the team is his life and that he'd give up everything to keep them safe. Joe hugs him and they go out to get something to eat.

Later at the hospital, Savitar whispers to Julian in his mind. Julian runs out and finds Savitar waiting to him. The speed god says that only together can they bring about Savitar's return. Julian then goes to the lab and takes out the Alchemy mask, as Savitar tells him to become Alchemy once more.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2016

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