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The Laws of Inferno Dynamics Recap

A ganger, Peng, runs through a warehouse and demands to see Eli. He tells them that cops and S.H.I.E.L.D. are everywhere, and Eli tells the gangers to keep them busy. Peng points out that they haven't been paid, and Eli creates diamonds in Peng's lungs. He coughs them up and collapses, dead, and Eli tells the others that they'll have to cut the rest out. Eli then goes back to building the giant power cell that he's working on and vows to show them all.

In downtown LA, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and cops close off the area. Jeffrey calls and tells the reporter that there's an escaped fugitive on the loose and S.H.I.E.L.D. is assisting the local authorities. The reporter asks if Quake is the threat, and Jeffrey tells her that the threat isn't Quake or an Inhuman. Once Burrows leaves Jeffrey's office, Melinda and Coulson warn that Eli has a small army in the warehouse. Jeffrey warns that they can't be seen working with Robbie or Daisy, and Coulson says that they'll deal with them later. He figures that the two of them plus Elena are the three biggest guns that they have. Jeffrey asks about Aida, pointing out that she brought Coulson and Fitz back, and Coulson tells him that Aida is an android. The Director warns that her creation goes against the Socovia Accords, and Coulson says that Aida could be an asset. Jeffrey tells Melinda to get Aida and bring her into the mission, and they'll dismantle her afterwards. He then gives Coulson the green light to bring his team together, but tells him to keep Daisy out of sight.

As they head to the hanger, Coulson tells Melinda that he's hoping that in return for the information on Aida, Jeffrey will give him information on Nadeer. Melinda figures that Jeffrey is on his own side, and says that she'll catch up to him in the field. The two of them agree to share a drink afterward.

Fitz scans the warehouse for heat signatures while Mack and Robbie prepare to go in. Mack tells Robbie that he's supposed to keep a low profile, and figures that once it's all over the vengeance demon won't be anybody's boss. Robbie heads to Daisy, who is with Elena. Coulson arrives and Mack briefs him. Jemma and Fitz check in from the Zephyr and warn that Eli's men have pulled back. He scientists figure that Eli can't create something out of nothing, and Jemma suggests that it's magic. They register another earthquake and Daisy says that it wasn't hers.

Robbie joins up with Daisy and Elena, and they breach the warehouse. They hear water running and Elena speeds forward to check out the area. The hallway bursts into flames as the running water hits cesium, and she speeds back out just in time, smashing into the opposite wall. Daisy puts the fire out on her jacket, and Robbie enters the flames.

Melinda brings Holden and Aida in, and Holden talks to Jeffrey privately. The scientist insists that all of his data is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s. Jeffrey confirms that Aida accessed the Darkhold, and wants to know more about it. Holden says that it's like a tablet that can read the reader's mind, and Jeffrey that his plans for her depend on her next mission.

Elena gets back to the command van and tells Mack that she's fine. Meanwhile, Coulson and Daisy try to locate Robbie in the warehouse. They check his camera signal and watch as two gangers attack Robbie. Robbie takes them out and continues, and finds the giant power cell. Robbie enters the converted cargo container, and the team spots something on the wall via his camera. Fitz recognizes the setup from before.

Eli steps out and tells Robbie not to touch it. He says that his nephew doesn't belong there and asks him to go home. Robbie says that he will once Eli is dead, and starts transforming into Ghost Rider. However, Eli uses his control over matter to impale Robbie through the back with a carbon spike. As Daisy starts to go in, the van shakes. Jemma warns them that there's something in the building that they need to see.

Back on the Zephyr, Fitzsimmons says that the object Eli is creating is a demon core. It's a fail-safe fuel source. If the lid drops into place then it will trigger supercritical mass... and a nuclear explosion.

Eli points out that between the carbon spike and the radiation, Robbie should be dead. He heard rumors of Ghost Rider while he was in prison, and Robbie says that the demon took him because of Eli. Eli insists that he never wanted to hurt him, and Robbie says that he and Gabe trusted Elli. They loved him like a father, and he tore it all apart. Robbie wonders why he became a killer, and Eli says that the Bauers considered him beneath him. He insists that they got what they deserved, and he had to get respect. No one thought he was capable, and now he can create matter with his mind. Eli says that he's becoming a god, and impales Robbie with another spike when he tries to pull free. His uncle says that whatever happens next is on him and walks away.

Melinda, Jeffrey, Holden, and Aida arrive on the Zephyr with components of the transdimensional arch and the core from an EMP generator. Jeffrey says that it's time for the public to see him in action and tells Coulson that he has a plan.

In the control room, Fitz adjusts Daisy's containment bracelets and tells her that she's not responsible for the seismic activity in the area. They join Jemma, who is examining the arch components. Fitzsimmons complain about Jeffrey, and Daisy wonders what he did.

Jeffrey plans Mack that he's going to send-Elena in to grab the plutonium. When Mack continues objecting, Coulson talks to Jeffrey privately. Meanwhile, Mack tells Elena that he's trying to protect her. She points out that Mack has been avoiding her for the last three months.

Jemma tells Daisy about the imprisoned Inhuman, and Daisy feels a quake in LA her arms even though they're in the air. Fitz confirms that the epicenter is where Eli set up the power cell, and insists that the matter he's creating is coming from somewhere. He realizes where Eli is getting the matter from.

Coulson warns Jeffrey that he's losing it, and Jeffrey tells him to make up his mind about whether he's in command or not. He points out that he's been keeping secrets from him, and Coulson brings up the secret plan he cut with Nadeer. Daisy comes in and says that Nadeer has an Inhuman locked up. Jeffrey says that Nadeer has photos of Daisy and Robbie with the dead convict, and she was going to go public with them. He didn’t come to Coulson because they're not a team that trusts... or a team at all. Coulson concedes that Jeffrey is right, but they'd better become a team if they want to stop Eli, and Daisy finally says that Fitz figured out what Eli is doing.

In the warehouse, Eli shows Robbie a glass of water. He explains that water is the next stop in his quest to create life. Two guards bring in Coulson, and Coulson says that Eli is just a petty thief. The guards confirm that Coulson was alone and only had a metal chain on him. Coulson says that Eli doesn't know what's going on or what is going to happen next.

On the floor below, Daisy knocks out the gangers and Fitz, Jemma, Aida, and Holden set up the device beneath Eli's power cell. Fitz assures Jemma that they'll get the other half of the core and the gate up in time, and Daisy says that she'll take care of any earthquakes.

Coulson wonders how Eli could hurt his nephew, and Eli says that he's much more. Robbie says that something is pulling at him like it was in the other dimension. Coulson says that they need to get him out, and tells Eli that matter can't be created or destroyed. Eli is stealing energy from the other dimension, and the quantum energy in the cell is coming from there. The more energy that Eli takes, the bigger the quake. Elli insists that he's no fraud as another quake shakes the building.

Daisy warns that the quakes are getting stronger. Aida sets up the archway as another quake hits.

Coulson tells Eli not to let his ego blind him to the truth. If the quakes continue then the bomb will go off. Eli insists that the Darkhold has shown him how to create life after death, and Coulson realizes that the bomb is Eli's end-game. Eli says that it's Coulson's end, not his. Coulson tells the others over the earbud that they have to go. He tells Robbie to fight and get out of the box, and Robbie says that it's time to finish it.

Jeffrey, Melinda, and Mack break in and takes on the guards, and Coulson joins in. Elena speeds in as well, taking a gun from a guard and giving it to Coulson. Meanwhile, Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider.

On the floor below, the gate opens as the seismic waves overwhelm Daisy. More gangers arrive, and Aida leaps in the way to block their shots. As she goes down, Fitzsimmons open fire.

Eli is wounded, and Coulson tosses the chain to Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider grabs it and Coulson tries to pull him out, but the chain melts. The demon pulls Eli into the cell and burns him, as the bomb goes off ... and disappears along with Ghost Rider and Eli.

Aida assures Jemma that she won't bleed out, and explains that she was programmed to feel pain. Holden apologizes to his creation, while Daisy goes outside. She releases the energy, flying upward, and then plummets back to the street and just stops herself. The reporters come over, recognizing her, and Jeffrey steps forward and admits that he lied to them. Quake was there the entire time and saved them all. He whispers to Daisy to go with it and shakes her hand, and she shakes back.

Back at the base, Daisy admires Robbie's Charger. Coulson comes in and tells her not to count out Robbie yet. He invites her to join the others in the common room, and tells Daisy that if she doesn't want to be an agent again then they can work something out. Daisy admits that there were a few things that she missed, and the new face of S.H.I.E.L.D. was an Inhuman.

At the base, Mack asks Elena to stay and she wonders why. He admits that recently he went to a bad place in his head and he wanted to talk. Mack asks if they're still friends, and Elena says that she can't figure him out. He kisses her just as Coulson and Daisy arrive and, seeing them, go into the common room.

In the common room, the team are watching the news. Jeffrey is claiming that Daisy was on an extended undercover operation to take down the Watchdogs. Jemma presents Daisy with her official lanyard,

Jeffrey is in the next room and watches the team with Holden. He admits that they came through with flying colors, and so did Aida. Jeffrey tells Holden that he was impressed enough to keep Holden's program alive, but says that he sent Agent Nathanson back to Holden's lab to recover all of his notes on the LMD program. From now on, all of Holden's work will take place under S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision.

At Holden's lab, Nathanson checks in with Jeffrey and then continues boxing the notes. Aida's containment cell opens, and when Nathanson looks in, he sees something shocking. Aida comes in behind him, apologizes, and breaks his neck.

Later, Aida opens the containment cell and brings an unconscious Melinda a bowl of water. She apologizes and starts cleaning her up.

At the base, Coulson and Melinda sit down and share a drink. "Melinda" says that she's right where she belongs.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 7, 2016

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