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Christy Goes Traveling Recap

When PT-73 returns from a supply run, McHale sees the hole in the side and wonders what's going on. Parker says that it's his fault, and Gruber claims that they were attacked by Zeros. Christy finally admits that it's his fault because he grabbed the wrong chart and they were ten degrees off-course. they ran into a coral reef, and Christy says that he can't get his mind off of his daughter on her 2nd birthday. Binghamton turned down Christy's leave, and Gruber says that they sent a letter to Comfleet. McHale isn't thrilled to hear that they went over Binghamton's head, and tells the crew that they need to fix the damage before Binghamton finds out about it. He and Parker will "requisition" some plates to make repairs, and McHale warns that the rest of them can't goof off while they're gone. Parker forgets to cast off and the back of the skiff gets ripped off.

Later, Christy apologizes to the others for getting them into trouble. Marty, a bomber with the Air Corps, arrives and the crew goes over to greet him and pick up Gruber's souvenir merchandise and ship it via mail sacks. He says that he's heading for San Diego in ten minutes, and Christy says that he lives in San Diego and begs Marty to take him with him instead of the souvenirs. Gruber warns that if Christy goes then he'll be AWOL, but agrees to help. Marty refuses until they agree to pay him.

In his office, Binghamton is complaining why the Captain Burton with Public Relations never mentions his name in the Navy Chronicle. Burton tells Binghamton to do something important first and hangs up. Carpenter runs in and says that Colonel "Black Jack" Cooper has arrived, the famous war hero. Binghamton figures that if he can get a picture of him shaking hands with Cooper then the Chronicle will run his name. Cooper pulls up outside and Binghamton goes to meet him while Carpenter gets the camera.

McHale and Parker pull up, knocking Binghamton into a mud puddle. While Parker swipes the supplies, McHale goes to check on Binghamton and makes sure that he doesn't see anything. Cooper pulls up and the half-blinded Binghamton figures that Cooper almost ran him down. The colonel explains who he is and Carpenter comes out to take a picture of the mud-covered Binghamton. McHale quickly excuses himself and Cooper tells Binghamton that he's there for a briefing on the naval charts... with McHale. Binghamton claims that Christy does all the work and McHale grabs the credit, and offers to call Christy in.

Parker and McHale arrive at PT-73 and the crew decides to stall. Binghamton calls and says that he wants to talk to Christy, and McHale calls for his navigator. The crew feigns ignorance, but McHale doesn't buy it and Gruber finally admits that Christy is heading for San Diego. McHale has no choice but to tell Binghamton that Christy has a popped knee from a football injury and will send him over. Cooper says that he'll come over to talk to Christy personally, and makes it a direct order. McHale tells the crew what's happened, and they realize only one person knows enough about navigation to pass for Christy: Parker.

When Cooper arrives, he refuses to talk to anyone but "Christy." Parker stumbles out, wearing a seaman's uniform and feigning a knee injury, and Cooper explains that their raid depends on the briefing's accuracy. When McHale tries to intervene, Cooper orders him to shut up, still figuring him for a glory hound. Parker makes a mess of it and McHale steps in, translating his "system." He kicks Parker in the leg and Parker knocks over the chart table, and Cooper yanks the charts away and says that he'll figure it out himself.

Later, Binghamton is dictating a memo to Burton when Burton comes in. He says that the letter they received makes up for everything that Binghamton has ever done. The letter talks about the baby's blue eyes, and Burton shows Binghamton the papers for Father of the Year. Binghamton points out that he doesn't have any children, and Burton says that he's there to do an article on Christy. He has a fighter ready to fly Christy back to the States in time for his baby's birthday and take advantage of the publicity. Binghamton figures that he can take advantage of the publicity and says that he'll meet Burton at the airfield.

As the crew finish the repairs, Burton arrives and explains that he's there to see Christy and send him back to the States as the Navy's Father of the Year. Parker comes over still posing as Christy, and stumbles through another fake story. McHale claims that he's suffering from fatigue, and Burton drags Parker away. The crew say that "Christy" lives with his mother-in-law and she can't stand him. McHale has no choice but to wish Parker a nice trip. The crew realize that when Binghamton sees the photos of Parker posing as Christy, they're doomed.

Christy arrives on a skiff and explains that the mail sacks got bumped off the plane to make room for an admiral. McHale gets an idea and takes Christy down to the airfield.

Burton's photographer takes a picture of Parker and Burton together, and then loads him into the fighter. McHale and the men arrive and approach Burton, and ask to say goodbye to "Christy." Christy and Parker start to switch places, but Binghamton arrives and Parker accidentally starts the fighter. It lifts off and Parker tries to fly without much success. On the ground, Binghamton sees Christy and wonders who is in the fighter. Burton arrives and says that he knows what Christy looks like, just as Parker circles back around and accidentally triggers the machineguns.

Everyone takes cover, and Binghamton realizes that Parker is missing and figures that he's flying the fighter. Parker accidentally comes around for another pass and releases bombs, and then jumps and releases his parachute, dropping to safely.

Later, Binghamton confronts the crew and gloats about having enough to have them shot. Burton arrives and says that now that he has Christy, he's getting him to San Diego for the Father of the Year award. He warns Binghamton that if any word leaks out, he'll have him transferred to the Sea Scouts. The crew shove Binghamton to the back and pose for a photo with Burton.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 18, 2016

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