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Rock Never Dies Recap

One Week Ago

Two men, Adam and Gordy, are playing a rock metal record backward and trying to summon Lucifer using a fossilized weather from Lucifer's wing. Gordy finally breaks out laughing and Adam complains that he isn't getting into the spirit of it. Lucifer appears in Vince's aged body and kills Gordy. He says that the feather summoned him, and uses it to power himself up and fix his body. Adam recognizes Lucifer's body, saying that he's kind of famous, and Lucifer kills him.

At the bunker, Dean is playing an Internet game against Mary when Sam comes in. He sees what Dean is doing and Dean confirms that he's in touch with their mother. Castiel calls Dean from the bar where he's with Crowley, and the angel sends them a news report about how Vince is getting his band Ladyheart back together. Castiel admits that they're not sure if it's Lucifer, and Crowley takes the phone. He figures that the 80s band coming back in 2016 doesn't feel natural, and says that he'll see them in LA where Vince is.

In LA at Death Siren Records, Crowley teleports into the office of the manager, Russell. Russell knows who Crowley is and is practicing yoga. Once he's done, he tells Crowley that he has some new talent for Crowley to deal with. Crowley asks him about Vince's comeback, and Russell says that Vince came to him and offered the original Ladyheart lineup. They made $10 million back in the 80s, and Russell figures that they've got name recognition. He says that Vince seems like a whole new man.

As Sam and Dean drive to LA, Dean tries to make small talk with Dean and discovers that he's listening to music. Sam says that he's listening in a podcast but initially refuses to play it for Dean. He claims that it's about Martin Luther's theses. Dean unplugs the earphones and discovers that his brother is listening to hair rock. Sam insists that it's legitimate hard rock, and listening to it is research. He turns up the music and makes Dean listen to it for the rest of the trip.

The next day at the recording studio, a PR agent tells Vince that he's going viral and it's happening. Tommy comes in and Lucifer says that he's feeling it. Lucifer is more interested about what the fans are saying about him, and tells Tommy that it's about the worship rather than the music. He talks about how humans are always desperate to put someone above him, and he's the one they should choose. Lucifer tells Tommy to enjoy the ride and pats him on the cheek, and a disgusted Tommy walks out.

Sam and Dean arrive in LA and meet Castiel at a hotel. Castiel greets them and says that Crowley has been there talking all the time. Crowley comes in and assures the Winchesters that he and Castiel are inseparable. Vince is in the studio all day so Crowley suggests that they check out hi room. Vince's room is strewn with rock musician biographies, pizza boxes, and women's underwear. Castiel finds a human tooth pulled out by the root.

At the studio, band member Rosaleen asks Vince why he's spending time with her after he ignored her for years. Vince says that he was a fool to ignore such devotion, and tells her to talk about her. Rosaleen says that he's Vince Vicente and she's always been in love with him. She says that he was everything and even when people made fun of her, she never stopped loving him and never will. Vince asks what she would do to show him how much she loves him, and Rosaleen says that she's do anything. at that, Vince takes out a knife and asks if she would bleed. When Rosaleen agrees, Vince tells her to do it and she cuts her chest and screams in pain.

Later, the Winchesters, Crowley, and Castiel hear that Rosaleen is in the hospital.. The doctor tells them that Rosaleen is stable, and explains that Rosaleen carved Vince's name into her chest. Once he leaves, Sam and Dean go to talk to her, insisting that Crowley wait. Castiel is less than thrilled to be stuck with him.

Rosaleen tells the Winchesters that Vince didn't force her because he wouldn't have to. She says that she wanted to do it to make him happy, and that he must have had a good reason to ask her to cut herself. Rosaleen says that she needs to get to the show but is in no condition to get up. She begs them to take her there.

The agent tells Vince that they're building up a mystery round his performance. Vince doesn't want any diehards and insists that she bring in new fans. The agent warns that they're fickle, but Vince says that he wants fresh blood. She sees Rosaleen's blood on the rug and agrees.

Sam and Dean tell Crowley and Castiel what they've learned. Crowley says that Vince wants devotion, and warns that Rowena won't show up until they capture Vince. He goes to see Russell and tells him to find out where Vince is. When Russell refuses, insisting that it's just business, Crowley slams him against the wall with a gesture and assures him that it's personal.

Outside, Castiel sees Tommy and the band members coming in. The angel recognizes Tommy from his earlier interview, and Tommy confirms that he knows what happened to Rosaleen. Castiel says that Tommy knows that Vince isn't Vince.

Sam and Dean wrangle an interview with the agent, posing as rockers. They hope they can do for them what she did for Vince, but she refuses. They ask where Vince's show is, and Sam says that she must have sensed that Vince is different.

Russell insists that he doesn't know where the show is, and Crowley tells him to find out or he will end him.

Castiel asks Tommy where the show is, but Tommy needs the money and refuses to tell him.

Dean and Sam tell the agent that Vince is the Devil. She refuses to ruin her reputation by working against Vince's interests, and walks out.

That night at the hotel, Sam, Dean, and Crowley wait in the lobby. Sam hasn't found anything online, and Russell hasn't called. Castiel comes in and admits that he didn't find anything, either.

Vince, Russell, Tommy, and the agent take a limo to the secret reunion show. Tommy says that they don't have any new music to sell, and tells Russell that Vince wasn't at the recording session. Vince tells Russell that their show is going to kill. Russell tells Vince to get in line or he'll take it all back. Vince gestures and makes Russell jab a pen into his Tommy and the agent stare in horror. Once Russell is dead, Vince goes inside and waves to his cheering fans... and hastily hides his decaying arm when his sleeve falls down. The agent tells Tommy that she quit, while Tommy watches Vince sign autographs.

The Ladyheart band sets up in the bar, and Tommy secretly calls Castiel with the location. The fans pour in and get ready for the show.

The group arrives at the bar and Tommy doesn't answer his phone. Dean takes out a pair of Enochian handcuffs, and Sam says that they have to save the people as well. Castiel insists on taking Lucifer on while they get the people out, and Crowley agrees to help him.

In the dressing room, Tommy is sitting alone when Vince comes in. He kills the other two band members with a gesture, picks up a guitar, and plays off-key. Tommy wonders who he is, and Vince says that who he is now is a rock god. He says that he's cutting the dead weight... and Castiel grabs him. Vince easily tosses him across the room, and Crowley comes in.

Sam and Dean joint he crowd out front and Sam spots a fire alarm. The music starts up and everyone chants Vince's name.

Crowley blasts Vince back and says that the fans out front won't draw blood for him. Vince gets up and says that if he'll take their blood because it's fun and because he can. He's tired of all the Judeo-Christian baggage, and slams Crowley away. Tommy tries to slip out but Crowley casually kills him. Castiel swings at him but Vince easily dodges his blows and slams him away. He then beats Crowley with his guitar.

Dean says that he smells smoke, but the fans ignore him. The bouncer takes him out and Sam gets to the fire alarm and throws it

Vince hears the fire alarm ringing and shuts it down with his gesture. Out front, the fans come back in. Vince tells Castiel to stick around and goes out on stage to greet his new fans. He says that they are going to see and feel things they never saw or felt before. Dean fire a gun into the air and claims that Vince shot, and Sam tries to get the fans out. Vince tries to seal the doors, but Sam holds them open long enough for the fans to get out.

As Vince prepares to kill the Winchesters, Castiel hits him with a guitar. Dean manages to get one handcuff on him, but Vince tosses him off the stage and burns off the handcuff. Sam wonders why Vince is doing what he's doing after God apologized, but Vince says that God ditched him again. He says that it's all meaningless: Heaven, Hell, Earth. As he talks, Vince's body falls apart.

Vince says that he doesn't have a plan, and all he's going to do is smash all of God's creations and make them watch. The Winchesters point out that he's falling apart, and Vince admits that beating them took a lot out of him. With that, Lucifer leaves Vince's body and disappears, leaving Vince's rotted corpse behind.

Later, the group meet outside and Dean admits that Crowley did good. He figures that they got a win, but Sam disagrees. Sam points out that Vince died and he meant something to a lot of people, and Lucifer just snuffed Vince out. Now he's just having fun, and it's on them because they let Lucifer. All they're doing is losing slow, and they figure that Lucifer is going bigger. Dean promises that they'll stop him because it's what they do.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2016

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