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Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart Recap

On the Shadow Kin planet, Corakinus' men report that the anchor is prepared. Once they attach it, it will hold the heart in Corakinus' body, restoring him. One of them, Rannus, sets the anchor in Corakinus' chest, but the heart still leaves his body and he strikes Rannus. Corakinus draws his sword and demands that Rannus name his failure. Once he does, Corakinus kills Rannus and says that he can feel April stronger than ever.

On Earth, one of Corakinus' swords appears in April's hand and she cuts a chair in half.

The next day, Flower is practicing his violin so hard that one of the strings breaks. It cuts her hand, but after a moment the cut heals completely. Jackie comes in and asks if there's anything wrong, and says that her husband Huw is out. April says that Huw already contacted her but she didn't answer, and insists that she's okay.

In his room, Matteusz finds the Cabinet of Souls and starts to open it. Charlie comes in starts to open it.

Over breakfast, Varun says that Ram seems to be doing better. Ram says that he's met some new friends, and confirmed that Varun didn't tell Ram's mother about his new leg. Varun assures that they'll both fight for and with Ram if he lets them, but is relieved there are no more aliens hanging about.

Charlie shows Matteusz the Cabinet's contents, and admits that he lied. Matteusz points out that the souls of the Rhodians are also a powerful weapon.

At Coal Hill, Ram approaches April and they walk together. Neither says nothing, and Ram finally says that he'll see her later and takes off. She hesitates and then goes after him.

Quill is in the hallway and see them adding Armitage's name to the board of missing and presumed dead teachers. Dorothy Ames approaches her and address Quill by name, and says that she's the new head teacher. She says that she particularly wanted to meet Quill because the Governors speak highly of her and think that she's a useful member of staff, and then leaves.

Tanya, Charlie, and Matteusz talk about the upcoming parents' night. Charlie doesn't see any problem and walks off, and Tanya asks Matteusz if Charlie is all human, physically. Matteusz refuses to discuss it and Tanya takes off.

In history class, Miss Shah is talking about the mindset of soldiers during World War II. April's eyes glow red and she mutters that they have no idea what war is. When Shah asks what she said, April talks about how none of them understand the minds of soldiers and how people always die in war. She dismisses the soldiers as cowards, and they should be weeded out of armies. Charlie is in the class and stares at April with the others, and after a moment she gets hold of herself.

Later in the hallway, April is unable to get her locker open and hammers on the door. She busts it open and her injured hand instantly heals. As Ram comes over, April's father calls and she ignores it. She sees Ram and shows him the broken locker, and goes with him when he suggests that they skip class.

In physics, Quill is showing the students a slide show. Charlie tells her about parents' night but she doesn't want to attend as his parent. When she reminds him that no one is supposed to know that they live together, Charlie abruptly orders her to do it to protect his future prospects. Tanya overhears them talking.

Out in Ram's car, April worries that she's going to die. Ram assures her that there'll be a way to fix it, April's father Huw approaches the car and she tells Ram who it is. She goes out to confront him, and Huw complains that she hasn't responded to any of his phone calls or letters. Ram tells him to leave and gets out, and April says that she's not afraid after all that she's seen. Huw insists that he needed to apologize, and April reminds him of trying to kill them. When he tries to take her face in his hands, April grabs his wrists and squeezes, her eyes glowing red. A Shadow Kin sword appears in each of her hands, and she tells Huw to run. Huw runs off and April gets hold of herself as the swords disappear. Ram hugs her and says that it's okay.

Dorothy comes over and points out that they're off of school grounds during class. She introduces herself and compliments Ram on taking care of April when she was under the weather. Dorothea tells him to take April home and she'll see them tomorrow. Once they leave, Ram and April figure that Dorothea is an alien because she knew what their classes were on their first day. April asks Ram to take her home, and he agrees as Dorothea watches them go. Flower petals are blowing down, and when Dorothea picks up one of them it bites her hand.

Quill comes out and sees Charlie and Matteusz at lunch. Matteusz asks Charlie how he can use the Cabinet to kill, and he explains that only the Rhodian leader can command a soul to come out, and each one can burn the target soul out of existence. However, it destroys the original soul as well. When Matteusz points out that Charlie would never use it to destroy a planet, Charlie points out that his planet was destroyed. Quill goes back inside, angrily shoving past the students.

In her room, April tells Ram about what has been happening. She figures that Corakinus is taking her over, and Ram assures her that he won't have her heart.

Corakinus tells his lieutenant Kharrus that the Shadow Kin are an accident born into a universe of light, and Kharrus says that she has a different way to cure his heart.

Ram says that he has a different way to cure her heart, and that he's been frightened ever since the first aliens. April worries that she's losing the war that she fights against the world every day.

Kharrus warns that it would take them 9,000 years to reach Earth by space travel, which is why they need the rifts. They found Earth by checking the wavelength along which Corakinus' heart disappears, and Rannus' anchor will lead them there.

Ram assures April that she's not fighting alone, and she kisses him.

Corakinus clutches at his chest and says that he can feel April.

April assures Ram that what they're doing is okay, and he makes her feel safe.

Kharrus tells Corakinus that he's showing the colors of the maiden and slaps him.

Ram and April undress and start to make love.

Corakinus and Kharrus have sex, and Kharrus is furious that he's not into it. The King says that it's April, and he asks if they can cuddle.

After sex, Ram says that it's been a weird month and they kiss. April gasps and her eyes turn red.

Corakinus says that April is influencing him somehow, and Kharrus says that she may have a solution.

April reverts to normal, and Ram says that he's calling the others. Jackie comes in without knocking and sees Ram and April together.

Matteusz and Charlie notice the blooming petals, and Tanya tells Charlie that she doesn't like how he orders Quill around. She suggests that Charlie is being monstrous, and he tells her that he's being just. Charlie asks Tanya not to question the morality of his culture, and says that Tanya doesn't know what happened. He orders Tanya not to question him, and she takes offense at his tone. Matteusz points out more petals around Coal Hill.

Dorothea is in her office looking at a bowl of petals... which are twitching on their own. Quill comes in and Dorothy assumes that she's there to say she'll be at Charlie's parent meeting. The head teacher has a file from the Governors on Charlie, which has down that he is an alien prince. Dorothea says that she had to do a lot of work to track down Quill's story, and Quill comes in.

April, Ram, and Jackie go out to the kitchen, and Jackie is less than happy about Ram's presence. Her daughter says that they didn't plan it, and Ram finally says that April saw Huw and was upset. Jackie tells Ram that if he hurts April then she'll kill him, chair or no chair. Ram says that April is his friend and leaves, and Jackie prepares to call the police. April tells her mother to leave it, and that Ram isn't Huw. Jackie says that Huw wasn't like that at first, either.

As Ram leaves, he calls Tanya and tells her that April is in trouble. Meanwhile, Huw watches from down the street. As he turns to go, he stumbles over a dead squirrel covered in the petals.

Dorothea tells Quill that she knows all about her living arrangements with Charlie and Matteusz. The head teacher says that the Governors like a well-run school, and admits that the Smith robot will be difficult to replace. She then asks Quill if she's seen any squirrels or birds.

As Charlie and Matteusz walk home, Matteusz points out that there are more petals. Charlie complains that Matteusz is giving him a hard time about the souls, and Matteusz points out that they've already lived their lives. He figures that Charlie is hiding something from him, and Charlie finally admits that there are legends that a hero can bring all of the souls back to life by letting them take over the bodies of the people they're killed. Matteusz points out that a race is still killed, and Charlie says that it's still hope and if he can keep the Cabinet safe, maybe one day he can restore his people. Tanya comes over and says that Ram called. She figures that Ram and April had sex from the tone of his voice, but Charlie is more concerned that Corakinus is taking over April's body.

The petals in Dorothea's bowl have multiplied, and Dorothea plucks one out and it bites her finger. She sets it down and it multiplies several times in a matter of seconds. Dorothea tells Quill that she fed the petals an hour ago and they multiplied in the bowl. She figures that so far it can only kill squirrels, but a single one slipped through a rift. It will keep multiplying and they're all doomed... unless Quill helps them. Dorothea tells her that if she helps them with their problem then they can help Quill with hers by getting the ahn out of her head.

Kharrus tells Corakinus that Rannus believed that the next step was to attach the anchor to Corakinus body directly. He was too cowardly to do it, and that's why the experiment failed. If the heart goes than Corakinus will go with it, or it brings April to the Shadow Kin world, or it kills them both. Corakinus tells her to make sure he isn't killed when they attach the anchor to him.

April storms out to find Ram, and finds Huw at the gate. Jackie reminds him of the court order, and he tells her that there's something wrong with April.

Kharrus warns Corakinus that there will be constant injuries to him but she will heal him. Corakinus tells her to proceed.

Huw tells Jackie that April threatened her with swords, and April admits that she did.

Corakinus tells Kharrus that there will be a place for her on his throne if she succeeds.

April gasps in pain and collapses, her eyes glowing red. She smashes a flower pot and says that he's trying to take it, and then glares at Huw as the swords appear in her hands. Fighting for control, April swings at Huw... and hits the gate behind him. Ram is across the street and sees the gate break apart, and runs over. Meanwhile, April tells Huw that they don't want him and cuts his phone in half when he tells Jackie to call the police. The girl says that Huw took everything from him and should still be in prison for what he did. When he calls her "love," April slashes his arm.

Ram tries the front door but gets no answer, and runs around to the back. Meanwhile, April says that Huw made her strong because she had to be, and he's not her father anymore. When Huw says that he'll go away, April tells him that it's too late for that.

Corakinus tells Kharrus that she has made things worse, because April's heart fights back like his used to.

As April prepares to kill Huw, Ram runs in and tells her to stop. He says that April wouldn't kill, and she's April because she chooses not to kill. Ram reminds her that she said that she wouldn't let Huw break her, and April says that she'll break Huw instead. Jackie begs her daughter to stop.

Kharrus begs Corakinus to be merciful, but he kills her.

April swings the swords, screaming... and stops herself. The swords disappear as Tanya and the others arrive. April tells Ram that he can't save her, and then she asks Jackie to forgive her... and reaches into her chest. After a moment she falls back, knocking Jackie out of her wheelchair. Jackie stares at her legs... and realizes that she can move them. As she and Ram wonder what April have done, April says that Corakinus has found her.

Corakinus tells his horde that they are going to Earth to kill everyone there.

April says that she now knows what Corakinus is and how to find him, cuts open a rift with the swords, says that she's going to get her heart, and leaps through. As the rift starts to close, Ram leaps through it.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 12, 2017

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