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Fugitive Recap

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.

Nick and Renard stare at each other over Conrad's body, and Nick says that he thought Renard was on Conrad's side. Renard stares at the corpses of the Black Claw operatives scattered around the loft, and Nick admits that he's not sure how he healed from his mortal wound. He wonders why Renard stopped Conrad, and Renard says that he's not sure. The captain tosses away the sword and takes the elevator down without another word.

Monroe and Rosalee continue looking through the tunnels, and come to an axe on the floor. The Blutbad says that they have to go back, and Rosalee agrees.

Hank and Wu continue through the tunnels and they both agree that Renard will go down for what he did. They hear water ahead and move forward, and come to a grate in the floor. The bars won't break.

Monroe hacks at the gate with the ax and finally breaks it open. There's a ladder beyond and Monroe climbs up it to a door. He opens it and discovers that it leads to a generator room. Monroe climbs back down, and Rosalee says that she doesn't want to tell anyone that she's pregnant. She points out that they have no idea if Black Claw killed Nick or if they're coming after them. Monroe promises that he'll kill them if they come and they continue on.

Eve tells Trubel that they regroup, rebuild, and keep fighting. Trubel warns that they can't do it in Portland, and decides to go back for Nick. Eve tells Trubel to stay there while she goes for Nick because she owes him, and then woges into her Hexenbiest form for a moment. She says that something is blocking her, just as Rosalee and Monroe arrive. They say that they've found an escape, just as Hank and Wu arrive.

Trubel and Eve go back to the loft and the others follow. They hear someone coming and turn off the lights, and Trubel attacks... Nick. He catches her hand and says that all of the Black Claw operatives are dead and Renard killed Conrad. Wu points out the bullet holes in Nick's shirt and he assures them he's not a ghost.

Adalind is taking care of Kelly at the house when Renard comes in. He says that Nick is still alive and Adalind wonders why he's still alive. Renard tells her that Conrad is dead but he's not sure who killed him, and finally admits that he killed Conrad... he thinks. The captain figures that Adalind is responsible, but she says that she wouldn't risk it given what Conrad could do to her children. Renard asks if Diana is asleep, figuring that she's the only one with the power to kill Conrad and Rachel. Adalind remembers Diana wrapping up Rachel in the bedsheets, and tells Renard that she told Diana that Rachel caused the bruises on Adalind's neck. Renard starts to go after Diana, but Adalind points out that if Diana is that powerful then Renard might not be able to stop her. She suggests that Diana wanted to protect her mother and make her father to be a hero, and Renard reconsiders. He figures that Black Claw will find about Conrad's death, and he has to go after whoever killed him. Renard tells Adalind that she should never have fallen in love with Nick and now she's going to regret it, and then walks out.

Renard calls a judge and wakes him up. The captain says that he'll be over in five minutes.

Adalind checks on Diana and finds her sleeping. There's a crude doll on her bed, and Diana wakes up and asks if anything is wrong. Adalind asks if she was playing with her dolls, and Diana says that she was because of the man who hurt Adalind's neck. She didn't want Conrad to hurt her ever again, and Adalind holds her tight.

When the group returns to the loft, they stare at the bodies in shock. Nick figures that Renard will be trying to figure out a way to explain why he killed Conrad. Eve shows Nick her uninjured side and says that he healed her, and wonders how. Nick says that he was saved the same way and shows her the stick that he and Monroe found in West Germany. They explain about the seizure that Eve had, and she admits that when she came to, she felt different and something has changed. Wu suggests that they dump the bodies into the sewer via the tunnel, and Eve and Trubel go with Monroe and Rosalee to dispose of the bodies at the spice shop.

The judge meets Renard outside his house, and Renard demands search warrants. Renard woges and so does the judge, and Renard says that Conrad is dead. They both revert back and Renard claims that Nick killed Conrad... and he's taking him down for it. The judge agrees to get him as many warrants as he needs.

Later at the station, Renard finds two corpses in the hallway, their throats torn out. Franco tells him that someone killed the cops transferring Nick to the north precinct. The sergeant notes that the officers were called off on 911 calls, and Renard says that Nick had help. He tells Franco to put out an APB on Nick with orders to shoot to kill. After a moment, Franco agrees.

After they dispose of the bodies, Hank tells Nick that he should move because too many people know where he lives. Adalind calls Nick and tells him that Renard said that he killed Conrad. She says that she can't leave the house and asks Nick to come over now that the guards are gone, and Nick says that he'll be there as soon as he can.

At the spice shop, Eve grabs one of the dead bodies. It grabs her arm and the lights flicker, and Eve goes into a trance. Eve sees herself dangling in a void and the Black Claw man trying to drag her down. Rosalee says that it's a death grip, and that legend has it that if the dead man can trade a pure soul for an eternal afterlife. She finds a book with the way to negate the death grip, draws a sword, and cuts off the killer's hand, severing the link. Eve snaps out of her trance and Rosalee explains about the pure soul. Trubel figures that Eve's soul isn't as dark as it used to be after the stick was used on her.

Hank and Wu arrive at the station and see the corpses, and Wu remembers woging and killing them. Franco approaches them and warns that they just got word that North Precinct was wiped out, and Renard is blaming Nick for the murders. He explains about the shoot-to-kill order, and asks if Nick contacted them. Hank says that he hasn't, and Franco tells them that Nick should either turn himself in or get out of the country. Wu and Hank go past Renard's office and see him cleaning the place out. Hank figures that they're on Renard's list as well.

In his office, Renard gets a call from Black Claw. Renard tells him that Conrad is dead and Nick killed him. The Black Claw man tells Renard to get control of Portland and kill Nick, and Renard assures him that he will. Blood appears on Renard's hand, just as Franco comes in with the search warrants. When Renard takes them, his hands are clean.

Nick arrives at the house and Adalind runs to him. They kiss and Adalind explains that Conrad is the one who choked her. She admits that she told Conrad where Nick lived to protect her children, and Nick assures her that he understands. Adalind takes Nick to see Kelly, and Nick sees the engagement ring that Conrad put on her. She explains that Conrad enchanted it to hurt her children if she removed it, and Nick promises that they'll find a way to remove it. Adalind warns that she's afraid of Diana and she doesn't know how long she can stay in the middle. Hank calls Nick and tells him about the shoot-to-kill order. He tells the Grimm to find a place to lay low, and suggests that they stop using their cell phones. Nick agrees and hangs up, and Adalind vows to kill Renard if he hurts Nick. The Grimm tells her to only do it if he doesn't return, and they kiss.

Trubel and Eve return to the loft and wonder where the others went. Eve asks Trubel what she knows about the stick, and if Nick always carries it. Trubel says that Nick got it out to help her, and shows her the cloth that it's wrapped in. As Eve examines it, Hank calls and confirms that Monroe and Rosalee are heading home. He warns Trubel about the APB, just as sirens sound in the distance getting closer. Trubel and Eve quickly get out.

Monroe and Rosalee go to bed, and Monroe says that he's happy that they'll have a family. As they try to sleep, Monroe suggests that Portland may not be the safest place to raise a baby. Rosalee says that they can think about it later and they go to sleep. Wu calls and warns them about the APB. The police knock on the door and as they go down, the police break in and present their search. When Monroe angrily says that his wife is pregnant, the officer in charge draws a gun and tells Monroe not to interfere.

More SERT officers break into the spice shop. Trubel and Eve are in the tunnels and hear them. Meanwhile, Eve examines the cloth and finds several symbols. Trubel doesn't see them, and Eve tells her that she's seen them before... on the face of the killer that tried to drag her to Hell.

Franco tells Renard that there's no sign of Nick at any of the places that they've searched. He warns that Nick may have left the city, but Renard doesn't care. As they talk, Renard hallucinates Franco's face covered in blood. "Franco" says that Renard has chosen the wrong side, but Officer Welsh comes in and interrupts them. Franco's face reverts to normal, and Welsh says that they've found Nick's car. Renard orders Franco to search the entire area, and Franco and Welsh leave.

Bud arrives at his repair shop and finds Nick waiting for him. Nick asks for his help, explaining that he's on the run, and asks Bud to make some calls. Bud agrees and Nick tells him that Renard wants him dead. Hank is at the station and Bud claims that he had a break-in. He asks Hank and Wu to come check it out, and hints that Nick is with him. Hank and Wu take a cab to the shop to avoid being followed, and Bud takes them to the back where the others have gathered. Trubel reports that HW has been wiped out in Portland, and Eve figures that Renard is on his own as well. Nick refuses to leave Portland, and tells Hank and Wu to go back to work so they don't get caught up in Renard's plans.

Franco tells Renard that they're still searching the neighborhood near Nick's car, and Renard figures that Nick deliberately dumped it there to lead them off. Welsh says that they've checked Nick's cell phone and have come up with one common number: Bud's shop. Renard tells Franco to take teams to Bud's house and shop.

Hank and Wu return to the station, and Renard comes over. He promises that he'll find Nick and he'll go after them if they get in his way. Hank says that they won't be hard to find and the captain walks off. A call comes in on the discovery of Rachel's body, and Hank tells Wu to come with him.

At the shop, Rosalee suggests that Nick leave town in Bud's truck. Trubel calls Wu to have him check the system to see which vehicles are being tracked, and Eve asks Nick if he recognizes the symbols that she's sketched. He doesn't, and Eve explains that she saw them on the Black Claw killer's face as well as the cloth. She warns that Nick shouldn't carry the stick all of the time.

Hank and Wu go to Rachel's apartment and examine Rachel's body.

Franco parks his car near Bud's shop and calls in that they'll have to send someone in.

Wu confirms that Bud's truck is on the BOLO list, and a report just came in on it. They figure that the police are heading for the shop and Wu calls Trubel.

At the shop, the doorbell rings and Bud panics. Nick tells him to find out what they want, while Wu reaches Trubel. They put him on speaker and he warns that the police are moving on the shop. Nick confirms that the back route is clear, just as Bud comes back. The Grimm figures that they need a diversion, and tells Bud to back his truck into the loading bay while the others help him load a freezer. Bud works out that the police will follow him.

Wu calls Franco and warns that Renard is out of control. He gives Franco Bud's address and tells him not to say anything if he's there. Franco doesn't say anything, and Wu thanks him for his help. Hank confirms that a SERT team is heading to Bud's shop. A tech tells Hank that Renard's fingerprints are all over Rachel's apartment.

Bud and Monroe load the refrigerator on the truck and Monroe goes inside as the SERT squads pull up. Renard arrives with them and Franco tells them that they're preparing to leave. Meanwhile, Bud tells Nick that the shop is surrounded. Eve tries to woge but can't, and apologizes to Nick.

Outside, Renard tells the SERT officers to take them down.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 7, 2017

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