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Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things Recap

The Rowdy 3 drive through town, and Cross paints Amanda's fingernails. Martin suddenly breaks to a halt and says that he can smell that something bad happened.

At the ATU, Estevez chases after Gordon, shooting him. He hits the machine by accident and Gordon escapes, just as Farah comes in with her gun drawn. She insists that she's on Estevez's side, but he demands that she lower her gun and she finally puts it on the floor and kicks it over. Once Farah does, Farah checks on Dirk, who says that he solved the mystery. She has him put pressure on his crossbow wound, and tells the nearby Todd that everything will be okay. Estevez isn't so sure.

At the hotel, Bart is watching a video about princesses. Ken comes in with a bellboy's uniform that he stole for her, and says that they have places to go. Bart suggests that they just stay there and watch TV, particularly the commercials, and Ken sits down with her on the bed. She says that she only has two bullets left and hesitates to go out and kill, and finally wonders if surprises are good sometimes. Ken agrees, and Bart says that she wants to see where the two bullets go to. They both laugh in triumph.

Estevez locks up Farah, Todd, and Dirk, and Dirk wonders how they're going to get out of their situation. Todd tells Farah that he was behind the door the night she locked on the door, and he didn't let her in. Farah says that she already knew. As she removes her bra, she says that by the time she met him, she understood why he didn't open the door. While Farah uses the wire from her bra to pick the lock, Dirk says that he didn't lie to Todd any more than Todd lied to Farah.

Estevez brings Rapunzel and Lydia in, and tries to figure out how to switch their souls back. Dirk figures that Lydia-in-Rapunzel knows, and apologizes for it being shot. Estevez demands answers from them, and Dirk tries to explain what happened a hundred years ago. The police detective promptly tells him to shut up, demanding his own reality back. Farah gets out of the cage and disarms Estevez, and Estevez says that he just wants to know what is going on.

Todd tells Estevez what happened with Zachariah a hundred years ago, and how he sent the machine to the 20th century and Gordon and his people used the machine to swap Lydia's soul with Rapunzel's as leverage against Zachariah-turned-Patrick. Farah is equally astonished to hear what happened, and Todd says that they can still save Lydia using the other earlier version of the machine. Dirk insists that they know where to plug it in.,

Gordon, Ed, and Zed go to the police station and meet with Doyle. Once Gordon tells him that Estevez has the machine, Doyle warns Gordon that he has no friends left and it's finally over. By coming there, Gordon has put Doyle in danger and he's destroyed the Men of the Machine. Gordon figures that they'll try to switch Lydia and Rapunzel back, and they can use that opportunity to take the machine back.

That night, the group drives to Patrick's manor and Dirk starts rambling more than usual because of blood loss. They go to the cellar and Farah warns that the building isn't defensible when the Men come for them. She opens a secret cache of weapons, and she and Estevez load themselves up.

As they go to the next room, Estevez wonders if he can use the machine to go back in time. Todd tells him that some things can't be changed, and hooks up the machine based on what he saw the one time. He starts it up but it flutters erratically. Estevez suggests that he go back and fix everything, but Todd insists that it doesn't work that way and tries to stabilize the machine. They get Lydia and Rapunzel into position.

Gordon, the Men, and a SWAT team arrive outside.

Amanda drives the Rowdy 3 to the manor and they prepare for ultra-violence.

Lydia and Rapunzel switch, and the shock knocks everyone back.

The Rowdy 3 attack Gordon's men, while Gordon slips away in the confusion and goes inside.

Farah manages to wake Lydia up, and Lydia confirms that she's in her own body. Lydia says that as soon as she saw Farah, she knew that everything would be all right. The two women hug and Lydia thanks the others for helping... and then points out that Dirk and Todd threw her off a bridge. They hear gunshots upstairs and Farah and Estevez go to investigate. Gordon and his SWAT officer open fire, and Estevez and Farah return shots. The SWAT officer goes down and Gordon takes cover and then shoots back.

When Todd says that they have to send the machine back, Lydia insists that they destroy it. Dirk explains that it has to go back to where it came from to start the loop again, but Lydia is furious that Gordon put her soul into a dog. They explain that Lydia is the center of the time loop, and Todd collapses from his earlier taser shock. Dirk tells Lydia that her father did everything to save her, including dying, and Lydia asks what she does to send the machine back. In response, Dirk holds up the tube with the time programming.

Gordon, Estevez, and Farah exchange shots, and Farah discovers that she's out of ammo.

Lydia puts the tube in the machine and starts to turn it on, but Dirk realizes that the machine is still broken. As Dirk crawls over to fix it, Ed and Zed arrive. Dirk protects Lydia and takes a crossbow bolt in the back, and Zed prepares to shoot Lydia. Lydia threatens to smash the machine.

Farah switches to her pistol and Estevez provides cover fire as she charges at Gordon. Gordon reloads and tossed a flash-bang down the hall, stunning Farah and Estevez.

Zed asks what Lydia will do once she smashes the machine. As Ed reaches for it, Bart and Ken arrive and Bart shoots Ed in the head. When Zed shoots her, Bart grabs the bolt in mid-air and triggers the charge, short-circuiting Zed. The assassin then apologizes to Dirk and says that she'll kill him right. Ken recognizes Ed and Zed, and tells Bart that they're the men who hired him to build the machine. He takes the machine from Lydia and plugs it in, and says that he can fix it because it's his destiny.

Gordon moves forward and Farah sees Rapunzel, just as Gordon demands that he gives her his dog. She tells him to drop his gun, using Rapunzel as a shield, and then tosses him the dog. As he catches it, Estevez tosses Farah a gun and she shoots Estevez in the head.

Ken fixes the machine while Dirk writes out his note. He puts the blood-covered note on the machine and turns it on, but Bart puts the gun to his head. She hesitates and then turns and shoots Zed as he gets up. When she tries to shoot Dirk, she realizes that she's out of ammo. Bart figures that Dirk is meant to live, says goodbye, and tells Ken that they should go because Dirk and Todd are nut jobs. Ken and Todd shrug at each other, and then he and Lydia go over to turn on the machine.

The machine appears in Zachariah's lab and he finds Dirk's note.

The next morning, Amanda wakes Todd up and he realizes that he's lying on his couch. She says that she and the Rowdy 3 saved him, and they said it's the last time. Amanda explains that the Men ran away, the police took Dirk to the hospital, and Farah took Lydia somewhere and gave an address for Todd to meet her that night at 6. Todd says that Dirk ruined his life, and Amanda starts to go. He says that he was going to try and fix everything, and Amanda tells him that sometimes things can't be fixed. Todd blew it, and that's the way it is. She figures that Dirk came into Todd's life for a reason with no money and no friends. Now he's a bad-ass partner with a psychic detective, and he's honest. Amanda tells Todd to think about why Dirk lied to her, and reminds her brother that no matter what Dirk lied about, they saved Lydia. Todd asks if she's going to leave with the Rowdy 3, and she points out that they already gave her a jacket. She gives Todd the finger and goes.

On the docks, Ken and Bart eat Ethiopian takeout. Ken figures that she was supposed to protect Dirk, not kill him, and figures that's not the first time it happened. Bart figures that Ken was supposed to take her there because it was his destiny, and wonders if he's going to go. She apologizes as best she can, and finally says that she doesn't want him to go. Ken assures her that he's not going anyway, and Bart hugs him.

Farah escorts Lydia out of the manor and tells her that security will meet her in Belize. She admits that she doesn't know if any of the Men are still out there, and figures that she left everything down. Lydia points out that she was trapped in a time loop, and Farah kicked ass and saved everyone. She says that Farah was always the most inspiring person in her life, but Farah always tried to hide what a freak she was. Lydia assures Farah that she's perfect and hugs her, says that she loves her, and transfers her $4 million.

At the hospital, Riggins tells a sleeping Dirk that in the beginning he just wanted to believe there was a bigger pattern. When he met Dirk, he knew that it was all real and Dirk was proof. Riggins says that he's proud of Dirk. When Dirk wakes up, he discovers that he's alone.

Later, Dirk is describing his famous case to the orderly. The orderly takes him to the hospital front door and Todd comes up. Dirk is surprised to see him, and wonders why he's there. Todd gives him his jacket and a t-shirt from his old band. Dirk wonders what he wants, and Todd says that he's there because he's his friend... and doesn't want to miss out on their next case. He says that Farah wants to meet them.

At a diner, Farah warns Todd and Dirk that Estevez will eventually question them and they need to decide on a story. She offers to invest the $4 million in their detective agency and Dirk immediately starts discussing about what the name should be. Farah wants her name to remain off the plaque, and Dirk tells Todd that he's promoting him to ward.

The Rowdy 3 hang out and Amanda dances with Vogle.

Ken and Bart drive off.

At the station, Estevez sees Federal agents going through the station. When he goes to Doyle's office, he discovers the captain on the floor, dead from a single bullet to the head. Hugo shoots Estevez in the stomach and takes his gun, and admits that he doesn't know why he shot him. He insists that he knows about the machine and explains that they burned the Spring manor and the ATU down. Hugo complains about all the top-secret boring stuff when they put him in charge, and says that he'll kill the rest of the drones and get all the psychics that they've been tracking using the $80 million the government gave him. When Hugo figures that he has to kill Estevez, Estevez says that he doesn't understand anything and is just trying to be a good cop. As he talks, Estevez reaches for his backup pistol. Hugo realizes what he's doing and shoots him dead, and says that he's just doing his job.

Dirk tells Todd and Farah that they'll just find their next case just by feeling it. He has Todd try, but Todd doesn't get anything. He goes to the bathroom and Dirk tells Farah that he has to leave. He goes outside.

Martin and the Rowdy 3 sense something, and Martin tells Vogel to get Amanda out as soldiers move toward them.

A hundred soldiers equipped with guns and a tank cut off Bart and Ken on the road.

Vogel leads Amanda off, while Martin, Cross, and Gripps face the soldiers and dare them to come on.

Dirk steps on a flyer for Lux Dujour, with his motto: "We'll never let you go."

Bart gets out of the stolen taxi and picks up a rock.

Martin and the others charge the soldiers.

Dirk looks over at Hugo and says "Not now." Hugo waves to him. Farah comes out a few seconds later and discovers that Dirk is gone.

In the bathroom, Todd gets a call from Amanda. She screams that they're coming, and Todd runs out. He starts hallucinating his hands on fire and realizes that the disease is hitting him as he screams in agony.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 11, 2016

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