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Weaponized Soul Recap

One Week in The Past

Dirk and Todd zap back into reality after traveling back in time, and Dirk explains that they're in the past. They hide just as Gordon brings in his drones, Lydia, and Rapunzel. They switch their two subjects' souls Gordon comforts Rapunzel in Lydia's body, just as a woman and several more armed drones come in. The woman, the modern host of Jake, addresses Gordon as Pollux and says that it's finally come to sacrilege and treason. Gordon insists that no one has to die, and shows her Lydia. He says that Patrick is waiting at the hotel to exchange her for the other half of the machine, but Jake says that Patrick has been taken care of.

Gordon insists that Jake has lost the path and it's time for a change. Her drones take Rapunzel, and Gordon threatens to destroy the machine if she doesn't hand the dog over. When Jake doesn't, Gordon says that she can't beat him, vows that she can't beat him, and leaves with her drones. Behind them, shots ring out.

A man in Victorian battle armor shoots his way in and kills the first wave of drones, but there are too many in the second wave. He activates a device, electrocuting them, and walks into the main chamber to confront Jake. He says that he's looking for the soul of Jake Rainey, and asks if she houses it. Jake admits that she does and the intruder shoots her dead. The intruder finds Todd and Dirk, yanks them out, and demands to know who they are. Dirk says that he's solved the case and that their attacker is Edgar Spring. Edgar opens his mask to reveal who he is.

Dirk says that he can explain everything, and explains that Edgar real name is Zachariah Webb. He says that in the 1880s, Zachariah tried to build a time machine but it only sent energy through time rather than matter. Eventually he fixed it and sent it into the future, but then an altered machine came back. Dirk tells Zachariah that he had to undo it so he jumped to the future himself to 1968. The modified time machine that he used was there, but there was no sign of the original. He discovered that there were squatters in Zachariah's manor, led by Jake, and they had the time machine. They refused to give up the machine, and Zachariah was forced to flee because he was outnumbered.

In 1981, Zachariah discovered a way to turn his time machine into an unlimited energy device. He moved into the Ridgely, took the name Edgar Spring, and built his financial empire. Meanwhile, Jake found a glitch in the original machine that let him swap souls into different bodies. He used that ability to remain young and grow powerful, and eventually confronted Edgar. Edgar refused to hand over the machine, and Jake vowed that they'd have war.

Throughout the decades, Edgar waged war with Jake and his followers. The hippies renamed themselves the Men of the Machine and Edgar couldn't get the upper hand. Badly wounded, Edgar fell in love. Later, Lydia was born but in 2001, Catherine was killed. Furious, Edgar skipped to the future to catch Jake off-guard, created a suit of battle armor, and skipped to the future to catch Jake off-guard.

Edgar admits that Dirk was all right, and says that he did the best he could. Todd tells him that they're to save Lydia, and explain that Jake is taking her to the hotel to meet his 2016 self. Edgar tells them not to get in his way. When Todd and Dirk go out after him, they discover that he's shot the tires out on all of the cars. Dirk suggests that Edgar was shot because one man is actually three men jumping in time. In the same way, the machines are the same machine, existing in different points in time. Todd figures that they can save Lydia and fix everything, and heads for the hotel.

The drones point out to Gordon that he defied the Supreme Soul and stole the machine. Gordon says that he has big plans and they'll change everything, and says that they deserve better than having their souls changed repeatedly. He assures them that once they get both machines, they'll have the bodies they want. One of the drones takes out the kitten, and Gordon says that he is the only one with the balls to use the machine to create things. The kitten is a weaponized soul, and they only use it as a last resort... and he'll get his dog back.

Todd and Dirk sneak into the zoo and Todd sees a gorilla mask on a souvenir kiosk. He grabs it and says that it's just like the one he saw on the killer in the tape. Todd tells Dirk that he has nothing to lose and they could change everything. He puts on a deer mask, holds the attendant at crossbow, takes his keys, and drives off in the man's truck.

As they drive to the hotel, Todd figures that Gordon is Lux Dejour and they swapped the souls of the hammerhead shark with the kitten. He realizes that everything is connected just like Dirk has been saying.

At the hotel, Patrick checks his watch.

Todd and Dirk pull up at the hotel, and Dirk suggests that they think about how they're going to handle the matter. As Dirk talks, Todd finds the lottery ticket on the seat of the truck and tries to work out what it means. Dirk suddenly says that there's no time to consider, puts on the gorilla mask, and they go inside. Gordon and his drones are taking Lydia up via the elevator, and Todd says that they can steal the master key to get into the hotel. They go to the manager's office, avoiding Yyy, get the master key, and hide as present-Todd comes in and looks for the master key. Dirk and Todd see Patrick take the manager's elevator and realize that they have to take the stairs.

Patrick hears a knock at his hotel room door. Gordon and the drones come in and Gordon says that when they get the machine then he'll get his daughter's soul. Upon hearing that, Patrick tells Gordon that his friends are dead and it's already all over. He takes Lydia by the head and tells her that he always took her for granted after 15 years. Patrick picks up the phone and calls Dirk, and tells him that it's time. Edgar marches in, guns drawn, and opens his mask. Gordon tries to take everything in, and Patrick tells Edgar not to blame himself because it always ended the way it is. Edgar is furious that Patrick would make a deal with the people who killed Catherine.

As Edgar prepares to shoot everyone, Dirk and Todd arrive. Patrick tells them that if they find Lydia, to tell her that he loves her. He wishes Dirk luck and apologizes for shooting him, and Edgar shoots the drone holding the kitten. It unleashes its shark soul-self and it knocks Edgar aside and kills two of the drones. Patrick shoves Lydia down and the shark bites him in half, and then returns to the kitten. Dirk and Todd get Edgar out.

In the lobby, Present-Todd approaches Palacios and asks for his paycheck.

Todd and Dirk take Edgar down the stairs, and Gordon goes after them. Todd shoots at him, and Gordon takes cover.

Palacios gives Present-Todd the master key and tells him to check the penthouse.

Gordon grabs Lydia and leaves. Outside, the blood puddles on the lottery ticket that Todd dropped.

As Todd and the others reach the bottom of the stairs, Present Dirk comes in. Dirk tells his past self to get the kitten and gives him the gorilla mask, and Present Dirk says that he's going to do something. Todd, furious, realizes that Dirk knew it was a time loop and that's how he knew the kitten was important. He figures that Dirk has been lying to him the entire time, and then turns to see Present Todd staring at him from the elevator. Todd grabs Dirk and drags him out of site.

Gordon takes Lydia to the elevator, and tells the waiting Ed and Zed that someone came in and now Patrick is dead. He says that they've still accomplished something and gets into their truck... as Rapunzel walks off.

At the docks, Edgar throws his armor into the water. Todd sits in the truck and realizes that everything Dirk has been saying is based on what he told his present self. Meanwhile, Dirk introduces himself to Edgar and explains that Patrick hired him, and Edgar left them a map to find the time machine... or at least, he will in the future.

As Edgar takes that all in, Todd comes over and Edgar tells Dirk that Gordon and the drones are buffoons and never took the time to truly understand the machine. Edgar punches Dirk, and Todd tells him that they still have time to save Lydia. Agreeing, Edgar says that when the machine came back, it had a blood-covered note with Dirk's name on it. He shows them the tubes on the machine and points out the tube with the date that they'll have to send the machine back to so that his past self receives it. Meanwhile, Edgar will make one more jump to save Lydia, and they'll use their machine to go back to the future.

Dirk admits that they left their time machine at the zoo. When Edgar calls them stupid, Todd tells him that he's already lost because they just saw Patrick die. He's realized that Edgar is just as blind and crazy as everyone else, and he can't see all the people that he's hurt along the way. Todd tells him that he can't fix everything and some choices he has to accept and move on. Edgar admits that he's right and Lydia is all that he has left and he's ruined everything. He gives Dirk the tube and tells them that he's heading back to 2001 to be with Lydia, and ask Todd to save her. Todd says that he will, and walks off.

As Todd and Dirk go back to their stolen truck, Dirk realizes that Edgar never won and just ended up trapped and alone forever. Todd says that the master key was missing the day of the murder because he stole his own key, and everything happened exactly the way that it did before. He tells Dirk that he's a monster because he knew what was happening and let it all happen. Todd realizes that Dirk hid things from him, and says that he ruined his life just to have a friend. He tells Dirk that he deserves to be alone, and Dirk insists that he didn't lie. Dirk angrily say that Todd would know what a lie is, and then apologizes. Todd tells him to never speak to him again after it's all over and they go back to the animal transfer unit.

As Gordon and his drones pull up to the ATU, Dirk grabs the machine and says that he'll take them both to the past to fix things. Todd insists that they go a week ahead to their own time to save Lydia, and as they struggle they set off the machine.

Five Minutes Before Dirk and Todd Left for the Past

Farah wakes up and finds herself in the trunk of a car parked outside the ATU. She tries to shoot her way out, and Gordon and the others inside hear the gunshots. He sends Weedle and the drones to investigate, and Todd jumps Gordon while Dirk grabs the machine. They run into the next machine and travel back in time.

Outside, Farah cuts her way out through the back seat. Meanwhile, Gordon goes to get Rapunzel and finds her chained up outside the door. Estevez has put the dog there, and punches Gordon unconscious.

Farah sees Weedle coming in the rearview mirror, and shoots him using the reflection.

Estevez keeps kicking Gordon, and Lydia bites him on the leg. Gordon hits him with the dog's water dish.

Todd and Dirk return to the present just as Ed and Zed come in. They shoot Dirk in the chest with a crossbow bolt and when Todd grabs it, they electrify it, stunning him.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2016