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First Episode Recap

The She Spies' First Assignment

Former criminals Shane Phillips, Cassie McBain, and D.D. Cummings disable the security system of a skyscraper and rappel into the main room. Once (almost) all of them break through the glass, they try to deactivate the bomb they find ready to go off. While arguing about which wire to pull, thugs break in and attack them. The three women dispose of them and pull the right wire just in time. Except it starts up again. And then stops.

The head thugs in, ready to beat them down... and blows his next line of dialogue. He apologizes, admitting that he's not an actor, and the women's controller, Jack Wilde, come sin. He tells the stuntmen thugs to take five while the trio complains that they've had enough exercises and they're ready to out in the field. Jack points out that the government has paroled them in return for their services as the She Spies and that they need to know they can do the job. However, Jack tells them that the Chairman has given them an assignment to save the life of Governor Gary McNamara, former Presidential nominee, who is threatened by assassins.

The She Spies go back to their apartment headquarters and Cassie and D.D. argue about whether McNamara is a womanizer or not. Jack starts the briefing and reminds them that since the She Spies program is his idea, he needs them to prove they can handle their first assignment. McNamara has been hired by the network as a TV show host and they're filming the first episode. The government has gotten word that someone plans to kill him, but McNamara has too many enemies to narrow down the list. Jack figures that it's an inside job and he's placed each woman with an undercover position on the job so they can find out who the assassin is.

At the studio, D.D. poses as a talent coordinator applying for a job opening. McNamara's assistant, Jimmy Onassis, meets with her and admits that if McNamara hadn't botched his Presidential run, he'd be Chief of Staff. McNamara will be hosting a combination political discussion/variety show but given his low popularity ratings, they're bringing in his former running mate, Senator Thomas Jefferson Mitchell, as the first guest. The two men haven't spoken since McNamara lost the election. hasn't spoken to McNamara since they lost the election. McNamara arrives and starts hitting on D.D. and she imagines hitting him.

Shane arrives posting as a network representative and is greeted by Barry Sharpman, the show's producer. Sharpman admits that his career has gone downhill and he needs the work despite the fact McNamara slept with his wife. Shane assures him that the network won't let McNamara hit on every woman he bumps into, just as McNamara bumps into her and hits on her, and she imagines hitting him.

McNamara's security chief Ed Sharlock brings Cassie in, who is undercover as a TV magazine reporter. McNamara immediately hits on her and Cassie flirts back. They go on set and Sharpman takes McNamara to makeup. Cassie intercepts a call to McNamara's cell phone threatening to kill the ex-governor, and a scenery flat falls on McNamara as he rehearses. Shane hits the spotlight with her case, knocking it forward so that McNamara steps forward and into the window of the falling scenery. Cassie and D.D. see a man run off but lose him outside when a very long Universal Tour tram cuts them off.

Jack eventually manages to get his new wireless system online and contacts the team. Jack's line goes dead and the She Spies compare notes. They figure they need to check McNamara's phone logs to track down the threatening woman. D.D. goes in to hack McNamara's computer and get the number while Cassie and Shane run interference. Jack gets his line back up just in time to be put on hold.

D.D. waits until McNamara is on stage and then breaks into his office. When McNamara tries to go to his office, Shane tries to discuss the network's banned words with him. When that doesn't work, Cassie has no choice but to shove him up against a wall and kiss him, saying that she can't resists him. D.D. manages to hack the computer, get the info, and slip out, while Cassie abruptly apologizes to McNamara and tells him that she'll never ever kiss him again.

Jack traces the phone number and the She Spies go to the apartment building. Since they're felons, the agency won't let them have guns. They break in and find a trailer-trash woman, Daphne, who admits that she dated McNamara and wants him dead. When Cassie points out she isn't the woman that threatened McNamara on the phone, Daphne does her "Scary Daphne" voice. Daphne also tells them that Mitchell had some secret reason for hating McNamara. Realizing they've hit a dead-end, the She Spies head back to the studio.

D.D. greets Thomas when he arrives at the studio for the first show, but he refuses to discuss "the incident." McNamara arrives to greet his former running mate and the two men bicker back and forth. D.D. and Cassie quickly separate them while Shane meets with Sharpman and Jimmy and tries to find out more about "the incident." They refuse to discuss it but Sharpman insists that it won't interfere with filming the episode.

Cassie gets McNamara to his office and ducks his attempts to hit on her. When she points out that Thomas is there despite "the incident," McNamara refuses to talk about it. Four guys with guns run by the window and Cassie shoves McNamara to the floor. She then joins Shane and D.D. and they follow the men onto an adjoining set. The gunmen open fire and the She Spies duck for cover, but a director calls cut and they realize they're on a TV set. The show is about three glamorous female ex-cons who wear skimpy outfits and work for the government. After the six women discuss cross-promotional corporate tie-ins, Jack arrives, having snuck onto the set posing as a yodeler for the variety part of McNamara's show. They get ushered off the set and Jack tells the trio that he's gotten word that someone is going to kill McNamara during the show but they don't know who or when.

As the She Spies arrive, McNamara begins his interview with Thomas but the two men clearly are uncomfortable with each other. Jimmy, Sharpman, and Sharlock all slip away and the Spies figure that they're all planning to kill McNamara. One of the men drops a platform of sandbags on McNamara and the trio manages to grab a rope and hold it long enough for Jack to pull McNamara to safety. However, the three killers have their security team capture the women and accuse them of trying to kill McNamara.

The killers take the trio to an adjoining Wild West set and explain that Thomas was the only one who didn't want to kill McNamara, and they played up "the incident" to make him seem like a likely suspect. Cassie doesn't think anyone will believe the She Spies tries to kill McNamara, and out steps the mastermind: McNamara. He explains that his last sex scandal dashed his hopes of becoming President and have kept the buzz down on his show. He figures that the murder attempts will boost his ratings and make his show a success. However, McNamara is shocked when Jimmy tells him that they hate him and they're going to really kill him.

Jack catches up to the group, still wearing his yodeling costume, and the She Spies disarm the distracted killers. They dispose of the security team and Jack tackles McNamara, and the women run off after the three killers. Once the gratuitous cattle stampede is over, Shane lassos Barry, D.D. crosses rapiers against Jimmy on a French Village set and wins, and Cassie chases Sharlock onto the three beautiful female ex-cons show set and knocks the security man out. Jack takes the bad guys away and congratulates his charges on their success. Disgusted with the skimpy outfits on the TV actress, the She Spies walk away, vowing not to do anything gratuitous to get ratings... and start removing their shirts.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2016

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