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The Great Eclipse Recap

Gruber is preparing an admission-only party for the upcoming eclipse the next day, and the crew figures that they'll clean up. When they wonder where the entertainment is, Gruber shows up in a tux to perform magic. McHale and Parker arrive and McHale is less than thrilled to see that they're charging $5 just to see an eclipse. He insists that they'll be no party, warning that Binghamton warned them, but they assure their commander that they have the area booby-trapped. One of the traps goes off, hauling Binghamton into the air. They hide Fuji and go to free Binghamton,

Later, Binghamton is at his office applying ice to his head after Parker cut him down. Carpenter comes in and reports that McHale's crew is in the brig. Admiral Rogers calls and says that the Pentagon wants to build an emergency landing strip on Managi. He wants Binghamton to sign a treaty with the natives, and warns that they're headhunters. The Pentagon doesn't want to send anyone with weapons, Once rogers hangs up, Carpenter begs Binghamton not to go. Binghamton figures that McHale speaks the language, and they go to visit McHale as he visits his crew.

As McHale and Parker go to the brig, they find Gruber and the others tunneling out. Binghamton comes over and McHale tells Gruber to hide. The captain says that he was going to apologize to the crew for having them arrested, and Parker accidentally calls Binghamton "Leadbottom." Binghamton keeps his temper and says that he's giving the crew a choice assignment, and they're heading for Managi. McHale knows all about the headhunters, and Carpenter tells them that they're to go unarmed. Binghamton says that he's going with them, but regulations require that someone stay behind with the boat to stand watch. He goes in to tell the crew the news, and falls into their escape tunnel.

Later, PT-73 lands at Managi and Binghamton tells McHale that he and Carpenter will stay with the boat. The crew head through the jungle and hears the native drums signaling their arrival. The headhunters surround them and take them to their village, and McHale offers the Chief gifts. The Chief doesn't want them, and understands English when Gruber insults his face. He says that their witch doctor died and there are evil spirits everywhere, and refuses to sign the treaty until a witch doctor chases away the spirits. McHale offers the services of their witch doctor: Gruber. The Chief says that if McHale is lying, his men will kill them.

McHale whispers to Gruber to do a couple of his magic tricks. Gruber calls Parker up as a volunteer and borrows his pencil, while the Chief admires Parker's head. The Chief then eats the pencil before Gruber can make it vanish, and gives Gruber a string of his sacred human teeth for his next trick. Gruber cuts the string and drops the teeth into Parker's hat, but fails to reassemble the string. The crew runs for the boat, but Parker goes back to get his hat. He tries to sneak back into the village but gets recaptured.

Parker tells the Chief that he's an assistant witch doctor, and tries to do "magic" using his cigarette lighter. It's out of fuel, but the Chief stares in shock as the eclipse occurs overhead and the moon apparently eats the sun.

Heading back to the boat, the crew sees the solar eclipse and McHale realizes that Parker is gone. They go back to the village to rescue their friend and find the headhunters begging Parker to bring back the sun. McHale figures that it's the break they need and enter the village, and praises Parker as a great witch doctor. He tells the Chief to sign the treaty and Parker will bring back the sun. The Chief agrees and McHale tells Parker to fake it because the eclipse is almost over. Parker begins chanting and the crew chant along with him. The eclipse ends and the headhunters cheer.

Later, McHale brings Binghamton and Carpenter to the village and assures him that it's safe to sign the treaty. When Binghamton calls the Chief "fatso," he takes offense and McHale remembers to tell Binghamton that the Chief speaks English. The captain claims that big bosses are called "fatsos", and the Chief refuses to sign the treaty until Parker chases away evil spirits. The headhunters bring Parker out in a palanquin and when Binghamton goes over to berate him, the Chief takes offense. The Chief and his people kneel to Parker, and McHale tells Binghamton to play along. He does so and Parker removes the "evil spirits" from the treaty. Once he's done, the Chief signs the treaty and Carpenter takes a picture of Binghamton signing it.

As the crew tries to leave, the Chief tells Parke that he's staying and will be married. He calls out Parker's brides--a half-dozen of them--and says that according to custom, the new witch doctor must marry the old witch doctor's brides. The wedding will be the next day, and Binghamton insists that nothing will and in the way of the treaty.

The next day, PT-73 heads back and Binghamton has wedding gifts wrapped. Once everyone else goes, McHale tells Tinker to follow them in five minutes and go into his act. Tinker comes out dressed like a woman.

The others arrive in the village and the Chief greets "Captain Fatso." Parker and the brides are brought out, and McHale tells him that he has it under control. As the Chief performs the ceremony, Tinker runs in and claims that Parker is "her" husband. McHale tells Binghamton to keep it quiet and they'll save Parker and the treaty.

McHale then intervenes and says that the wedding is off because Parker is already married. In the struggle, Tinker's dress is pulled off and the Chief realizes that Tinker is a man. McHale claims that it's a joke, but the Chief is not amused. His men prepare to kill them, and Binghamton takes out a grenade and threatens to blow them up. The Chief casually takes it away with him, with no idea what a grenade is, and pulls the pin. McHale throws it away and it blows up a hut. The Chief figures that they have bad magic and orders them to leave the island. However, he insists that Binghamton stay since the grenade belonged to him, and become their new witch doctor. McHale reminds Binghamton about the treaty and says that they'll be back for the wedding.

As PT-73 heads back to base, McHale warns the happy crew that they'll have to pick up Binghamton once the Seabees arrive. Willie demonstrates what Binghamton did, unaware that he's holding a live grenade. The others tell him to throw it away, and he does so just in time.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2016

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