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The Martini Shot Recap

Dr. Meelbow has his henchman tie up Cassie, Shane, and D.D. so that the henchman can beat them. He demands to know who they work for, but they refuse to talk. He figures that their employer wants to get hold of the D4 that he's created: the world's smallest bomb. Cassie kicks it out of his hand and catches it in her mouth, and then swallows it. D.D. warns that when the bomb warms to her body temperature, it will detonate. Cassie tells Meelbow that once it goes off, it will destroy his lab.

Meelbow has the henchman shoot Cassie down,and then tells her to get out. She leaps up and grabs onto her teammates' chains, and the henchman shoots them down as well. He shoots at their feet to get them going, and they run out. Cassie interrupts the narrator to have her teammates give her ideas that will make her gag up the bomb. Once it comes up, she kicks it into an air vent and it bounces down into Meelbow's lab and takes out the building.

Back at their base, Jack complains that they blew up a block full of empty warehouses and lost the bomb. The She Spies notice that Jack is trying to grow a mustache, and he admits that he hasn't had much luck dating recently. Jack doesn't want to discuss it further and briefs them on their new assignment. Frederico Martini is stealing trade secrets from top brands and knocking off cheap imitations. Jack figures that Frederico is getting help from Katia or Karg, top models. The She Spies will work undercover to figure out which model is working with Frederico. Cassie doesn't want to work with models, but Jack doesn't give them a choice and tells Shane that she'll get them in.

Later, Shane meets with Karg and Katia as they get massages. She says that she's the creative director of a new undergarments company, and they want the models for the proper image to present their garments. However, they want them to work with a third model. The models disagree until Shane shows them the checks.

Later, Jack brings Yiva Gallo in to figure out which of them are best suited to go undercover as a model. Cassie refuses to do it, and Yiva yells at her to be silent. She then begins a word association test where they express their responses in movement. D.D. goes first and is brilliant. Cassie refuses to participate and Jack and Shane talk to Yiva privately. They decide to go with Cassie when Yiva figures that her obnoxious attitude is perfect for a model.

Later, Frederico calls his assistant Miguel in to his secret cheap knockoff factory and shows him photos of Cassie wearing the new designs.

On the set, Shane meets with the cameraman, Bart. Meanwhile, Karg and Katie complain about Cassie as she eats a breakfast burrito. She says that she's been modeling since 14 and got her first big spread in Guns & Ammo. Bart calls everyone over and they do the undergarment shot at a construction site. D.D. is working the crafts table and complains to Shane that she's stuck chopping celery sticks. Shane tells her that D.D. now needs to figure out the models' eating patterns for clues to see which one is a traitor. D.D. is to lace Karg's daily smoothie with R-1132, a tranquilizer. Once he's out, Shane will search his trailer for any links to Martini.

Once Bart finishes, Karg goes to get his cauliflower & beets smoothie and Cassie asks Katia if she ever worked for Martini Textiles. Katia points out that it's a manufacturing company, not a designer, and tells Cassie to stop poking her nose into other people's details.

Shane breaks into Karg's trailer and Yiva tells her to look among Karg's concealers. Meanwhile, Karg offers D.D. a sip of his smoothie. She turns him down.

In the trailer, Martini finds a locked bag.

Karg goes hyper from the beets interacting with R-1132, and goes off to his trailer. Jack tells D.D. to stall, and D.D. asks Karg about trade imbalances. He starts to doze off and figures that he'd be more comfortable in his trailer. Shane tries the combo 1-2-3 on the box and gets it open, and finds a purple teD.D.y bear inside. Cassie storms over to Karg and complains about him blocking her light, and then walks away as Karg passes out. Katie admits that Cassie was self-involved and nonsensical, and she's a real model.

Once Shane gets out, she tells her teammates what she found. They find a present on the steps of Cassie's trailer. Inside is a text phone with a message saying that Cassie is his newest recruit and he knows her secret. She wonders what her secret is.

At the base, Jack admits that he buried something in Cassie's cover for Martini to find. He finally says that she's a recovering glue sniffer, and they figure he must be blackmailing Katia or Karg into stealing trade secrets. Jack discovers that Karg has been sneaking in and out of a downtown loft several times in the last week. Shane and D.D. go there and a man in a furry mask greets them. He asks what their mammal is, and Shane claims it's a bunny.

Jack discovers that Katia has a secret apartment, 2B. Cassie goes there and knocks on the door, and the resident, Cleberg, asks if she has his takeout. His wife Ming joins them and they explain that Katia is their daughter. Katia comes out and wonders who is at the door.

Shane and D.D. don bunny costumes and join the other furries as they dance minuets. D.D. spots a purple teD.D.y bear and introduces herself to Karg. He nervously confirms that they have lifestyles of petting and scratching, and swears her to Shane for secrecy because it would ruin his career.

Cleberg and Ming have dinner while Katia and Cassie talk in the next room. Katia swears Cassie to secret and explains that they're her adopted family. She says that she created a mystique and doesn't want to ruin her image, and would be crucified if people knew she was raised by poor people.

Karg gets a text and abruptly leaves. When Shane and D.D. try to follow him, the doorman asks if they're leaving and demands that they remove their masks. The furries surround them and they have no choice, and the doorman says that they're not going anywhere unless they exit as a bunny. They do so and everyone joins in.

Katia and Cassie both get texts and Katia says that it's time for Cassie's initial. They go to a plaza and Cassie reports to Jack. He figures that Martini is blackmailing them both. Shane has traced the messages to the spa where she met Katia and Karg. The power lines deadline in a blank wall and they figure that it' martini's hideout.

Cassie, Karg, and Katia break in through an air vent to steal some files. They download the design file into a secure server, and Cassie points out all the lives that they're destroying. Katia figures that if they don't do what Martini wants then he'll destroy their own lives.

Martini starts getting the information as Miguel assistant tells him that the power company is there. Miguel then meets with Shane and D.D., disguised as male workers, and says that they're having a quiet meditation.

Cassie finds some Cuban cigars in the office they broke into. She lights one up and tries to set off the fire alarm. When that doesn't work, she unplugs the computer and hits a painting, setting off the burglary alarm. Kati and Karg run out and Cassie follows them.

Martini realizes that the models bungled the theft, and figures that it's time to remodel.

Outside, Katia warns Cassie that Martini threatened to expose them if they failed just once. Cassie insists that their secrets don't matter, and she swears to protect them... just as thugs knock them all out.

Shane and D.D. enter the tunnels beneath the spa, still posing as men. They find the power lines that lead to the hiD.D.en area and continue on.

Martini has Cassie and the models tied up, and monologues about why he uses models. As Miguel prepares to cut Cassie up, Shane and D.D. come in. D.D. takes out Miguel and Martini calls out three more thugs. Shane cuts Cassie free and the Spies take on the thugs. Martini heads for the door and Cassie yanks up the roll of cloth that he's on, tripping him. They take off, forgetting to free Katia and Karg.

Later at the base, Jack thanks the Spies for their great job... and setting him up with Katia. He says that it's not bad having them around, and they admit that it's not bad being around. They're less than thrilled when they learn that their next assignment involved them going undercover as mud wrestlers.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2016

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