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The Governor Recap

At a cabin outside of Garret, Jimmy Maddern is eating when Lance comes in aiming a shotgun at him. Jimmy casually invites him to sit down and eat, and eyes his nearby gun. Lance says that Jimmy's beard isn't fooling, and Jimmy admits that he's Jimmy. He wonders what the point is of going back to Yuma for a revenge killing, and Lance says that all he's doing is protecting an investment. Jimmy tries to go for his gun but Lance easily guns him down.

Two days later, Hoby rides into Garret because they're building a new schoolhouse... and Governor Jed Hendricks is coming to Garret to dedicate it. Hoby is there to help out with the town's first murder. Bill is in his office when Hoby arrives, coordinating efforts for the arrival. The sheriff takes Hoby out to Jimmy's cabin and figures that he hit pay dirt mining and someone shot him. A young boy, Ronnie Wilson, found the body. The two men ride back into town and find Ronnie on Main Street, helping with his father who is blind and can't talk and sits in his wheelchair listening to the people. Ronnie explains that he was cutting through the partner and saw the cabin's open door and Jimmy's corpse.

Back at the sheriff's office, Bill shows Hoby Jimmy's belongings. He figures that the killer is in Mexico, and Hoby says that Jimmy was an undercover Texas Ranger. The Rangers got a tip that Hendricks was going to be assassinated so they sent Jimmy in. Bill promises to cover the dedication at the schoolhouse, but Hoby tells him to just deputize the ten best shots in town rather than risk lots of panicked men on the streets.

Later, Hoby walks down the streets and Bill takes him to meet the mayor. Hendricks arrives by stagecoach and as he gets out, an old drunk, Ernie, fires a shot into the air. The deputies quickly restrain him and take him away, and Hoby quickly escorts Hendricks and his niece and secretary, Madge Roberts, into the hotel.

Hoby checks on Hendricks in his room, and Madge lets him in. The Ranger explains about Jimmy's murder, and suggests that he leave Garret. Hendricks refuses, noting that the town founder Bill Garret was a personal friend. He's confident that the Rangers can protect him from harm and dismisses Hoby. As he goes, Hoby suggests to Madge that they she convince her uncle to leave but Madge insists that there won't be any problems.

That night, Bill shows Hoby the schoolhouse where Hendricks will give the dedication. Hoby suggests that Bill put someone inside to prevent the assassin from setting up. The Ranger checks in with the head deputy, who confirms that he hasn't heard anything unusual in the saloons. Hoby then visits Ernie in his jail cell, and Ernie says that he wasn't shooting at Hendricks. He tells the deputy on guard to get Ernie a drink on him and leaves.

Back on the street, Hoby sees Madge with a deputy carrying her packages. She figures that Hoby is disappointed that nothing has happened, and he offers to walk Madge back to the hotel. When they arrive, Hoby reviews Hendrick's route to the schoolhouse. Hendricks confirms that he's leaving town after the ceremony and Hoby leaves. Madge figures that Hoby is making too much of the whole thing, and says that Hoby is smug and insufferable. She insists that she's objective but her uncle figures that if something does happen, she'll thank Hoby.

The next day, the people gather outside the schoolhouse. Meanwhile, Hoby collects Madge and Hendricks at their hotel and they take a carriage to the schoolhouse.

At the schoolhouse, Bill has the deputies let everyone in to get their seats. Outside, the carriage pulls up and Hendricks and his party go in. Hoby has Hendricks wait in the antechamber while he checks the room.

At the sheriff's office, Lance pays Ernie's bail and leaves before the deputy can ask any questions or give him his receipt. Ernie heads out with the deputy, and Lance watches from an alleyway.

A second robber approaches Ronnie and says that he's waiting for his wife at the dentists, and offers to watch Ronnie's grandfather while the boy goes to the dedication. Once Ronnie goes, Lance and his two accomplices order the banker Meadows to let them into the bank.

Hoby notices the deputy in the crowd, and Bill explains that someone paid Ernie's bail. When Bill points out that Meadows hasn't arrived yet, Hoby says that he's out luck and sends Hendricks in. Ronnie comes in and tells Hoby what happened.

Lance and the second robber have Meadows open the vault.

Hoby glances out and sees the third robber walking three horses down the road. He looks back inside and sees that the dentist is at the dedication, and then tells Bill that someone is after the bank and he needs a couple of Bill's deputies. The sheriff refuses to endanger Hendricks, and Hoby goes to the bank on his own. He sees Lance and his man inside, shoots the third robber, and then takes out the other two. Hoby confirms that Meadows is okay and sends him to the dedication, and tells the grandfather that it's just a few of the boys shooting off steam.

Later, Hendricks and Madge leave the schoolhouse. Hendricks thanks Hoby for his help, and Madge smugly tells the Ranger that just like she said, nothing happened.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 15, 2017

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