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Fix Everything Recap


In the lab of Zackariah Webb, the owner brings in a cage with a parakeet and hooks it up to his device. After making careful adjustments, he turns on the device and confirms that the parakeet is lying in the bottom of its cage, smoking. When Zackariah opens the cage, the parakeet's energy self flies out and around the lab.

Later, Zackariah buries the parakeet and puts a cat in the cage. He performs the same process and the same thing happens. He performs the experiment on a dog and this time the device itself disapppears and then reappears after a moment. There's a note from Dirk apologizing.

The Present

Estevez is sitting in Captain Doyle's office, and Doyle tells him that they have to wait. He points out that Estevez and Zimmerfield broke into a facility without a warrant, but warns him that all that they have is a dead cop after an illegal B&E. Estevez realizes that Doyle is in on whatever is going on, and demands that Doyle admit it. Doyle fires him and calls two officers in to have Estevez escorted out. He says that it's not over on his own, and Doyle calls Gordon on a private phone and says that they have a problem.

Dirk and Todd drive up to Todd's apartment and Dirk says that he'll go with Farah and take the machine back to the manor, while Todd tells Amanda the truth. As Todd goes up, Farah meets him coming down and she says that she killed one of the bald men after they killed Zimmerfield. Todd explains that they killed a bald man with a kitten with shark in it, and explains that Gordon swapped Lydia's soul with that of a dog. Farah wonders if they can put Lydia back, and Todd figures that they can if they get the machine, Lydia, and the dog. She tells Todd that Black Wing approached Amanda, and Todd tells her to go with Dirk. Farah gives him a set of brass knuckles and heads outside.

Todd enters his apartment and confirms that his lottery ticket is still in the photo frame. Amanda comes in and hugs him, and says that shit has been going down. She keeps talking about Farah, and Todd finally says that he doesn't have pararibulitis. He explains that he couldn't handle college and dropped off to spend time with Mexican Funeral, and the brand broke up because he sold their equipment and claimed that it was stolen. Amanda is less than thrilled to hear that Todd lied to her, and Todd says that he changed when she got sick. He tries to give her the lottery ticket, and Amanda accuses him of trying to bribe her. She insists that it isn't happening and storms out.

Farah and Dirk get stuck in traffic and they discuss the methodology to divide up Dirk's detective team. She finally remembers that she isn't part of his team, but Dirk says that she probably is. He insists that he had a plan and it was a not-total disaster, and starts screaming his name. Bart gets up on the hood and shoots at Dirk, and misses. Dirk runs and Bart goes after him, and Farah can't get a clear shot as the pedestrians panic.

Bart continues shooting at Dirk and missing, much to her confusion. Farah finally gets a clear shot and yells at her to stop, and Ken knocks Farah down. She quickly tackles him and draws a knife.

Dirk reaches the top of the stairs and begs Bart not to shoot him. She says that he's supposed to die and she's supposed to kill him, and they both say that everything's connected at once. They both realize that they're one of the others, but not like each other. Farah arrives and stabs Bart in the leg, and then shoves her over the stairs. However, when Farah looks down, she discovers that Bart has disappeared.

Ken gets the wounded Bart into the elevator, and she insists that it isn't possible for her to get hurt.

Dirk tells Farah that she's an incredible person, and then remembers that he left the machine in the car.

Ken bypasses the elevator controls, and Bart says that she ruined everything and the universe is broken.

Dirk and Farah confirm that the machine is still in the car, and Farah calls Weedle's number. She admits that he was right and she needs his help, and Weedle says that he's on his way.

Estevez is in the park drinking, and asks Rapunzel to confirm or deny one question. He asks the dog if she's really Lydia, and the dog barks at him. Estevez has it bark twice at him if it's Lydia, and it barks twice. He has Rapunzel bark three times and turn in a circle to confirm his theory, and it does. Surprised, Estevez confirms that Dirk and Todd took it, and goes to talk to them.

The Past

Amanda is dancing at a bar and Todd comes in and tries to talk to a girl. She walks off, and a random punk dude, Rick, grabs her ass. She punches him and his boyfriend throws beer on her. Todd runs over and punches Rick, and the bouncer throws Todd and Amanda out. Amanda apologizes for ruining Todd's one night out, and Todd pours beer on himself as a show of support. They say that they love each other and hug.

The Present

Amanda sits in the bathroom with the door closed, and Todd sits on the other side. He finally says that he should have waited, and Amanda sarcastically says that he screwed up the timing. She tells him to slide his phone under the door so she can call their parents, and Todd says that she can once they find Dirk and Farah. Todd warns that there are dangerous people after them, and insists that Amanda is the most important person in the world to him. Amanda says that she doesn't know him and he isn't her brother, and demands the pone. As Todd takes it out, he discovers that Dirk called.

Estevez comes in with Rapunzel and asks Todd if he stole it. Meanwhile, Amanda has another attack and hallucinates drowning. Todd says that Rapunzel is the most important thing there, and is surprised when Estevez knows that Rapunzel is Lydia. He explains that the bald men swapped Lydia's soul with Rapunzel, and Estevez demands to know where Lydia is.

Amanda goes into seizures and Todd says that he has to open the bathroom door. Estevez punches Todd and yells at Amanda to come out with her hands up. He barges in and finds Amanda convulsing, and carries her out. They carry her out, and Ed and Zed approach them. The Rowdy 3 drive up the bald men try to hit Cross with a cattle prod. Cross shrugs it off and they beat up the bald men, while Estevez carries Rapunzel off.

The Rowdy 3 knock Todd away and then surround Amanda and drain her soul energy from her. She recovers and Todd goes to her, and Amanda shoves him off. Amanda says that he doesn't care about her, and Todd gives her the lottery ticket. Disgusted, his sister says that everything about him is a lie and she doesn't want to ever see him again. She tears up the ticket and leaves with the Rowdy 3. One of the bald men tasers Todd unconscious.

Farah and Dirk drive out to the woods and Dirk says that he has no idea who Bart is. Dirk says that Todd will join them after he talks to Amanda, and asks if Farah likes Todd. She says that she likes Todd because he's there for Dirk, and Dirk says that once they plug in the machine everything will become clear. They examine the machine and Farah throws a switch. Dates come up, showing the dates that Patrick's wife died and then Patrick died.

Weedle arrives and Farah explains about the bald men. Dirk says that the shark killed the two bald men that came after him and Todd, and show Weedle the machine. Weedle congratulates Farah on getting the machine, knocks her out, draws his gun, and tells Dirk that he'll have to come with her.

Gordon meets with Doyle on the docks. When Doyle complains that Gordon is killing cops, Gordon says that he had to kill one because he invaded the temple. Doyle insists that the Supreme Soul Randy had a plan for them, but Gordon says that he got what was coming to him. The captain reminds Gordon that he was one of the original souls, and Gordon says that the soul exchanger is a piece of technology, not a holy relic. Doyle warns that Estevez won't stop looking for Gordon, and Gordon says that he has the other machine so Doyle follows him. He tells him to gather the bald drones and meet him at the temple, and insists that he's the Supreme Soul before walking off.

Ken takes a screaming Bart back to their hotel room and begs her to stop screaming. He turns on the TV to cover the noise, and the newscaster talks about how the man who got run over, Gifford, was holding women prisoner in his basement. Ken realizes that Gifford deserved to die, just like Bart said, and Bart tells Ken to pull the knife out of her leg. He asks if she felt like killing Dirk, and Ken figures that the stream of the Universe kept them from being noticed. Now Ken figures that he's seen it and believes in her, and they're going to follow the web of the universe and kill Dirk... or something. He then yanks the knife out of Bart, who punches him.

The drones Ed and Zed take Dirk and Todd to the animal transfer unit and remove their masks. Todd explains that Amanda is gone and Estevez has gone crazy, and Dirk says that he doesn't know where Farah is. Gordon and Weedle come in and Dirk figures that Gordon has all of the answers. Gordon asks who they are and what's going on, and asks where the dog is. He wonders how Patrick can be in two places at the same time, and Dirk realizes that they're not getting any answers. Gordon points out that they were both at the hotel when Patrick died, and Todd was wearing Gordon's white fur coat.

Dirk tells Todd that he's solved the case and can get them out. Gordon demands answers, just as someone arrives outside. Weedle and one of the drones go out, and Todd and Dirk jump Gordon and the remaining drone. Todd struggles with Gordon and ends up with his coat on, grabs the gun, and shoots the drone. Dirk grabs the machine and they run into the next room, locking the door behind them. As Todd holds the door, Dirk plugs the machine in and tells Todd to grab on, and says that the machine isn't just a soul exchanger. He tells him that they're going to fix everything and turns on the machine... and they both disappear.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2016

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