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Invasion! Recap

Flash and Green Arrow take cover, and Arrow complains that Flash came to Star City to ask for his help and now they're up a creek. Heat vision flares and the two heroes move out... and find the Legends and Supergirl facing them.

10 Hours Earlier

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team continues testing Wally. He goes faster every time, but Iris doesn't want her brother going off like Barry to fight super villains. Caitlin warns that they'll have a hard time convincing him not to use his powers, and Joe agrees. Iris says that they shouldn't encourage or train him. Cisco angrily says that it's just another lie between friends, just as Wally runs in. Caitlin suggests that they try again the next day, and Joe takes his son to get dinner.

HR calls Cisco and Caitlin to the cortex and they realize that they're expected to be at his presentation. Caitlin suggests that they go out with Barry to get a drink afterward, but cisco that he isn't going to pretend that he and Barry are still friends and leaves.

In the cortex, HR suggests that they open S.T.A.R. Labs to the public in two weeks. He wants to put in a reenactment of the accelerator explosion. He insists that he can make S.T.A.R. Labs a scientific powerhouse in the community and earn back the people's trust. Before HR can finish, the satellite alarm goes off notifying them that a meteor is heading for downtown. Flash speeds off and arrives as the meteor crashes near the harbor... and discovers that it's a spaceship. A burst of energy knocks him back and dozens of humanoid aliens emerge and run out into the city.

The next day, the police gather at the crash site. The government is claiming that the spacecraft is a DOD aircraft. Lyla Michael is there from ARGUS, but the government representative A NSA official tells her that they have it covered and advises her to go back to Star City. Flash arrives and tells Lyla that he saw the crash and the aliens. Lyla tells him to meet her at S.T.A.R. Labs and she'll tell him what she knows.

Later, Lyla explains that they call the aliens "Dominators" and have known about them since the 1950s. In 1951, they appeared under the same circumstances and abducted humans. Hundreds of soldiers lost their lives, and then the Dominators let. Three months ago, the DoD received a transmission from the Dominators claiming that they pose no threats to humans. However, they promise retaliation if they're attacked. Four of their ships headed for Earth and Lyla figure one of them landed in Central City. The Dominators have ignored all attempts to communicate, and Lyla figures that they've sent recon teams ahead to find their weaknesses. Every UN county is working together, and Lyla asks the team to stand down. She warns that they can't stop them by themselves and leaves. Once Lyla is gone, Wally figures that they're going to do something and Barry agrees. When Iris warns that he can't do it alone, Barry tells her that he doesn't plan to.

In Star City, Overwatch is coordinating Arrow and Spartan's search for Vigilante. As Vigilante opens fire on them, Flash arrives and speeds his friends to the apartment. As Diggle vomits, Oliver complains that Barry was interfering and asks what he needs help with as Felicity and Thea come in. Barry says that aliens have landed and explains that Lyla knows about it. Diggle heads out to find his wife, and Thea tells them to count her in. Felicity points out that there are only four of them, and Barry suggests that they get the Legends. Oliver says that he knows where they were.

The group goes to S.T.A.R. Labs old hangar on the outskirts of Star City, and Felicity sent a message for them to meet them. Waverider arrives and Barry says that he and Cisco are going to get an alien of their own. Cisco has found Earth 38 and tells Barry that he's not going to let his issues with him get in the way. Cisco then uses his powers to open a dimensional breach. After a few tries, they arrive in the apartment of Kara Danvers. Kara comes in and hugs Barry, and Barry asks her to help out on his earth.

In the hangar, the two teams meet and Sara explains that Nate and Amaya are in Waverider. Barry and Cisco arrive with Supergirl, and Barry introduces her to the others. She demonstrates her powers

That night, the Dominators hare moved their device into a warehouse. Their leader orders them to bring him the human leader so they can end the war before it begins.

Supergirl works out everyone's name, and Iris takes in the fact that Oliver is Arrow. Supergirl has heard about the Dominators in her universe, and Oliver suggests that they use Supergirl as a stand-in. Mick complains that Oliver is taking charge, and Ray proposes that they vote for leader. Cisco votes for Oliver over Barry, but Oliver says that Barry brought them together. Barry takes command and Oliver whispers to him that he should start with a test run against Supergirl.

As everyone suits up, Barry tells Supergirl that Oliver was the first person to train him. Oliver says that Supergirl can't hold back against any of them, particularly her.

Ray gets out his new suit and shows it to Cisco, who suggests that it's due for an update. Barry comes over and Cisco quickly excuses himself. Ray says that Len sacrificed himself to save them all, and died a Legend. Meanwhile, Wally arrives and Iris says that they need to test him more. She insists that her brother isn't ready, and warns that if he screws up then he could die. Wally speeds off without saying anything.

Cisco and Felicity scan for the Dominators without success, and Felicity asks why things are so tense. He says that Barry screwed up by changing the timeline, and Dante is dead. Cisco warns Felicity that nothing could ever make up for that.

Jax and Martin approach Barry and say that they have a message for him. He insists that Oliver stay with him, and they step outside to play him the message from the future Barry 40 years in the future. In it Barry says that when they return they will be in the new timeline that he created. Future-Barry tells them not to trust anyone, including him. Barry explains that he created Flashpoint and then tried to restore things, but it didn't work. He tells them that Dante is dead, Caitlin has powers, and Diggle has a son instead of a daughter. Jax figures that they should tell the others, but Oliver warns that they have enough problems as it is. He tells Barry that he made a mistake and it's part of the job, but they can't deal with it when the Dominators are on the loose.

Martin stays behind and has a vision of the mystery woman. Caitlin comes in and sees him, and asks if he's okay. He asks her to accompany him to her home because there's something that he needs to do.

The team practice against Supergirl, who has taken them out. She shrugs off their weapons and they charge.

The President meets with his advisors, including Lyla and the NSA official. Lyla says that they've been passive long enough, and the President agrees. His advisor reminds him that they lost hundreds of soldiers before, but thee President refuses to be remembered for an even greater slaughter. Once he leaves, the advisor warns Lyla that she learn to follow his lead. As the President leaves, Dominator ships open fire on his limo. Lyla and the others run out and discover that the Dominators took the President.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Joe approaches Wally. Wally says that no one in the family wants him to have powers, and he's seen his readings and confirmed that he's fine. Iris arrives and says that she was just trying to protect Wally. Wally says that he's better than Barry was when he first got his speech, and complains that she doesn't have the same faith in him that her Flashpoint counterpart did. HR is out in the hallway and hears them talking, and Wally says that the team don't give either of them any respect. He asks HR to secretly train him so that he can make a difference, but HR refuses and walks off.

Caitlin drives Martin to his home and she explains how she attacked her best friends. He says that it wasn't her and her friends know, and Caitlin worries that Killer Frost may come back again. Martin says that they'll be there for her, and gets another flash of the woman. The woman opens the door and hugs Martin, and calls him "Dad." After a moment, Martin hugs her and says that they have to go immediately.

Cisco goes to the trailer to get some papers and sees the voice recorder. He plays the message from the future Barry. He then goes out to the team as they take a break, and asks if Barry told the others. Barry says that he will when it's finished, and Cisco angrily asks if he should tell them after what he's done. The other overhear them and Barry explains what happened. Oliver tells him what happened, and Diggle isn't happy that Barry erased a daughter from his life. Sara says that she understands the implications and can't bring Laurel back. As they argue, Felicity gets a message from Lyla about the President's deduction. Barry tells them to go with Supergirl while he sits it out, and they'll talk about Flashpoint later. However, Oliver refuses to go without Barry. Diggle says that he'll be staying alone, and Supergirl says that she'll lead the others while Oliver stays there with Barry.

The combined teams go to the last place where they received a signal from the President's tracer at a salt mine. Supergirl spots him with her x-ray vision. Mick is duly impressed, and says that he'll call her "Skirt" if he needs her help... which he won't.

The team enters the nearby warehouse and spots the President. Supergirl senses something coming, and the Dominator leader steps out. He telepathically says that they knew the heroes would come, and the President isn't who they want. The Dominator disintegrates the President and activates the device, and the heroes' heads glow as they moan in pain.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and Oliver go to the secret room and Barry looks at the newspaper from the future about him vanishing during the Crisis. Now it's written by someone other than Iris. Oliver tells him that he needs to stop beating himself up over what happened, and says that he made a choice. He assures Barry that anyone would have done the same thing, and explains how Robert sacrificed himself so that he could live. Later, Oliver was powerless to stop Slade from killing Moira, and he'd give anything to make things different. He tells Barry that change happens and he's not a god.

The building shakes and Cisco calls to tell Oliver and Barry that they need him. On the viewscreen, they see the other heroes attacking the building. They open fire on Flash and Arrow when they go out, and the two heroes take cover. Flash gets himself and his friend to cover, Heat vision flares and the two heroes move out... and find the Legends and Supergirl facing them. Flash speeds off, taking out his friends at superspeed. Supergirl blasts him down.

On the ground, Arrow fights the ground forces.

Inside, Cisco and Felicity tell Joe and Wally that everyone has gone crazy. Caitlin figures that they're under mind control, and Wally says that he has to get out. Iris says that he won't, but Wally figures that they can't win against Supergirl and the others.

As the mind-controlled heroes move in on the stunned Flash, Wally arrives and takes them out. Supergirl flies down and sends Wally flying, and Flash runs to hi friend. Felicity and Cisco detect the mind-control signal but they can't shut it down. Flash tells Arrow to hold off the others and then calls to Supergirl and dares her to chase him.

Arrow carries Wally into the building and Spartan, Speedy, and White Canary chase after him.

Supergirl chases Flash through the city and he just manages to stay ahead of her. He runs to the salt mine and continues taunting her.

Arrow runs out of places to hide and fights White Canary.

Flash finally stops and Supergirl speeds at him. he vibrates and lets her go through him... and into the Dominator device behind him, destroying it.

White Canary and the others revert to normal.

Flash tells Supergirl that everything is fine.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally finds Joe and Iris waiting for him. Iris hugs him and says that she's glad he's okay, punches him in the shoulder, and tells him never to do it again. Joe goes on ahead, and HR tells Wally that he sees his potential and he'll train him.

The heroes gather outside and Atom tells Flash that they're all with him. Supergirl is scanning the city for the mind control devices, and Arrow says that they'll call Lyla and tells her that the Dominators aren't there peacefully. A teleport beam suddenly whisks White Canary away, and then teleports away the other Legends. A beam hits Arrow and Flash just fails to grab him before he disappears.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 30, 2016

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