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Odessa Recap

Noah goes to a gas station restroom and washes Rene’s blood off of his hands.

At Pinehearst, Emily and Tommy meet in the gardener’s shed and Tommy explains about his power. She wants to figure out how it works, but Tommy warns that people hate Evos. Tommy remembers when he was 7 and being locked up in a room without windows because of his power. Emily asks him to make a flower that she’s holding disappear, and Tommy obliges. Brad is secretly watching from the window.

Noah bails Quentin out of jail and explains that Lumiere was a front for some kind of operation. When he went back, he discovered that the place was killed out. Noah demands answers from Quentin and orders him in the car.

Tommy and Emily leave the shed and she goes off to trig. Brad confronts Tommy and says that he saw what he did, and drags him off to turn him in.

Joanne and Luke find themselves in a sealed room filled with toys. They realize that the room has iron-backed walls, and Luke notices that one of the toys is just like the one their son Dennis had. He wonders if they’re in Hell, pointing out that if they had let Tommy go then they wouldn’t be imprisoned. Joanne insists that it’s her drive that has kept them going, and reminds Luke that he was the one who convinced her to take Dennis to the summit. Angry, Luke tells her to sit down and let him think.

Ren goes to Miko’s apartment to apologize and discovers that the door is unlocked. He goes in and finds Miko’s computer, which is logged onto Evernow. Katana Girl is fighting ninja in Bandit City, and Ren watches as she cuts them apart. More warriors drag away Hachiro, while others fight her to stop her pursuit. Ren logs into the game and joins in the fight, and Miko realizes who he is.. She goes after her father and tells Ren to buy her time, and Ren agrees.

Tommy points out that he could make Brad disappear, and all he wants to do is live his life. When Brad wonders if he’s with Mohinder’s group, Tommy insists that he’s a pacifist. Brad agrees to keep his mouth shut... if Tommy does something for him. Tommy agrees and they drive off as Casper watches.

After Oscar’s funeral, Carlos talks Jose back to the garage. The family priest, Mauricio, comes in and tells Jose that his mother wants him back at their apartment. Once Jose leaves, Mauricio asks Carlos if he reconciled with Oscar. Carlos admits that they didn’t and says that he wanted to be something instead of a luchador like their grandfather. As he leaves, Mauricio invites Carlos to come see him and points out that Carlos died standing up for the underdog.

Brad takes Tommy to his home and says that he wants Tommy to make his stepfather Don disappear. Tommy says that he doesn’t know who his father is, but Brad shows him his bruises and explains that Don beats his wife as well. Brad tells Tommy to get rid of the man by the time he gets back, and says that Tommy is going to hang for awhile. Tommy braces himself and starts to reach for Don’s hand, and Don asks what the hell he’s doing. Shocked, Tommy runs out and away... and Casper watches him go.

Quentin explains that at Renautas he scanned and digitalized files concerning Primatech. Noah admits that he doesn’t remember how he survived the June 13 explosion, and he needs to know why he didn’t save Claire. Quentin is sure that Renautas engineered the explosion, and Noah admits that Mohinder isn’t the terrorist type. He needs Quentin’s help to find an Evo named Molly Walker who can find anyone just by thinking about them... before Renautas does.

Ren’s viewpoint changes to where Miko is fighting the warriors holding Hachiro. Once they’re down, Hachiro says that there is more for them to do there. He is suddenly pulled away, and a warrior knocks out Miko from behind. She appears in her apartment, unconscious.

A woman, Taylor, goes to an underground casino in Nolita, NY, and sits down at the bar. A woman, Zoe, is sitting nearby watching a man, Francis, winning at the craps table. Zoe goes over to the man and he has her blow on the dice for luck before making his pass. The bouncers notice Francis is winning too much, and Francis invites Zoe back to his hotel room.

Casper goes to Brad’s house and says that he has an opportunity to discuss. He holds up a penny and Don invites him in.

Carlos goes down to his brother’s secret lair and drinks, and notices a board with clippings of various cops. There’s a newspaper article about El Vengador killing three officers while they were investigating a rape, and Officer Eugene Pakowski identified the vigilante as the killer. Pakowski is one of the photos on Oscar’s board.

Ren makes Miko comfortable and admits that she’s a fantastic miracle. She wakes up and tells Ren that everything he said about her and the sword are true. Miko figures that she has to go back, but Ren warns that if she does and she dies, she may be dead in real life. She admits that she doesn’t know, but she has to take the chance because Hachiro is all she’s ever had. Miko picks up her sword and goes to the building that looks like the one in the VR. Ren agrees to guide her, and Miko disappears back into the VR.

Francis takes Zoe to his room at the Hotel Dean and pours drinks. Once they drink, he starts to kiss her, and Zoe says that she knows he was cheating. She secretly picks up a dinner knife, and figures that he’s an Evo. Zoe explains that she works for the Dragon Lunge and throws the knife at him, and he telekinetically stops it. Francis pleads for a chance to escape, and Zoe agrees... if he give her the money. Francis hands over his money but then drops it on the floor and telekinetically locks the door. Zoe sprays him in the face with hair spray, setting his cigar on fire and burning his face. He telekinetically slams her through the door and pins her to the hallway wall, just as two hotel guests come out of the elevator. The man clubs Francis unconscious, just as Taylor arrives and guides Zoe away. As they go, Taylor says that Zoe isn’t someone who wants to deal with cops, and says that they’ll get a drink.

Noah drives to Odessa to the Primatech site. It’s marked toxic, and Noah tells Quentin that it’s a scarecrow to keep people up. He revs the car and drives through the gate. He goes to what’s left of his old office and enters the tunnel leading to Level 5. There’s a secret chamber with his files, and they start looking for any information on Molly or Renautas. As they search, Quentin finds a list of individuals absent from the summit... including Claire and Molly. Noah admits that he doesn’t remember anything after arriving at the summit. He wonders why Quentin is so interested in helping, and he explains that they took his sister Phoebe, who could manipulate darkness. Noah admits that she wasn’t one of the Evos he bagged, and Quentin believes she didn’t die on June 13 with the others. After a moment, Noah explains that he and Claire had a fight after she came out. He was going to make things right with her at the summit, and Quentin agrees to help him find Claire. Noah agrees, but says that they have to be honest with each other. Quentin agrees and they shake.

Several floors below, Luke and Joanne examine their prison. Joanne wonders if Luke hates her, and admits that she can be a taskmaster. Luke assures his wife that he doesn’t hate her, and wonders why there’s no light switch. He has Joanne stand with her on a specific spot and then shoots out the lights. A light shines through the wall, and Luke smashes the one-way glass with a chair.

Tommy meets Brad and is surprised when the jock says that Don is gone. He assumes that Tommy disposed of him and promises that he’s got his back from now on. Casper, watching, smiles in satisfaction. Emily watches from the ice cream parlor across the street.

Pakowski returns to his apartment and finds the El Vengador mask on his doorstep. Carlos grabs him from behind and demands to know who set up the vigilante. Pakowski finally gives up the name of his captain, James Dearing, and Carlos knocks him unconscious.

Taylor takes Zoe to a bar and introduces herself. When Zoe says that she has people looking for her and needs the money, Taylor offers to write her a check because she has more money than she’ll ever need. She admits that she envies Zoe for living without a safety net, and warns that money always comes with strings attached.

Carlos goes to Mauricio’s church and enters the confessional booth. He explains that Oscar had a secret room and a chart with photos of cops, and Mauricio says that Oscar ran an underground railroad for Evos to Canada. Oscar believed that there was a shadow unit within the police, and asks Carlos to help him get two Evos on a boat to Vancouver. When Carlos wonders why he cares, Mauricio transforms into mists and reaches through the confessional screen.

After the parlor closes, Tommy insists that he didn’t do anything to Don. He tells her that someone has been texting him warnings like the one that got him out of the Evo safehouse. Emily opens a container of maple walnut ice cream and finds the flower that Tommy made vanish. When he says that’s what he was thinking of, Emily figures that he teleports people and things to wherever he’s thinking. Tommy remembers that he was thinking of the place where he was taken as a child when he teleported Luke and Joanne away.

Luke smashes through the glasses and he and Joanne step through. They realize there are dozens of similar cells. An agent, Stevens, comes in with coffee and a donut, and Joanne quickly grabs him and demands to know how they get out. They use his key card to go out the way he came in, and come to a room filled with technicians. Joanne opens fire on them and Luke joins in after a moment as the security guards return fire.

Noah hears the gunfire and goes to investigate.

Luke and Joanne take the elevator up and find themselves in the Primatech ruins. After they move off, Noah arrives and takes the elevator down to the control room. There’s a board with a list of names, referred to as “Midian Assets,” and the data for Molly Walker is lost. One agent, Stevens, is barely alive. He tells Noah that they figured out a way to monetize the Evos to save the world, and says that Epic launches in 24 hours. He mutters that Molly is the only one who can locate it, and then dies.

Mauricio brings the two Evos, Sylvia and her son Damon, to the garage. Sylvia has the power to transmute objects to gold, and transmutes a plug to gold to pay Carlos for his services. As she takes the tunnel to the harbor, Carlos looks at the El Vengador costume on its rack.

As Joanne and Luke drive away in Noah’s car, Joanne goes through the files and discovers that it’s a list of all the Evos. Luke wonders whose car it is, and Joanne doesn’t care.

Noah goes back to the surface and finds a wounded Quentin. He explains that Luke and Joanne shot him and took it, and Noah tells him about Epic in Midian, and that Molly’s power drives it. He says that they have to get to Midian and save Molly.

Zoe wakes up in Francis’ room, handcuffed to a chair. Taylor is there and kisses him, and Zoe realizes that Taylor drugged her. Francis makes a call and says that they have Molly.

In the VR Bandit City, Miko enters the building and more warriors surround her. Miko sheathes the cell and finds herself in the Yamagato Building. Security guards move in with batons and one of them grasps the sword. She tells them not to touch her sword and attacks them, using her martial skills from the VR realm.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 26, 2015

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