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Brave-ish Heart Recap

On the Shadow Kin planet, Ram runs through the tunnels as a soldier pursues him. He hides but the soldier finds him and prepares to strike... and April kills it. The follow the tunnel out, and April warns that they can't hope to make it out alive... but she's going to kill Corakinus.

Quill tells Dorothea that she can't remove the ahn, and Dorothea assures her that the Governors have their way. When Ever Upward Reach took over Coal Hill, they installed a new Governor that focused on keeping it safe and ready. Quill points out that they didn't help with the former threats, and Dorothea says that the Governors wanted to see how they did. However, now the group's attention is diverted so they came to Quill directly. She warns that there is some risk in giving Quill her free will back, and Quill wonders what the Governors want in return. In response, Dorothea asks what Quill's thoughts are on genocide.

Jackie asks the others where April is, and Tanya tells her the full story. Meanwhile, Matteusz notices that the flower petals have bit his finger. Huw doesn't believe Tanya, but Tanya points out that April managed to heal Jackie' spine. Jackie asks how they can find April, and Charlie says that they don't but know someone who can help.

As Dorothea clears away the petals, Dorothea tells Quill that Charlie can use the Cabinet to wipe out an alien race. Dorothea tosses the petals out the window and warns that they're indestructible, and they eat living tissue and multiply. She admits that the Governors haven't found a solution yet, and they want Quill to force Charlie to use the Cabinet.

As Ram and April travel across the planet, the Underneath, April explains that it's beneath the rest of the universe and they can't go back. She says that she can't get back, and Ram says that he thought the same thing after Rachel died. But he did with April's help. April says that she literally can't get back, and demonstrates her inability to cut a rift back to Earth.

Charlie gets a call from Quill saying that she needs to talk to him about the petals. Jackie insists on driving them to the school, but Tanya says that she needs to find Varun and tell him what happened to Ram.

April explains that she and Corakinus are connected, and the connection is getting stronger. She leads Ram back into the tunnels so they don't have to cross open ground, and warns that if they don't kill Corakinus then everyone they know will die. Ram agrees and they enter the caves.

Quill and Dorothea meet Charlie, Matteusz, Huw and Jackie when they arrive. Charlie says that April is gone and she needs Quill to get her back, but Quill says that they're under attack. A petal bites Huw's face and multiplies, and Quill says that she knows Charlie has been lying.

Ram and April come to a Shadow Kin tomb. April explains that the Shadow Kin believe that the universe cast them down to live in shadows, Ram talks about Kesh and how Varun doesn't like it that Ram refuses to wear the turban and long hair. However, the boy likes that Varun carries on the tradition. He shows April the Kara, the bracelet that reminds him that he's part of the community. April wonders why Ram followed her, and insists that she doesn't need protection. As she walks off, Corakinus bonds with her again and realizes where she is. April warns Ram that Corakinus knows that she's there.

The petals continue spreading.

In the physics classroom, Quill punches Charlie in the face and then screams in agony because of the ahn. She reminds them that she'll die before she can hurt Charlie, but is furious that Charlie could avenge both their peoples but never did. Charlie reminds her that her people killed his in acts of terror, just as Dorothea, Jackie, and Huw come in.

Tanya tells Varun what's going on, and he says that it has to end as they drive to Coal Hill.

As Charlie and the others leave the school, he warns that the Cabinet may not work on the petals. Jackie and Huw approach them, and Dorothea tells them that April will probably come back through a rift. Meanwhile, Quill walks off.

April and Ram emerge from the caves near Corakinus' castle.

Quill and Charlie go home and Quill tells Charlie that he can kill all of the Shadow Kin, and their lives and the destruction of Earth would be a small price to pay. When he dismisses her as heartless, Quill says that she is grieving Charlie still refuses to use the Cabinet, and reminds her that Earth will die if he uses the weapon, including her. As Quill tells him that she wouldn't miss her current life, Dorothea comes in with Matteusz and tells Quill that it wasn't their deal. She says that they need Charlie's help and they can see who he is, and they need him to save Earth. After glancing over at Matteusz, who shakes his head, Charlie refuses.

Varun and Tanya reach Coal Hill and Varun starts arguing with Jackie and Huw about who got whose child into trouble. Tanya interrupts and says that April and Ram are two of the most decent people she knows. As Varun asks where they are, Jackie's chest glows.

April's chest glows and she tells Ram that whatever it is, doesn't matter. The Shadow Kin horde march out of the castle, and April tells Ram that she only has to fight Corakinus.

Charlie tells them that he understands the threat, and that Quill will betray them to get what she wants. Dorothea says that they know that, but Quill brought her to the Cabinet. She takes out a gun and promises something will be fired.

Jackie tells the others that she felt April for a second.

April and Ram confront Corakinus, and April tells Ram to stay out of the way. She says that he's cool and they kiss, and April assures Ram that she'll win. As she steps forward, April's chest glows again.

As Jackie gets another shock, a bloody man covered in petals slams against the outside glass. Tanya leads the others off, while in the streets, the petals cluster on people and kill them.

Dorothea confirms that only a Rhodian can operate the Cabinet, and threatens to kill Matteusz unless Charlie cooperates. He says that if Matteusz dies then he'll let Earth die, and Quill sides with him. Dorothea doesn't believe that he'll do it because he's a better person than that, and Matteusz warns that if Charlie uses the Cabinet then it will make him no better than the Shadow Kin. Charlie suggests that they bring the Shadow Kin to Earth to kill the petals, and Quill is eager to then use the Cabinet to kill the Shadow Kin. Dorothea fires a warning shot and says that it isn't the plan, and Matteusz secretly sends a text message.

Tanya and the others go to the teacher lounge, and Tanya gets Matteusz's message: "Shadow kills petals."

Corakinus realizes that April can feel her mother, and says that all Shadow Kin are linked. Once someone is part of the Underneath, they're part of it forever. April swings at Corakinus and the two fight.

Charlie says that he'll die whether he uses the Cabinet or not, because he'll lose Rhodia's past and any chance of its future... and loses Matteusz as well. Dorothea points out that he'll lose Matteusz either way, and Matteusz assures Charlie that he's not alone. Matteusz promises to find him and be his hope.

As they fight, April says that if she kills Corakinus then she becomes king in his place. She kicks him down and Corakinus orders his soldiers to kill Ram. April runs forward and attacks them.

Tanya realizes that April found Corakinus and is linked to Jackie, and tells Jackie to picture her daughter.

Corakinus renews his attack and boasts that April can't beat him and protect Ram at the same time. She says that she shares Corakinus' power but is really pissed as well.

Hew tells Jackie to remember April's childhood and says that April loves Jackie.

As April knocks Corakinus down again, her chest glows and she realizes that she can feel Jackie. She cuts open a rift to Coal Hill and Varun goes through to get his son. After a moment, Huw nerves himself up and jumps through as well. Corakinus renews his attack on April, but April defeats him He reminds her that if he dies, she dies, and says that the Shadow Kin won't be led by a maggot. April tells him that they already are.

The petals continue killing and multiplying.

Dorothea tells Charlie to use the Cabinet before they're overwhelmed. Charlie asks Matteusz to still try and love him, and then opens the Cabinet.

April tells the others to go back, and Huw admits that he's selfish. He begs April to be herself rather than what she became after he tried to kill the two of them, and not him. April realizes that winning is all she needs to do, and Corakinus confirms that his death isn't necessary for her to become king. She tells the others that she's Kin, and tells the Kin to lock him in the tomb. April then takes Ram's hand and they walk off.

At Coal Hill, the petals break in through the skylight as April and the others return through the rift.

Charlie takes out the sphere containing the souls of the Rhodia, and Quill says that he can still kill the Kin. Dorothea points out that if he does, they will all die.

As Huw puts his hand down on the desk, he puts it into a pile of petals and they cling to his hand, feeding. Tanya tells April what Matteusz says and asks if she can do any Shadow stuff.

Quill warns Charlie that if he lets the Kin live, they will kill billions more. She says that she was in love once, but Charlie is a prince and he has duties beyond what are personal. Dorothea tells Charlie to do it, but Quill tells him he can be a hero.

The school hallway is filled with the petals, and Ram reminds April that the Kin kill in shadows... and she's their king.

Dorothea prepares to shoot Charlie, but Matteusz knocks her out from behind. Quill tells Charlie to do it.

April opens the rift and orders the Kin to come through.

Charlie places the sphere back in the Cabinet rather than use the Souls to kill the petals or the Kin.

The Kin shadows spread outward, destroying the petals.

At the flat, Charlie and the others watch as the shadows consume the petals. Quill tells Charlie that he can still kill the Kin, and Matteusz says that would make Charlie a monster. She then warns Charlie that one day he will use it on the Kin and walks out. Dorothea figures that she'll get over it and leaves as well.

The Kin soldiers seal Corakinus in the tomb.

April commands the Kin shadows to the Underneath and destroy the path as they go. They do, and Ram goes to April over Varun's objections. She says that she can feel the Kin in her head, and she needs saving. April gasps and collapses.

Corakinus removes the anchor from his chest and realizes that he's free of the new connection. Jackie is still able to walk.

Matteusz asks Charlie what he would have done, and Charlie admits that he didn't know. With that, Matteusz hugs Charlie.

Quill smashes a car, thinking that it's Dorothea's, and Dorothea comes out. She says that the Governors took everything into account and accurately predicted what would happen. They figure that the petals only had one soul so Charlie would have only had to use one Rhodian soul to destroy them. Now the Governors know more about Charlie and the Cabinet then they did before, and since Quill helped them their deal still stands. Dorothea tells Quill to see her on Monday about removing the ahn.

Outside the school, April tells Ram that her extra powers are gone. They hug before going to their parents, and April tells Huw that she needs him to go until they contact him. She admits that it might be never, but Huw gave up having that choice. Huw admits that she's right, and April says that she's strong now as he leaves.

Back home, Jackie concentrates and manages to get out of her wheelchair and walk as April looks on. Jackie says that she had accepted her life, and April says that it just takes one step and they can decide on the next one. With that, her mother takes a step forward.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2017

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