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The Capture of Benedict Arnold Recap

Peggy tells her husband Benedict Arnold that she wants to go with him, but he says that it's safest for her if she doesn't know anything. As George and his soldiers march up to the house, Benedict limps through the woods.

Inside the house, George asks if Benedict will be much longer. She says that Benedict will be there in a few minutes, just as a messenger arrives with a note for Washington.

Benedict limps toward the British lines line and they ask what his business he is. He raises his hands.

George demands to know if Peggy knew, and she insists that he wouldn't betray America.

Benedict tells the Redcoats that he's come to help them win the war.

In the present, Lucy and Denise are eating a homecooked meal. Lucy's wife Michelle comes in and admits that Lucy is the only one of Denise's colleagues that she's ever come before. Lucy admits that it came as a surprise to her that Denise invited her over. Afterward, Denise is cleaning up the dishes and tells Lucy that she wanted her to meet them. The agent says that she's been up worrying about Rittenhouse based on what Rufus has told her, and figures that it's worse for Lucy's mother that she doesn't remember her daughter Amy. Denise's worse fear was losing her family, but now it's that they could disappear from time and never existed. She gives Lucy a flash drive and asks her to keep it in the lifeboat. It's pictures of her family, and if Lucy comes back some day and they're gone, Denise makes her promise to tell her about them. Lucy agrees to do so.

Rufus and Jiya are playing a video game at Jiya's apartment when Connor arrives at the door. He says that he needs to talk to Rufus privately, and she goes into the next room. Once they're alone, Connor admits that he's slightly drunk and talks about how his mother used to clean houses. He invented a better vacuum for her, and then invented other things and created a business. However, Connor juts wanted to turn a wrench and make his mother's life a little easier... like Rufus. He insists that he's not a bad guy, and didn't mean to get Rufus in so deeply. Connor says that he didn't think it would end so badly, and tells Rufus that Rittenhouse knows that he's been tampering with the recorders. He warns Rufus that if he doesn't record the next mission properly then he can't protect him or his family anymore.

Once Connor leaves, Jiya comes out and wonders what was going on. They both get a call to come back to Mason Industries. Jiya traces Flynn to September 25, 1780, and Lucy realizes that he's north of Manhattan. She explains that on that date, West Point was a fort. Washington was at Benedict's house for breakfast and learned that benedict was going to give West Point to the British. They wonder if Flynn is trying to kill Washington, and take the lifeboat to 1780.

Once they land, the trio goes to Benedict's house. As they enter the yard, British soldiers surround them. Washington steps out and figures that they're traitor, and Lucy curtsies to him.

The soldiers take the trio inside, and Flynn comes in and holds a gun on them. Wyatt goes for his gun, and Flynn says that he has a man in the next room and if shots go off, the man will kill Washington. He tells them that he needs their help, and to follow his lead when Washington comes in or he'll have Washington hang them for treason. Washington comes in and Wyatt hides his gun before Washington can see it. Lucy quickly agrees that they're who Flynn says that they are: spies in the Culper Ring. Flynn is posing as Austin Roe, the renowned Prussian spy. Washington explains that Flynn warned him about Benedict's betrayal, but Benedict still escaped. He then tells them that they're heading into Redcoat territory and capture Benedict, claiming to be traitors as well. Flynn assures him that there's no problem and Lucy agrees.

Once they're alone, Lucy explains that Washington and Roe never met. Flynn says that Roe is dead in a ditch, and figures that Lucy will know how to find benedict. He explains that he's going interrogate him about the key he took from Bonnie and Clyde. It opened a clock and revealed a scroll. Flynn gives it to Lucy, who discovers that it's a letter Benedict wrote about a Rittenhouse meeting. The terrorist says that Benedict was a founding member of Rittenhouse, and if they destroy the organization then they'll end it before it starts. Rufus says that they can't talk about it, and Flynn says that he knows about the recorder. If the trio helps him then he'll hand over the keys to the mothership. Either they keep chasing him or they end it once and for all.

When they hesitate, Flynn hands over Lucy's future journal and says that she can see in her own words how bad Rittenhouse is. Wyatt refuses to help him, and Flynn says that if they help him then he'll give him the name of Wyatt's wife's killer. There was blood on the scene and Flynn knows who it belongs to.

The trio goes outside to discuss what to do. Rufus realizes that Lucy and Wyatt are considering helping Flynn. Lucy reads the journal and confirms that Rittenhouse was involved with some of the greatest tragedies in American history. However, they're supposed to protect history, even the bad stuff. Flynn comes up and says that there's a British garrison up the road, and they're going to defect.

To make things look convincing, the Colonials chase the group toward the British garrison. The Redcoats let them in and they ask for a meeting with Benedict. Lucy says that General Clinton sent them, and Flynn claims that their loyalists and have covert information about Washington's troop movements. Benedict hasn't received word from Clinton, and Lucy whispers to him that Clinton can be a bit erratic. She then claims that Wyatt fought with Benedict before under Colonel Lamb. Benedict vaguely remembers well, and Benedict takes them to Earl Cornwallis. Lucy says that they prefer to talk with Benedict alone because he inspired them. Flynn has enough, draws his gun, and kills Cornwallis and his guard. Wyatt subdues Benedict when he tries to run, and Flynn dismisses the change as nothing.

Once they tie Benedict up, Flynn tells Benedict that they're time travelers from 2016. Benedict assumes that Flynn is insane, and Flynn says that it doesn't matter because they need to know about Rittenhouse. When the captive says that he doesn't know about them, Flynn shows him the letter from the clock. In it Benedict says that he's meeting with someone who is recruiting great men. Lucy says that she knows all about Benedict's life, and how he was passed over for promotion to Major General and Washington did nothing. Because of that, Benedict betrayed his former friend. Benedict insists that Washington betrayed him, but Rittenhouse is going to give him the future that he deserves and no one can stop them. They realize that Rittenhouse is one man, and Benedict says that the man he's talking with is David Rittenhouse. Flynn says that the fact it was one man isn't in the journal, and tells benedict to introduce them to David. When Benedict wonders why he would do that, Flynn tells him that Washington is holding Peggy. If they don't return with Benedict in three days, Washington will execute Peggy.

Out in the hallway, the trio discusses what to do. Rufus says that he's in, figuring that all they have to do is kill one guy. He points out that Wyatt has done it before and so has he, and if killing David will free his family then he's in. Wyatt agrees as well, and Lucy warns that history will change if they kill David. When she hesitates, Wyatt says that it's saving one man to save hundreds of lives. He figures that Lucy believes in helping people. Flynn and Benedict come down, and Wyatt asks if Lucy is ready. After a moment, she nods in agreement.

The group takes a carriage back toward Colonial lines, and they stop to water the horses. Lucy notices that Flynn is comfortable with the horses, and he explains that he wanted to be a cowboy when he grew up. He says that the journal said that they would work together, but Lucy doesn't want to hear it. She asks what Flynn will do if they kill David, and Flynn says that he'll go back to his family because they'll be alive again. After that, he'll say goodbye and walk away forever. Flynn admits that he's become something horrible chasing down Rittenhouse, and he won't bring that into his home.

The group continues on and arrives at the Rittenhouse manor. Benedict suggests to Flynn that just the two of them go in, and Flynn says that they'll leave Rufus behind. After doing so, they approach the manor and the guard lets them in. The group goes inside and David's son John greets them. There are clocks on the walls, and John explains that David built them and is fascinated with time. While they wait, John sits down to try and work on his clock, and Lucy approaches him. She assures him that he's doing a good job, and John talks about how peasants can't choose their own path. The boy says that the Rittenhouses will choose their path because no one else is suitable. He talks about how control is best administered from the shadows, and peasants want the illusion of a voice. Lucy says that what John is describing is tyranny disguised as democracy, and John insists that his father says there is no other choice. She asks him what he believes, and John admits that no one has ever asked him that before.

David comes in and greets Benedict. John says that they want to join their cause, and David points out that Benedict has ever brought him recruits before. He asks to take a better look at them, and John escorts Lucy to David. David checks her body and asks if she has reproduced, and then nods to his guards. They raise their guns and David says that they're there to kill him. He's noticed that Lucy is sweating and Wyatt is holding a hand near the pistol in his jacket. However, he tells Lucy that they'll find a good use for him.

Rufus approaches the manor, feigning illness, and knocks out the guard when he comes over.

David examines Wyatt's pistol and says that he's never seen one like it. Benedict insists that he just wants to serve the cause, and David tells him to shut up. David talks about Benedict's flaws, and dismisses him as an idiot. Benedict insists that it's a friend, but David figures that he can't trust a traitor and shoots him dead with Wyatt's gun.

Once Benedict is dead, David says that he'll figure out where the gun came from eventually. He then tells John to watch because it's important that he see what will happen next. The guards force Wyatt and Flynn to their knees, and John begs his father not to kill them in front of him. David says that he has to see the world as it really is, and John agrees. The guards take Lucy to David's bedchamber, and he prepares to shoot. However, Rufus arrives and fire, and Wyatt and Flynn jump the guards while David crawls away. Working together, Flynn and Wyatt take out the men while Lucy runs back.

David is hiding behind a chair, and Flynn aims his gun at him. When David says that what he is doing will outlive all of them, Flynn shoots him dead. He then realizes that John escaped. Flynn says that they need to kill John, and the others object. After a moment, Flynn leaves the room, locking the door behind him. By the time they break through, Flynn is gone. Rufus and Wyatt go after Flynn while Lucy looks for John.

Flynn goes into the woods and finds John. The boy begs for his life, but Flynn aims the pistol. He hesitates and then breaks into tears. He turns and starts to walk away, but then turns and aims. Lucy is there blocking his shot, and says that she won't let Flynn kill a child. She reminds Flynn that he wanted to be a cowboy when he was a boy, and people change. Lucy tells him that he has a choice to be something different. She begs Flynn not to do it, saying that he can still be a father... but not if he kills John. Flynn shoves her out of the way and realizes that John has run off. Furious, Flynn drags Lucy away.

Rufus and Wyatt hear Lucy yelling and go after her.

Flynn takes Lucy to the mothership and takes her inside. Wyatt and Rufus get there just as the mothership departs.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 13, 2016

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