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To Binghamton with Love Recap

Japanese observers have detected unusual activity and their air force received orders to attack. They bomb Taratupa... revealing the crew playing dice with the other sailors. They all run off except Gruber, who is in the middle of a hot streak. He finally runs with the others to the 73 and the sailors from the fleet promise to be there at the island Saturday night to continue the game.

McHale, Parker, and Fuji wait at the island for the 73 to return. Binghamton and Carpenter arrive and Fuji hides before the commander can see him. They go to greet Binghamton, who says that Admiral Benson is coming for a surprise inspection. He notices that the 73 is gone and McHale says that it's on a special recon mission. The 73 returns and Binghamton hides himself and Carpenter behind some drums, telling McHale not to say anything or signal.

The crews talk about the crap game, and Binghamton steps out. He tells Carpenter to draw up the court-martial papers and recites the charges. McHale objects but Binghamton tells him to have the crew at the brig after Benson's inspection.

After the inspection, Binghamton and Carpenter take Benson to the officer's club. He points out that Binghamton was rough on the 73 crew, and says that the officers that earn their men's respect and affections are the ones that move ahead. Binghamton agrees, insisting that he's a father to his men, and Benson shows them the watch his men gave him when he had his testimonial dinner. Eager to please, Binghamton says that his men are throwing him a testimonial dinner on Saturday. Benson tells him that he might come back for the dinner. Once he leaves, Binghamton tells Carpenter to throw him a dinner.

Later, Carpenter tells Binghamton that there'll only be two people at the dinner: the two of them. Binghamton figures that he's ruined, and Carpenter points out that McHale is good at throwing parties. He suggests that Binghamton forget the charges, just as McHale marches the crew past outside. Binghamton irritably goes out and then tries to at cheery. McHale reminds him that he sent them to the stockade, and Binghamton says that he'll drop the charges. The crew decides to go to the stockade, figuring Binghamton wants a favor, and Binghamton finally tells McHale that he needs a testimonial dinner. McHale has no choice but to agree, and Binghamton tells him to make sure there's a big turnout. Once he leaves, Gruber points out that the others are coming over Saturday night to finish the crap game. McHale tells him to get rid of the game and they're in the banquet business.

Later, the crew talks around and report to each other. No one wants to come, and McHale and Parker haven't had any better luck. Gruber suggests that they call the game on again, and McHale tells him that the game is on. They'll run the crap game and the testimonial at the same time to get people to come. Once they get Binghamton in and out quick, they can get the game going.

The crew decorates for the dinner and put on their uniforms. Gruber has a crap game sign up behind the "We love Binghamton" sign, and McHale tells them to stay in line while Binghamton is there. Binghamton and Carpenter arrive and Binghamton admires the sign. McHale takes them to the banquet hall, and they notice that Parker is nervous. They go in and McHale says that they're expecting quite a crowd. Christy reports that several boats are coming in, and Binghamton gives Parker a solid gold watch to give to him after his speech.

The fleet sailors come in, and Gruber and Happy explain that the whole thing is a cover in case they get raided and Binghamton will be playing as well. The sailors agree to play along, and tell Binghamton how much money they brought. Once everyone is inside, they start rolling dice. Binghamton finally tells McHale that Benson is coming and goes to the dock. McHale tells Parker and Gruber that they have to stall, and sends Parker to start a speech to keep the players in their seats.

Parker and Gruber go into the hut and Parker stumbles through a speech. The sailors start betting and when Virgil tries to stop them, a fight breaks out.

McHale tries to get Binghamton into the hut, but Binghamton insists on Benson seeing the dinner for himself. When McHale sees the fight, he tells Binghamton that they should go to the officer's club to wait for Benson. Binghamton hears the noise from the fight and sees a man come flying out, and goes into the hut. He takes a pie to the face and McHale orders them all to settle down. Binghamton is furious and the sailors assure him he'll get his cut of the game. They say that it's a phony testimonial, just as Carpenter runs in and says that Benson is there. McHale tells him the truth and when Benson hears all about it, he'll have Binghamton arrested as well.

Binghamton has no choice but to play along, and everyone sings in Binghamton's honor as Benson comes in. Parker has to give Binghamton his watch because the testimonial one was broken in the fight. Benson checks it and notices the inscription: "To Poopsie With Love." Binghamton claims that it's the men's pet name for him, and they all sing "For Poopsie's a Jolly Good Fellow."

Written by Gadfly on Dec 28, 2016

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