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Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster Recap

At the Gotham Bio-Lab, a hematologist--Ryan Pfeffer--removes some blood samples from the centrifuge and leaves for the night. He goes to a bar, and Mario comes in and sits down next to him. Mario says that he's getting married the next day and talks about love at first sight. He then asks Ryan what he does, and asks if he's working on the blood virus from Alice Tetch. Mario explains that his fiancée is the medical examiner on the case, and asks if the man came up with a test. Ryan refuses to discuss it, and Mario returns to talking about Lee and how she hopes her ex will comeback. Outside, he takes Ryan's lab badge, crushes his skull, and talks to Jim, saying he won't let him have Lee.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce receives word that Luka and Dmitry were killed by Talon, the Court's assassin. The smuggler, Jacob, says that nothing has changed as long as Bruce has the key. Bruce wonders to Alfred if the Court knows that he's broken his deal, and Alfred asks if bringing down the Court is worth the risk. After a moment, Bruce asks Jacob what their next step is.

The police are called in to examine the dead scientist. Jim insists on investigating the case over Harvey's objections, rather than take the day off because Lee is getting married. They realize that the scientist's killer had superhuman strength, and Harvey insists that Barnes is locked up in Arkham. There are signs that a badge was removed from the victim's neck and he has a receipt from the Bio-Lab cafeteria, and Jim takes off to investigate it.

Barbara visits Edward, who says that Oswald has many enemies and they killed Isabella to weaken Edward and thus weaken Oswald. He explains that he has spies all over Gotham and will find the killer. Barbara finally tells him that Oswald killed Isabella. Edward doesn't believe her, but Barbara points out that Oswald had the means and opportunity, and the oldest motive in the book. He realizes that she's talking about love, and that Oswald loves him. She explains why Oswald killed Isabella to have Edward to himself, and refuses to discuss her motive for telling him. Barbara insists that she just wants to see justice for Isabella, and Edward tells her that Oswald didn't kill Isabella and isn't in love with him. She asks him if he's so certain, and suggests that he find out before dismissing the possibility.

Jacob takes Bruce, Alfred, and Selina to one of the buildings that the Court occupies. They have disabled one alarm, and the other one is attached to infrared sensors in the room where the safe is located. Jacob says that he is trained to cross the room on a rope, and asks for the key. Bruce goes over to Selina and says that they're going to break in. Bored, she walks off while a woman watches them from a nearby rooftop.

Jim goes to Bio-Lab and the guard confirms that Ryan's badge was used 20 minutes ago. When he runs into the lab, gun drawn, Jim finds a dead scientist on the floor. Mario grabs Jim from behind and throws him through a window, knocking him out. As the alarm goes off, Mario says that he won't kill Jim yet and make him a martyr. Before he kills Jim, Lee has to hate Jim. He scrawls an address on Jim's hand and leaves.

Later after Jim recovers consciousness, he tells Harvey that he didn't get a look at his attacker. Lucius confirms that Ryan's office was ransacked and the files on the Tetch virus are missing. He notices the writing on Alfred's hand, saying "Arkham." Harvey points out that Barnes is in Arkham, but Jim realizes that it's not about the former captain.

Jim goes to see Jervis and says that someone else is infected with Alice's blood. He figures that the victim was accidentally infected. When Jervis casually agrees, Jim figures that he knew because he deliberately infected someone. He demands the name of the victim, and will make Jervis' life very uncomfortable. Jervis isn't impressed, and Jim grabs him by the collar and demands the name. The prisoner says that he'd like to see Jim infected, and boasts that he'll never talk. Jim tells him that the person he infected has some sort of plan, speaking in rhyme, and says that two are dead, and Jervis blurts out that the one Jim loves will be murdered by hate by a healer. Jim realizes that Mario is the killer and calls Mario.

At the manor, Bruce practices tightrope walking as Selina and Alfred walks. Selina finally starts to leave, and tell Alfred that she thought the Court saw them. Alfred says that his job is to make sure that Bruce grows up to be the man he's supposed to be, and insists that Bruce did what he did to protect the people he cares... like Selina. Selina hesitates and then goes.

At the station, Lucius takes Mario's blood. Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey argue in the hallway, and Jim figures that Jervis infected Mario to hurt him. Harvey wonders why Mario would want Jim to find him. Lucius tells them that Mario isn't infected, and Harvey apologizes. Jim figures that Mario broke into the lab to figure out how to beat the test, and promises that he will never marry Lee.

Alfred tells Bruce what Selina said, and doesn't want to hear Bruce talk about how he is or isn't Selina's boyfriend. Bruce confirms that he has the key, and warns that the Whispers will try to take it away from them.

Talon kills Jacob and his men.

Oswald and Edward are going over city matters, and Oswald says that it's good to see Edward back to his old self. Edward gives Oswald his resignation, and Oswald says that he won't let him leave. He says that he has to stay busy to deal with his grief, and Edward asks if they're friends. Once Oswald says that he does, Edward tells him that he's had the desire to be more than friends. Oswald tells him that he's been feeling the same, and Edward draws back in shock. He says that there's been a misunderstanding and he was going to propose they become business partners, and walks out.

Jim goes to Lee's apartment and discovers that she's gone... and Mario is waiting. He says that he took Lee's phone and she didn't get Jim's message, and warns that if Jim arrests him then he'll look like a paranoid ex-lover. Jim figures that it brought out Mario's jealousy, and Mario says that they both know that Lee will marry a lunatic that will do anything to keep her. When Jim suggests that they find Lee and let her decide, Mario refuses and Jim draws a gun on him. Mario reminds him that he's Carmine's son, and Victor comes in behind Jim and aims a gun at him.

Mario leaves and Victor counts down the time. He finally tells Jim that he's free to go, and gives him back his unloaded gun. Victor explains that he was only supposed to keep Jim there for a certain time, and Jim punches him unconscious before running out.

Oswald presents a book award while Edward watches and grips a knife. He imagines stabbing Oswald in the back, but doesn't act on it. He walks away instead and Oswald goes over to him. He suggests that they pretend nothing happened, and says that Edward is the best friend he's ever had. Edward then turns and hugs Oswald, and says that he's his best friend as well... and he should remember it. With that, Edward walks out.

Jim goes to the church and finds Lee, and says that she can't marry him. Lee dismisses her bridesmaids and says that Mario already told her that Jim claims he has the Tetch virus. She warns that Jervis is planting ideas in Jim's head, and Mario said that Jim would never let them be happy. Lee tells Jim to let it go, and Jim figures that's what Mario wanted: to push her away. She tells him to get help and walks away, and Jim says that he loves her and never stopped. He didn't come to see her after he got out of prison, but he felt he had to set things right first. Once he did, he saw Lee and Mario together and didn't want to ruin their happiness. Jim tells her not to marry Mario, and Lee says that after the wedding she and Mario are leaving Gotham. She curses him for telling him she loves him to stop the wedding, and Jim warns that Mario wants Lee to hate him. He refuses to go, and Lee tells Carmine to escort Jim out. Carmine agrees and then escorts Lee to the altar while two of his men go after Jim.

He men escort Jim out.

Carmine takes Lee to Mario.

Jim attacks the two men, but they easily subdue and beat him.

The pastor pronounces Mario and Lee husband and wife.

Jim manages to take out the two men, but another man arrives and punches him. The other two recover and all three men beat Jim.

Bruce and Alfred go to the Court building and realize that Jacob isn't coming. Alfred figures that it's time to go because Bruce can't do it, but Selina arrives and says that she can handle it. The butler reluctantly agrees, and Bruce wonders if Selina is his girlfriend. She tells him to shut up and they go inside… as Talon watches them.

At the station, Lucius tells Harvey that he discovered how Mario beat the test. Harvey tells Alvarez to get a unit on Lee and Mario, and goes to find Jim.

The thugs dump Jim off on the street. Jim's cell phone rings.

Alfred drives his car up to the Courts' building and feigns unconsciousness. When the guards come over, he knocks them out. Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce enter the building through the roof, go to the front door, and let Alfred in. they go to the safe room and fire a rope across the room using crossbow. Selina kisses Bruce, tells him not to let go, and walks across the rope to the safe. As Alfred checks the house, he's unaware that Talon has slipped past him.

Selina reaches the safe and opens it with the key. Inside is a statue of a white crystal owl. While she takes it, Talon hits Bruce. The rope drops and Selina falls to the floor, setting off the alarms. Talon attacks her and Bruce tosses a flash-bang grenade. He and Selina run, and talon goes after them while Alfred tries to cover their escape. Talon attacks him with a knife, and Bruce refuses to abandon his friend. He attacks talon but the assassin easily knocks him down. Selina blocks his attack, giving Alfred enough time to recover and kill Talon with his own blade as a woman comes in. She says that they have to leave, and Selina realizes that she's been following them. The woman greets Selina, who says that it's her mother. They all leave with the owl statue before the guards arrive.

Jim and the police search Mario's place and find the drug he used to beat the test. Alvarez calls and says that he lost Lee and Mario when they snuck out of the reception.

At Sirens, Tabitha tries to hold a knife in her reattached hand as Butch looks on. Barbara holds them back as Edward comes in, and says that he doesn't want to kill Oswald... but he wants to destroy him and take away everything that he loves. Barbara tells Butch and Tabitha that Oswald killed Isabella, and wants Edward to help her become the queen of the Gotham underworld. Edward agrees as long as they destroy Oswald first, but Barbara says that there's one thing he has to do first. He apologizes to Tabitha for her hand, and Barbara suggests that they drink.

At Carmine's cabin by the lake, Mario looks out at Lee on the dock. He goes to her and offers his coat, and Lee says that Jim was obsessed. She tells Mario what she told Jim, and Mario asks if there's any part of her that still has feelings for Jim. Lee says that a part of him will always care for Jim, but she loves Mario and married him. Mario says that's all he needed to know and kisses her.

Jim goes to Carmine's office and explains that Mario has the Tetch virus and every cop is after him. He realizes that Carmine knew that Mario was in danger, and refuses to say who tried to kill him. Carmine tells him that he'll send his men to get Lee, figuring that Jim will kill Mario then he finds him. Jim warns that if Mario kills Lee then it will destroy him, and shoots the two men in the kneecaps. Carmine makes him swear that he'll bring Mario in alive, and Jim swears.

Mario still believes that Lee loves Jim and grabs a knife. He advances on her just as Jim arrives and shoots Mario twice in the chest as Lee stares at him in shock.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2016

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