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The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo Recap

Tanya calls Ram but gets no answer, and leaves a message saying that she hasn't seen him since prom. She offers to be there if he wants to talk about what happened. April and Charlie call as well.

Coach Dawson is in the locker room and pulls a shirt on over the dragon tattoo on his back.

On the football field, Ram looks at his new prosthetic leg. He then limps out and joins in the soccer practice, but misses his shots. Dawson calls him in and Carroll points out to Dawson that Ram recently lost his girlfriend. Ram glances over at his father as Dawson tells him to face his demons. Once Ram goes back to the practice, Dawson tells Carroll to never question him in front of the players again. He then tells the players that they're done.

Carroll returns to the locker room and hears someone in the shower. Assuming that it's Dawson, he says that he's running the players too hard.

As they go, Varun tells Ram that he shouldn't be there because Rachel's only been gone a week. Ram doesn't want to talk about it and goes back to see Dawson.

Carroll goes to the showers and finds no one inside. Something reptilian attacks him as he turns, ripping off his skin and dragging him off. Ram comes in a minute later and sees Carroll's skinned corpse. The teenager ducks into a stall and whispers to himself to not happen yet. He hears Dawson come in and when he looks out, the corpse and the blood are gone. Dawson comes over and tells Ram to go home and to come back ready to play. Once Ram leaves, Dawson sees a few drops of blood on the drain grate, scraps it away and mutters that he's in control, not the dragon tattoo on his back… with blood on its teeth.

The next day, Charlie, April, and Tanya meet in the gym. Charlie points out that no one else seems to remember the Shadow Kin invasion at prom, and is surprised that they choose not to see. April figures that it wouldn't be so bad if nothing else came through the rift, and Charlie points out that she'd never get her heart back. They see Ram go by and Tanya confirms that he won't let any of them talk to him.

Armitage tells Quill that an inspector is coming, and reminds her that her class is part of the school. He warns that the inspector wants their science rating to improve and he'll be later that day.

In his office, Dawson moves ram to the second team.

Charlie approaches Ram at his locker and asks how his prosthetic leg is feeling. Ram insists that they're not friends and he has enough to deal with on his own, knocks Charlie's books out of his hands, and walks away.

Later in physics class, Quill hands back the student papers and says that they're all abysmal, particularly Ram's. April and Charlie point out that Ram lost his girlfriend, and Ram angrily tells them to leave him alone. He walks out and Quill gives the other students a surprise quiz. Meanwhile, Ram goes to Dawson's office and asks if Carroll is around. Dawson says that Carroll quit on him, and Ram notices that he's been moved to second team. He says that he'll earn his place , and Dawson warns that there is no third team. Ram leaves... unaware of Carroll's corpse behind Dawson's desk, wrapped in plastic.

Ram goes back to the locker room and checks the shower for blood. He finds none and figures that he's going crazy, and goes out for a smoke. A cleaner is there and offers him a lighter, and he asks her if she's ever felt like she's losing it. They hear a noise from a garbage bin and investigate, but there's nothing inside. When they turn away, the lid slams down, startling them. They turn back to face a giant dragon. It grabs the cleaner and flies off, her blood spraying in Ram's face. He hides and listens to the dragon skinning the cleaner alive, and then tossing her skin in the dumpster before dragging off the corpse. Ram goes to the shower to wash off the blood, and remembers watching Rachel die.

Later, Tanya contacts Ram at home via the Internet and he says that he saw something. They figure that they can't tell the adults, and Ram goes back to the dumpster armed with a bat. Tanya joins him and warns that her mother will toss her in a convent if she catches her out with a boy. She points out that Quill was supposed to help them, but Ram isn't thrilled with her, Charlie, and April. They go over and discover that someone has cleaned up all of the blood. Ram insists that it happened and blames himself for not doing anything, and Tanya points out that he couldn't have stopped the creature. She reminds him that he saved April from the Shadow Kin, and starts complaining about how she's three years younger than the others.

Something moves in the nearby alleyway, and Dawson comes out. Ram hides the bat behind his back and says that there are weird things going on. Dawson asks if he's high, and tells them both to leave. As they go, Ram tells Tanya not to tell the others. Behind them, the dragon tattoo slithers down Dawson's arm. He tells it that it's getting out of control and tells it to fix things.

The next day in physics class, the inspector continues taking notes and glares at Quill... who glares back. Afterward on the soccer field, Ram is still having trouble with his leg and a disappointed Varun watches. Ram finally gets clear and scores a goal, and Dawson congratulates him. That night, Varun drives his son home and finally says that they don't know what happened to Rachel. Ram tells him not to make him talk about it,.

Tanya goes home and confirms that Vivian is still at work. She then texts Ram and offers to help him with his homework, no talking. There's no response and she continues her hacking attempt.

Quill shows Charlie the inspector's ID badge, and says that she's been unable to find anything on him online. His trousers are 40 years out of date, his glasses are fake, and he has no writing calluses. Charlie isn't convinced and Quill storms off.

Ram finally contacts Tanya, and they work on his homework. He wonders why she doesn't want him to talk about Rachel, and Tanya says that it didn't do her any good when she lost her father two years ago from a stroke. She didn't know what anyone wanted to say to her until one day, she did.

The next day in class, Quill and the inspector--Paul Smith, according to his ID--stare at each other. Quill finally throws a staple at him, and he casually catches it. She walks over and demands to know who he is and what he keeps writing. Smith doesn't respond, and later Armitage calls Quill into his office. Quill says that Smith was deliberately provoking her, and the headmaster says that Smith has asked to observe Quill again. She insists that there's something evil about Smith, and Armitage warns that the government wouldn't like it if Quill got them into special measures.

Tanya tells Charlie and April what happened, and insists that Ram saw something. Charlie realizes that she's lonely, and Tanya says that she's had no luck hacking. She quickly covers and suggests that April talk to Armitage about the missing cleaner. They talk to Armitage in his office and he confirms that a cleaner didn't turn up. He wonders why they're interested, and Tanya realizes that they didn't think through what they were going to say.

In the locker room, Dawson tells the players to run ten laps. Once the others leave, Ram approaches Dawson.

Armitage says that he doesn't think any of them are up to mischief. He tells them that they can talk to him, and April starts to tell him the truth. As Tanya and Charlie try to stop her, a rift opens behind Armitage

Dawson tells Ram that he's out of chances and removes his shirt. As the tattoo climbs across Dawson's back, Ram says that he needs to be on the team.

The dragon comes through the rift as Armitage shields the three teenagers. It slams the door shut so they can't escape and asks where Anger is.

Ram asks Dawson for tutoring to get his form back,

The dragon kills Armitage and skins him, and then drags the body back through the rift.

Dawson tells Ram to go home. Once Ram leaves, the dragon tattoo climbs up Dawson's neck and he glances at it for a moment.

The students call Quill in, but there's no blood. She figures that they're playing a prank and walks out, and they follow after her... unaware of the drops of blood on Armitage's chess set.

Dawson looks at himself in the mirror and insists that he's in control as his eyes glow green.

At home, Ram looks at a photo of himself and Rachel. He then calls Tanya and asks when she knew the time was right.

At home, Charlie is sketching the dragon when April texts him.

Tanya says that she talked to her brothers and they talked about her father while they played Xbox. Ram admits that he misses Rachel and can still see her dying, and Tanya points out that she saw Armitage skinned alive. Ram realizes that she saw it, too. They call April and Charlie, and Charlie shows them his drawing, and Ram realizes where they have to go. The teenagers go to the school and wait for Tanya.

Quill is walking down the school hall after hours when she sees Dawson. Smith steps out and stares at her, and Quill says that he'll regret it when he eventually makes his aggressive move. When she wonders what he wants, Smith writes down "You" and shows it to her. Quill slams him against a locker and kisses him.

Tanya meets the others and Ram says that they have to find Dawson... and admits that they're all on the same team.

Quill tells the shocked Smith that she's alone and trapped, but Smith is too busy staring in shock at the dragon that arrived. She runs off and Smith follows her.

As they go to the dumpster, Ram explains that Dawson has a tattoo of the dragon that they saw. As he figures that they have to find the coach, Dawson comes out holding a plastic bag dropping blood. It's Armitage, and Dawson tosses the bag in a dumpster.

Quill and Smith run down the hall.

Tanya realizes that they don’t have a plan. Ram says that he has one and goes over to Dawson.

Quill and Smith run into a classroom but the dragon easily slams through the door. As it moves in, Quill admits that she's out of ideas, but then says that she has one... and shoves Smith to the dragon. Smith's skull starts to glow.

The students confront Dawson, who reveals that the tattoo is still on his body.

Smith explodes, leaving a metal skeleton behind. Quill realizes that he was a robot.

Dawson asks Ram if he wants to be wrong or right. He realizes that Ram isn't afraid of him, just as Quill leaps through the glass door. She explains that she has to get the dragon to attack Charlie so that she can fight it, and Dawson says that it's the mate of the on his body. The coach says that she's his and the living dragon can't have it. He tells Ram that he was weak and the players didn't respect him. One day Dawson found the tattoo burned into his skin after it came through the rift. Her mate came through but couldn't harm Dawson without harming his mate, so it killed to feed her.

Dawson apologizes for them seeing so much, and then tells the living dragon to kill them. Quill prepares to fight, and Ram asks the dragon if it's going to take what Dawson is doing to it. Dawson insists that it doesn't have a choice because he'll tear his skin and harm the tattoo if it doesn't kill the teenagers. The dragon talks, saying that its mate is trapped, and Ram tells it to deal with the new reality. He says that Dawson won't kill her because then the dragon will kill him. When Dawson says that it's a standoff, Ram tells the dragon that on their world they can preserve skin as leather, and at least it will have its mate. He says that he's done and invites the dragon to kill him because he doesn't want to see the things that he's seen. The dragon advances... grabs Dawson, and drags him back through the rift.

Later inside, the team discusses what happened and realize that now they kill people. Ram walks off, disappointed, and Tanya goes after him. April says that she doesn't want to kill anybody, even bad guys,. Outside, Tanya asks Ram if he meant what he said when he said he didn't care that the dragon killed him. Ram realizes that she's still not going to let him talk about Rachel's death, and offers her a lift back to her house.

At home, April plays her violin. Her father calls but she ignores him.

Ram is in his backyard practicing kicking and missing his target. Varun comes out and asks if it's a physical thing, and Ram asks if he can talk to him about something. He shows his father his prosthetic leg and explains how he got it. Varun takes his arm and reminds him of how he used to help Ram train when he was young... and Ram got better. Ram goes back to kicking and this time he finally hits his target.

Quill is in her classroom examining the Smith robot and notices a mark on it: "The Governors." She wonders who they are.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 10, 2017

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