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Lethal Luau Recap

Larry Dobbs, proprietor of an autorama in Columbus, OH, is in Hawaii for his annual vacation. He's enjoying a traditional luau brunch at the Koblackawi Hotel. Larry takes Senator William Talbot's seat and refuses to move when the waiter comes over. Meanwhile, a ninja drops in and kills Larry with several well-thrown shuriken.

The Tropical Punch squad is soon on the scene and Mike eventually realizes that a ninja killed Larry. He figures that the it was a crime of revenge after the ninja was on the mainland and bought a lemon from Larry. Talbot comes over and says that the killer was after him, and introduces himself. Tom realizes that since Talbot is heading the investigation into organized crime on the Island, Joe Tuma must be responsible and Tuma uses ninjas. Talbot refuses to back down, and Mike promises to protect him.

Later, the squad stands guard outside of Talbot's hotel suite. A ninja takes out Tom and Al notices, and goes to investigate. Tom is unconscious in a stairwell.

In the suite, Mike tries to stay awake. There's a knock at the door and when Mike answers it, he finds a ninja there. The ninja knocks the gun out of Mike's hand and the two men face off. Al and Tom arrive, and an enraged Al attacks the killer. He dodges Al's attack and sends him flying into the sofa, then knocks out Tom and leaves. Al promises Mike that he'll get the ninja next time, while Talbot peers out of the bedroom. He points out that he has a dinner with the governor that night, and Mike assures him that he won't have to cancel it because they're going to set a trap.

That night at the dinner, Tom is undercover as a waitress. Mike and Al are on stage posing as band members, and perform "Tiny Bubbles". Meanwhile, the ninja sneaks into the kitchen and hides on a cart. Tom wheels him out to Talbot's table.

Mike continues singing to the older women until Al gets carries away with his drum accompaniment. Tom arrives at Talbot's table and the ninja leaps out and attacks Tom. Mike finally gets Al's attention, and Al takes down the killer. A bruised-up Tom drags himself to the ER. Talbot thanks Mike and his men, but Mike figure that it's not over. The senator tells Mike to do his investigation for him and leaves, and Mike tells Al to do the paperwork while he deals with the ladies.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2016

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