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Selection Day: Part 1 Recap

It's just a normal day for Mildred Hubble until a witch called Maud Spellbody crash-lands onto her balcony. Maud has lost her glasses on her way to the selection day at Cackle's Academy for witches, so Mildred offers to help her get there - even though that means flying on a broomstick!

Mildred is wide-eyed at the amazing world of magic and her new friendship with Maud encourages her to try out for the school herself.

But first she has to work her way through a written exam and a potions test, where her lack of knowledge and the fact she accidentally gets on the wrong side of snooty Ethel Hallow means she fails and is sent away. On her way out, Mildred runs into Miss Cackle's devious twin sister Agatha, who is pretending to be Miss Cackle. Mildred is suspicious and learns she plans to take over the school - but the teachers ignore her warning. Mildred cobbles together a levitating spell with a little help from a frog and manages to alert Miss Cackle just in time.

A huge magical battle follows and it's Mildred who saves the day. She's offered a place in the school and looks forward to starting the new term - when the adventures really begin!

Written by TomSouthwell on Jan 11, 2017

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