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Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde Recap

On May 23, 1934, robbers Bonnie Parker and Clue Barrow drive down a road, kissing. When they stop to help a car that has passed over, Rangers open fire on them and gun the couple down. The man in charge, Frank Hamer, looks in through the front window and confirms that Bonnie and Clyde are dead... and Bonnie has a key around her neck.

Lucy is at home eating supper with her fiancé, Noah. She admits that she ordered in and asks about Noah' random foods. Noah points out that's a first date type of question, and takes Lucy's hand. She pulls away and Noah points it out, and asks what tonight is supposed to be. Lucy finally says that she wanted to spend some time together. Noah says that he's trying to be patient, but one day Lucy came home and she was like a different person. He wants to know if they're engaged.

At Mason Industries, Denis is on the phone reminding her daughter that she's going to the ballet recital as she agreed. Once the agent hangs out, she turns and sees the trio listening. Denise refuses to discuss her daughter and tells them that Flynn has taken the Mothership to 1934 Arkansas. The agent says that they found a photo of a necklace and key that they obtained from a raid on Flynn's warehouse. There was also a letter about McElroy Bank & Trust in Houston, the same day, and the words "Rittenhouse key" on it. They figure that Flynn went back to get it, and Denise says that she hasn't found anything on Rittenhouse. She asks Lucy if Flynn has said anything about it since, and Lucy lies and says that he hasn't. Denise tells them to go back, get the key, and go to the bank and find out what the key opens.

Connor comes in and asks if Denise has everything that she needs. She says that she does and he leaves.

In the wardrobe, Wyatt points out that Lucy is still waring Noah's engagement ring. She explains about the disastrous dinner date, and Wyatt suggests that she cut Noah loose. Lucy wonders if she's supposed to be with him, but admits that she doesn't love Noah. Wyatt reminds her that she's supposed to have her sister back.

Jiya tells Rufus to come back safe and they kiss. The trio enters the lifeboat and departs for 1934. The trio goes to McElroy via a stolen car, and Rufus turns off the recorder. They discuss if they should tell Denise about Rittenhouse, and Wyatt figures that they need backup. He's figured out that Jiya and Rufus are together, and Rufus says that they should concentrate on the mission. He turns the recorder on and Wyatt and Lucy go inside.

Inside the bank, Lucy asks the manager if she can start an account. Bonnie and Clyde come in and rob the place, introducing themselves. Lucy stares at Clyde, who is happy that someone has heard of them. The robbers open the vault and order everyone in, and take the money. Lucy sees Bonnie wearing the key around her neck.

Outside, Rufus helps a girl drink from a water fountain. Hamer and his men pull up, and Rufus sees Flynn among them. He tells the girl to run as the Rangers surround in on the bank.

Bonnie tells the customers that their money is just fine, and leaves with Clyde. Wyatt and Lucy go after them, and Rufus shouts a warning. The Rangers open fire, and they take fire. Wyatt spots Flynn, and Clyde guns down one agent. Bonnie and Clyde notice Wyatt shooting at Flynn, and Lucy yells that the cops are after them. They make a run for their stolen car, Wyatt providing cover fire, and they drive off in the car.

That night, Lucy and Wyatt introduce themselves and Lucy claims that they were casing the bank until the robbers arrived. Wyatt complains that they screwed it up for them, and Lucy uses her knowledge of history to take credit for a bank robbery. Clyde asks them to cut them in, and Wyatt claims that they spent the money. The robbers direct them to a nearby barn by their cabin and tell them to meet them inside once they're done. Once they're alone, Lucy suggests that they talk to the couple first and figure out what they key is for and who had it originally. Wyatt reluctantly agrees and Lucy says that they have to grab the key before 9 a.m. because that's when Hamer and his men kill the robbers.

A deputy arrests Rufus after a witness spots him, and Rufus points out that he wouldn't be robbing banks with two white people. The deputy isn't convinced, and Wyatt spots Rufus and points him out to Hamer. As Hamer comes over, Rufus tries to get away without success. Hamer says that Flynn--posing as a bounty hunter—said that they have to have a little talk.

In the present, Denise is packing for the evening when Connor comes in. He offers to have his team look at the information they obtained from Flynn's warehouse, and Denise says that she'd have to get his security rating raised first. His cell phone rings and once Denise leaves, Connor takes it.

Hamer tells Rufus that Flynn claimed that Rufus was their driver. Rufus shows Hamer his drivers ID with his fake name, Wesley Snipes. Hamer shows it to Flynn and points out that it's authentic, and asks for three minutes alone with Rufus to prove his claim. The Ranger talks about how he stood up to a mob once and isn't afraid to stand up to Flynn. After a moment, Flynn apologizes and Hamer says that he agreed to let Flynn help in return for the key. He says that they have an actual member of the Barrow gang to help them and walks off.

In the cabin, Clyde pours hooch for everyone and eyes Lucy. Lucy notices the key and Bonnie notices her noticing, and Lucy asks where she got it. Bonnie says that Clyde got it for her when they got engaged, and she describes how he proposed to her. She tells them that she's already married to Roy Parker, and assures Clyde that she loves him. Lucy listens, intrigued, as Clyde says that he knew when he saw her that it was meant to be. The historian says that it's even better than she read about, and hastily adds that she read it in the newspapers. Bonnie notices Lucy's engagement ring and figures that she and Wyatt are engaged, and Wyatt describes in detail how he proposed. Lucy hastily agrees and Wyatt kisses her to convince the robbers. Clyde proposes a toast to true love, and Wyatt and Lucy join in.

Later, Bonnie is writing a poem about her and Clyde. Wyatt and Clyde have no choice but to cuddle to maintain their cover, and Bonnie says that she feels like they don’t have much time. However, as long as they go out together it doesn't matter. Wyatt asks where Clyde got the necklace, and he says that it's unique. He robbed it from Henry Ford after he sent a letter to Ford praising his cars as getaway vehicles. Later, Clyde robbed one of Ford's businesses and found the necklace key. Lucy looks at it and Bonnie says that it's never opened any lock they've found. There's Latin on it, and Clyde says that Ford posted a $30,000 reward for the necklace.

Lucy goes to the kitchen and takes Wyatt with her. Once they're alone, Lucy says that the Latin means "The key's the beginning of all time and the end of all time." Wyatt figures that they'll pass out soon, and then they can grab the key and get out.

The Rangers bring in the gang member, Henry Methvin. Hamer asks if he knows Rufus, and Henry says that Bonnie and Clyde aren't working with anyone so he doesn't know. He finally tells Hamer that the couple is at their cabin, and Hamer releases Rufus. As he goes, Rufus tells Hamer that he's a good man, sees Flynn waiting for him, and asks if there's a back way out.

In the present, Connor meets Cahill and says that the information Denise acquired at the warehouse is refocusing her investigation toward Rittenhouse. Cahill tells Connor to dissuade her, and if he can't then she will. When Connor warns that someone will notice, Cahill assures him that Rittenhouse survived many investigators over the year... and Denise won't be the exception. Nearby, Denise and her agent take photos of the two of them meeting.

Hamer tells Flynn that he let Rufus go and they have a location, and asks if Flynn is in our out.

Bonnie and Clyde end up in bed having sex. Wyatt and Lucy lie in bed in the next room and listen, and Wyatt admits that they're in love. Lucy considers the chemistry between them, and admits that she's never had love like the couple does. Wyatt says that it happened to him and Lucy realizes that the engagement story he told was the night he proposed to Jessica. She tells him that he doesn't have to live the rest of his life with no one else, and that they all have to be open to possibilities. As they look at each other, Bonnie and Clyde finally pass out from the hooch.

Lucy and Wyatt get dressed and sneak into the next room, and Wyatt starts to remove the necklace. There's a knock at the door, and Clyde instantly comes awake. Wyatt claims that he heard a noise, and they answer the door to find Henry. Clyde lets him in and Henry claims that he shook the Rangers. Henry wonders where they're from, but Clyde leaves him off. Lucy tells Wyatt that Henry is the one that gives up the couple and took them on a killing spree. She wonders what he's doing there, and Wyatt says that they need to get the key and go.

Rufus arrives and Lucy tells him where the key is. He warns that Hamer is on his way, and Clyde catches them and draws a shotgun on them. He takes them inside and Henry recognizes Rufus from the station. Rufus says that Henry sold them out, and Henry tells Clyde to kill them. Before he can, Rufus plays his recorder and the recording he made of Henry talking to Hamer.

Hamer, Flynn, and the Rangers are approaching the cabin when they hear a gunshot.

Clyde looks down at the dying Henry that he shot.

Wyatt draws his gun and tells the couple that he's sorry. Lucy says that they came for the necklace, but Bonnie says that they'll have to kill them both. The Rangers open fire and Bonnie and Clyde run out. Hamer wounds Clyde, and Flynn grabs Bonnie. Before Clyde can shoot Flynn, Hamer finishes Clyde off. Flynn grabs the key and Bonnie goes to Clyde, insisting that he promised not to leave her. The Rangers surround them and Bonnie goes for Clyde's gun. Hamer has no choice but to shoot her so she dies with her lover. Meanwhile, the trio runs off to the lifeboat.

The trio returns to the present and they tell Denise what happened. Wyatt says that they were outgunned and lucky to get out in one piece. Connor overhears them and repeats his offer to Denise.

As Lucy and Wyatt finish changing, Wyatt apologizes for kissing her earlier. Lucy says that she'll live, and they say their goodbyes for the night.

Denise meets Rufus at a restaurant and asks him if Connor is in any trouble. She tells Rufus that Connor went bankrupt, but then five years ago he was funded to $2.5 billion. Denise wonders if someone else financed the time-travel project, and shows Rufus a photo of Cahill. The agent figures that Rufus is a good guy and Connor is hiding something, and asks Rufus to trust her. Rufus says that Hamer said the same thing to him in 1934, and tells Denise that if there's anyone she loves then she'll stop investigating Connor. When Denise wonders if he's threatening her, Rufus says that he doesn't want to see her or her loved ones get hurt. Denise tells him that she'll worry about the people she loves, and Rufus says that he'll tell her everything she knows about Rittenhouse.

Flynn breaks into a house and uses the key to open a clock. It opens and he removes scroll from it, breaks the wax seal, and reads the contents.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 6, 2016

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