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Awesomes for Hire Recap

Protestors gather at Awesome Mountain to complain about the recent chaos they blame on the team when it was in Paris. The only bright spot is that Mr. Awesome was there to save the people. Several pundits want the veteran superhero back in charge.

Inside Awesome Mountain, Joyce Mandrake reviews the team's poor performance. She finally announces that the current team will be disbanded, and Mr. Awesome will lead a new team. The team are still packing to leave, and Mr. Awesome apologizes to Prock. He assures Prock that it's only temporary until the public changes its mind, and tells Perfect Man that he's received a dispensation to stay. Perfect Man is glad to stay, and they go to call some "real heroes." Concierge suspects something is wrong, but it might just be Gadget Gal's brassiere wax.

After gloating about the success of his evil plan, the secretly evil Mr. Awesome visits Joyce. He asks for Presidential-level clearance to all government resources, and Joyce refuses. She warns Awesome that his new team will face increased government oversight, and he can't unleash his full powers without departmental approval.

The Awesomes drive to the suburbs and Prock is worried that things have gone bad since his father returned, and he doesn't seem broken up about what happened. Muscleman assures him that it's the chance to get a fresh start... and they move into Prock's childhood home. Mr. Awesome's ex-wife Mrs. Awesome complains about how her ex replaced Prock, and how Prock keeps chasing an empty dream by being a superhero.

Gadget Gal unloads all of her accumulated junk, insisting that everything she has can be turned into a weapon.

Mrs. Awesome hands out copies of her book and goes to get towels. Concierge explains that Prock's mother was an anti-superhero activist. Then she met and fell in love with Mr. Awesome. However, they fought constantly and divorced when Prock was a kid. Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, therapist and Prock's stepfather, comes in and introduces himself. Mrs. Awesome comes in and reintroduces Jeffrey, and insists that he's better than Mr. Awesome.

Mr. Awesome meets with Senator Turnipseed and suggests that they abolish the Department of Superheroes. Turnipseed refuses to stick his neck out, but says that he might be able to help.

Concierge stumbles over Gadget Gal's junk pile and insists that the heroine has to get rid of it. Jeffrey and his patient Reggie are trapped in the junk, and Gadget Gal considers Concierge's advice. In the kitchen, Mrs. Awesome makes breakfast for the others and oohs over Hotwire as her son's lover. She then suggests that the team focus on starting their real careers Prock has found his first cape and is in a good mood because it reminded him that they don't need a fancy HQ and expensive equipment to be superheroes. They'll help people who come for them, becoming the Awesomes for Hire.

The team soon sets up a booth outside the house. Perfect Man calls Prock and explains that they're having a pool party for the new team. The party was Mr. Awesome's idea, and Perfect Man soon hangs up.

Gadget Gal holds a garage sale for her junk. At first, things don't go well. However, collectors soon come by and pay for her superweapon relics. Meanwhile, Mrs. Awesome wants Hotwire to go into great detail about her and Prock's sex life. Hotwire would rather not talk about it, but Mrs. Awesome is glad to talk about her sex life with Mr. Awesome... in front of Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Prock wonders if the Awesomes are irrelevant now, just as a girl comes up and reports her missing bicycle. Prock finally tells her that they're on the case.

Prock is soon putting up missing-bike signs, but the team isn't convinced it's a good idea. Frantic figures that villains don't steal little girls' bikes.

In a secret cave, the Spokesmen assemble stolen bikes into a Super Bike.

Mrs. Awesome administers Rorschach tests to the Awesomes for material for her new book. Prock discovers that other bikes have gone missing. He plans to leave out a decoy bike with GPS. Concierge warns that they've spent too much on the mission already, and Gadget Gal is glad to pay for the bike with the money she made from her garage sale. Perfect Man calls and pretends to be a kid asking the Awesomes to find his blankey. His new teammates burst out laughing, but Perfect Man sees a photo of his old team and has second thoughts.

The Awesomes put the decoy bike in the park, and it's soon on the move.

Turnipseed warns Awesome that deregulation has been moving slowly, and points out the chairman of the committee to Awesome. He has a complicated plan to get his man in as chairman, but Awesome says not to bother him with the details.

The decoy bike finally stops and Prock asks his mother to take the team there.

After the President vetoes Mr. Awesome's bill, Turnipseed meets Awesome in a subway station. The senator realizes that Awesome is becoming a liability and shoves him in front of a train. Awesome easily stops it and Turnipseed runs off.

The Awesomes enter the mountain and find the stolen bike along with hundreds of there. Jeffrey is there because they stole his bike. The Spokesmen ride up and their Spokesman explain that they're tired of taking a backseat to drivers. With their Superbike, a single bicyclist can flatten an entire city block. The Spokesmen will make the world's largest bike lane, and they ride off after their Superbike.

The Awesomes give chase in Mrs. Awesome's car and finally get ahead of the villains. The team take out the Spokesmen and the Spokesman climbs up onto the Superbike and keeps pedaling. Perfect Man arrives and apologizes to Prock. He easily demolishes the Superbike and gets the credit. Awesome returns Jeffrey to Mrs. Awesome, who warns that Awesome is still a dangerous man-child... and they start to kiss until Jeffrey interrupts them. When Mrs. Awesome warns that Awesome will never remove the regulations she created, Awesome says that he has an announcement to make.

Soon, Mr. Awesome is announcing that he's running for President.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 23, 2015

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