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Broken Promises Recap

Aida removes her bloodstained clothing and wipes off the blood on her ski. She then redresses and turns as Melinda groans inside of the cell. Aida switches the sedative drip and says that she'll arrange for more comfortable accommodations. However, she admits that she has to keep Melinda hidden until her substitute has served her purpose. Aida then seals the cell.

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Jeffrey informs the team that S.H.I.E.L.D. is on high alert because they're facing a serious threat. Coulson takes over the briefing and says that they'll transfer the Darkhold to an agent who specializes in making such objects disappear. Meanwhile, Melinda will accompany Holden and make sure the contents are wiped from Aida's memories. Fitz agrees but points out that Aida saved thousands of lives. Mack reminds them that it's a robot, and in the end they go kill crazy. Holden reluctantly agrees and says that he doesn't see a problem with changing Aida's hard drive.

Vijay Nadeer wakes up in his bed and goes out to check the house. He goes outside onto the porch and finds his sister Ellen on the lawn. Vijay explains that he was dreaming about when the Chitauri attacked on their mother's birthday, and Ellen says that she found him in a terragenesis cocoon seven months ago. He's shocked that he was gone that long, and asks why they're there. Ellen says that she needed a place for the two of them to be alone.

In the lab, Jemma shows Chloe a photo of Vijay and says that he was the one in the cocoon. She recognized him when she did research on Ellen. All of the computer activity shows that Vijay is active, but there are no new photographs. Jemma says that it's nice having Chloe there to talk to, and points out that Fitz has been distracted recently with Aida. Burrows comes in and says that Jeffrey wants a word with Daisy. She goes with him and Jeffrey shows her a newspaper photo of the two of them together. He points out that she put him in a precarious situation, and he saved her from going to prison. Jeffrey reminds her that the public was turning against he, and now they look up to her. He then regroups and says that they're both Inhumans and stuck with each other, and believes that Daisy was trying to protect the innocent. Daisy notes that people look up to Jeffrey as the "Hero of Vienna," and he says that they're a team. Jeffrey hopes to earn the team trust together, and Daisy tells him that the Watchdogs have ties in the U.S. government and international funding. The Director wants to pursue the fact that Ellen knows about an Inhuman being held against his will, and Daisy says that Jemma has identified Vijay. Ellen has been out of the office all week, and Jeffrey says that he, Daisy, and Jemma are going to rescue Vijay.

Holden, Fitz, and two agents enter Holden's apartment and Holden tells Aida that there's been a change in plans. When Holden shuts her down, she reactivates and says that she know they came to end her life. His remote doesn't work, and Aida slams him away. She knocks out the first agent when he attacks her, and the second one shoots at he without effect. Aida knocks him out and then chokes Fitz and says that she's turned off her pain receptors. She asks why Fitz wants to hurt he, and then shoves her through a window. By the time he recovers, Aida is gone... and Fitz sees Nathanson's corpse on the floor.

Ellen makes breakfast for Vijay and says that the house is the perfect place for him to recover after his ordeal. She asks what happened to him in the cocoon, and Vijay tells her that he has no memory of what happened to him. He remembers Jemma and Ellen says that S.H.I.E.L.D. is back. She tells Vijay that S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the main reasons for the world's problems, and refuses to discuss it further. Ellen then suggests that they go for a walk.

Watchdog leader Terrence Shockley prepares to move in to get Vijay, and tells his men to shoot to kill.

Coulson checks local APBs to find Aida, and Mack and Melinda join him. Fitz and Holden arrive and Holden says that it's the Darkhold's fault. "Melinda" says that they shouldn't have let Aida near it, but Holden points out that it saved Coulson and Fitz. Coulson wonders what Aida wants, and Holden says that she wants to live.

Jeffrey, Daisy, and Jemma head out on the Zephyr, and Jemma blames herself for Aida going out of control. The Director figures that she didn't want the technology to come under her control, and Jemma admits that he's right. Daisy asks how they're going to find Vijay, and Jeffrey leaves it up to them.

Soon, a disguised Jemma goes to see Ellen and tells her aide Zack Bynum that she needs to discuss an armed forces bill. Zack aide says that Ellen is away on business, but Jemma pushes the matter and the aide says that he'll see what he can do. Jeffrey and Daisy listen in from the Zephyr.

As Terrence and his men move in, he gets a call from Zack. Zack says that Jemma is there, and Terrence tells him to take care of it. Zack then attacks Jemma, slamming her into the wall. Jemma manages to knock him away and finally takes Zack down. She tells the others that now they can trace the call.

Vijay and Ellen walk, and Ellen apologizes to him. Terrence and his men move in, guns drawn, and Ellen says that the Inhuman epidemic is the next phase of the alien invasion. Vijay insists that he's not an Inhuman, but Ellen says that whatever came out of the cocoon is no brother of hers. He reminds her that he heard he voice in the coon and fought, and insists that it didn't change him. Vijay says that he's always loved her and looked up her, and begs her not to give up on her. Ellen tells Terrence to let Vijay go, and he reluctantly does so. Vijay hugs Ellen who stares at Terrence.

The fake Melinda goes down the hallway, noting the surveillance camera. She then goes to the conference room and tells the team that she sent Aida's photos to the local authorities. Fitz warns that Aida has taken control of her entire operating system, including her GPS tracking system. All of their phones go off and the lights flicker. Aida talks to them on the phone and says that she wants the Darkhold. The lights go out and they realize that she's in the system. Fitz says that he and Jemma built a non-Internet system to power the base and goes to activate it. Mack reports that Elena is recovering from LA, and Coulson sends him to get Elena and two agents, while he and Melinda keep Aida from getting into the base.

In the infirmary, Mack briefs Elena and they gear up.

Coulson and Melinda head to the bar entrance to lock it down manually. He says that the Darkhold is secure where it is, just as they come to Aida in the hallway. She attacks Coulson, who punches her. Unimpressed, she knocks Coulson out and then takes out a remote and shuts down the Melinda LMD ad cuts open the side of her head.

When "Melinda" wakes up, she finds Coulson at her side. They're locked in a storage room, and Melinda doesn't remember what happened. Melinda asks if the Darkhold is safe, and Coulson glances over at the surveillance camera.

As he works on the backup server, Fitz points out that Aida seemed angry, but Holden insists that Aida can only mimic emotions. The S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist suggests that the Darkhold enabled her fake emotions, and that Aida is overwhelmed by them. Holden finally say that it's his fault and he didn't show any restraint, and Fitz points out that he wanted to save lives. When Fitz points out that she's just an android, Holden says that she has everything a human has and wonders what it makes them if they destroy her.

In the house, Terrence tells Ellen that Vijay is hiding his Inhuman abilities. He asks if Ellen is an Inhuman as well. A Watchdog comes in to say that they have company. Jeffrey, Jemma, and Daisy come in and Ellen and the Watchdogs go to greet them. Daisy points out that the Watchdog is carrying a non-Secret Service weapon, and they realize who he is. Ellen says that Zack was attacked in her office so she has private security, and Jeffrey says that he doesn't wish her harm. He says that Vijay is being held against his will, and Ellen refuses to let them search the place. The Watchdogs cock their rifles.

Terrence receives word from his superior to eliminate Vijay.

Mack and his team head through the base to the hangar. The Quinjet activates under Aida's control and fires at them as they take cover.

Coulson disables the camera and Melinda suggests that he should play poker and take some chances. She figures that Fitz will take control of the system, and Coulson tells her that they'll head back to Jeffrey's office... where he held the Darkhold. Aida is watching through a monitor in the Melinda LMD's eye, and Coulson says that they cloaked the book. Aida then scans the room and finds the Darkhold in a drawer.

In the hangar, the agents open fire on the Quinjet.

Fitz reboots the system, releasing the electrical lock on the room where Coulson and Melinda are held.

Aida is leaving when Fitz and Holden confront her. Holden warns that she's dangerous, but Fitz continues and tells Aida to surrender the Darkhold. He says that he took the base off-line and she can't override the system.

Terrence goes into the office where Vijay is being held, and a Watchdog attacks him with a knife. Moving at superspeed, Vijay avoids his attacks and then knocks him and the other Watchdog out. Terrence prepares to shoot him.

As they leave, Jeffrey, Daisy, and Jemma hear a gunshot. Ellen runs to the office and Daisy says that she'll take care of it. With that, she attacks the Watchdogs.

As Coulson and Melinda arrive, Aida points out that she didn't kill anyone. She only killed Nathanson because he insisted on rebooting her, and says that the Darkhold showed her regret and desire. The android insists that it only wanted to help them... and Mack arrives and cuts off Aida's head. As the others leave, Fitz kneels by Aida's "corpse" and apologizes, while Coulson takes the Darkhold.

Vijay avoids the gunshot, and Terrence runs out while his men fight Vijay. As Vijay takes out the last one, Ellen and the others arrive. Jemma says that Vijay needs to come with them, and Ellen tells her brother that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to turn Vijay into their weapon. She admits that the other Inhumans that she knows are agents, and Ellen asks Vijay to trust her. She leaves and after a moment, Vijay goes with her over Jemma's protestations. When Jemma goes after him, Jeffrey tells her that Vijay had a choice and made it. they admit that they both did everything that they could.

Ellen and Vijay get into a waiting helicopter where Terrence is, and it flies off. Terrence is in the cockpit, and Ellen tells Vijay how sorry she is... and then shoots him dead. The Senator then tells Terrence to never question her again, and says that they need to strike back. She wants the Superior to send a man of his own to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D., and tells Terrence to get rid of the body.

In the mess hall, Mack and Elena are discussing robot movies. Fitz is working on Aida's head, and tells Mack that Holden is taking it hard. Coulson calls Jeffrey and says that he'll handle the Darkhold personally. Once he hangs up, he tells Melinda that Ellen was organizing the Watchdogs. She says that at least now they know who the enemy is.

In his apartment, Holden has a drink and toasts Aida. The current Aida is there, and says that the previous model of Aida had the Darkhold but couldn't escape. Holden figures that they can use the Darkhold to let humanity live forever, and he can't do it without the Book. He admits that Fitz was depressed but he had to switch to the long game. Aida wonders if there will be another opportunity to acquire the Darkhold, and Holden figures that they'll never let him near it again. He then goes into the cell and tells the unconscious Melinda that the situation requires drastic measures. He then accesses the camera in the Melinda LMD at S.H.I.E.L.D., and figures that soon everyone will get exactly what they want.

Terrence tosses Vijay's corpse out of the helicopter and into the water. It sinks to the bottom... and a terragenesis cocoon forms around it.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 11, 2017

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