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Stewardess Interruptus Recap

As Lucifer and Chloe start to kiss, a flight attendant Jana Lawrence comes in and starts undressing. Lucifer tells Chloe that he wasn't expecting company, and Jana says that she had a surprise layover in LA. Chloe leaves but Lucifer asks her not to be angry. She says that she's glad that Jana showed up and kept her from making a big mistake. Lucifer tells Jana that their flight is canceled and walks away.

The next day, Chloe is making breakfast for Trixie, who begs her for the cereal that Maze got her. Chloe finally gives in and says that she was having dinner with Lucifer the night before. Trixie wonders if it was a date, and Chloe insists that it wasn't. Her daughter points out that Chloe is blushing, just as Maze comes in and drops a newspaper on the counter. She points out Smith's death, and Chloe tells Trixie to get her backpack. Once she leaves, Maze wonders why Chloe isn't happy that her father's killer isn't dead. Chloe says that he deserved to rot in jail, and says that the killer is no better than Smith was.

Charlotte visits Lucifer in his penthouse and hesitates to tell him about Chloe. She then apologizes for trying to turn Chloe against Lucifer but failed, and admits that she's starting to see what Lucifer sees in her. Lucifer says that he destroyed their relationship all on his own, and Charlotte tells him that Chloe proved herself to Lucifer and now it's his turn to prove himself to her.

Later, Lucifer meets Chloe at a crime scene and says that he needs to prove to her that he's different. He says that things have changed since they had their "moment," and promises that he'll never lay eyes on Jana again... just as they discover that Jana is the murder victim. All of her things are there, suggesting that it wasn't a mugging. Chloe offers her condolences to Lucifer, and he says that he barely knew Jana. He says that Jana left five minutes after Chloe did, and then he went to the bar. However, he doesn't have an alibi for the five minutes before he went to the bar after Chloe left. Lucifer insists that if they had slept together than Jana wouldn't have left until morning. He doesn't know anything else about her. An officer finds Jana's phone, and there are threatening texts all sent from the same number. There was one right before she got to Lux, telling her to lose Lucifer.

Chloe calks to the station and Dan confirms that the number belongs to Andy Kleinberg, a wealthy Silicon Valley CEO. Maze comes in and shows Dan the newspaper article, and says that they're famous. She suggests that they celebrate their righteous kill, and Dan insists that they didn't kill anyone. He tells her that they can't be seen until it all blows over.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer go to Andy's Malibu beach house. Lucifer insists that nothing happened with Jana after she left, and Chloe points out that it doesn't make any difference. She figures that they're too different, and she'd rather read Trixie a book then party. They find a party boy who offers to get Chloe a drink. Lucifer takes offense but Chloe says that she can handle it. They find Andy and tell him about Jana's murder. Chloe asks about the threatening texts, and Andy admits that he sent them to her... and 25 other girls. He introduces them to Sharon, who knows Lucifer, and Andy says that she can attest to his presence with her all night long. Once Andy leaves, Chloe says that he and Lucifer are a lot alike. She gets a text that another flight attendant has been murdered.

At the victim's apartment, Dan reports that the man was in the shower when he was tortured and killed. Lucifer admits that he slept with the guy, Raj Doniere. As they take the body out, Chloe warns Lucifer that there's a connection and he's it. She wonders if someone got jealous and wanted Lucifer all to himself, and killed the other exes. Chloe says that they should warn the others and talk to anyone that he's slept with, and Lucifer says that she'll need a very large notepad.

Men and women are soon lining up at the station for interviews. Dan and Lucifer watch through the one-way. Lucifer admits that it's been a dry spell for the last couple of months, and Dan talks about how he has feelings... and realizes that he said it out loud. The women tell Chloe that they weren't jealous of Lucifer and talk about how it was the best night of their life. Chloe confirms that none of them had emotional intimacy or bought them dinner, and they say that sex was all that it was. They all insist that Lucifer was a meaningless one-night stand, much to Lucifer's disappointment. Dan tells Lucifer that none of them have motive to be the killer.

Chloe calls Charlotte in and Charlotte says that she's glad Chloe called her there. She tells Chloe that she underestimated her, and insists that she would never hurt Lucifer. Charlotte says that the other women are inconsequential, but Lucifer is different when he's with Chloe. She assures Chloe that it makes her happy and she's glad that Lucifer has found a woman like Chloe. Chloe asks her for her alibi, and Dan asks Lucifer if he's going to tell Chloe about him and Charlotte. Lucifer says that he won't as long as Dan promises not to touch Charlotte, and Dan says that won't be a problem.

At Linda's office, Maze comes in for free therapy and complains about how people take her for granted. Linda says that self-worth comes from within, and Maze is more human than many humans she knows. Maze is offended, and Linda says that Maze needs to realize for herself that she's awesome.

Chloe questions Lucifer's bedmates, who say that there was a creepy girl, Suki Price. Lucifer doesn't recognize her, and says that maybe he doesn't remember her because she was another meaningless encounter. They go to her apartment and find he door open. When they go in, they find hundreds of photos of Lucifer taped to the walls. Suki comes in from the bathroom and jumps in shock when she sees Lucifer. Lucifer still doesn't recognize her, and Suki explains that she's really into Lucifer because he's her perfect man. She's shocked that there have been two murders, and shows them the photos by category. Raj was Jana's gay best friend and she crashed with him two days ago. When Suki says that Lucifer was with Jana a couple of days ago, Lucifer doesn't remember it. She says that the pizza guy can give her an alibi. There's a third man in the photo, Tim Pickman, and Suki says that it's a pilot. Chloe tells Suki not to leave town, and Suki says that she would never abandon Lucifer.

The next day, Charlotte meets with Amenadiel and offers him espresso. He's hesitant about manipulating Lucifer and Chloe to get back to Heaven, and warns that it hasn't ended well before. Charlotte says that the key is to use the truth.

At the station, Dan tells Lucifer and Chloe that Tim has a record for drugs and assault. He used to fly jet liners but now flies private jets for the rich. Tim has traveled around drug hot spots in the Caribbean, and they figure he was smuggling drugs. The pilot filed a last-minute flight plan to Caracas and it takes off in less than an hour.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the airport and Lucifer drives out on the runway to cut off the plane as it taxis out. He pulls in front of the plane and cuts it off, irritated that the only person who knows him is a stalker. The jet stops and Tim gets out… and says that he thought they were trying to kill him. They go to a nearby hangar and Tim explains that he thought he might be next. He says that someone he only knows as "Burt" and he uses young women like Jana to mule. Lucifer uses his power on Tim, and Tim says that he wants to build a cat sanctuary. He got into trouble using drugs years ago, and Jana tried to get him to smuggle for Burt but he refused. On Jana's last flight, a package went missing. Burt thought Jana had it, and then went after Raj. Lucifer suggests to Chloe that someone pretend that they have the package, and Tim says that a new attendant was on the last flight and Burt may not have known what she looked for.

At home, Chloe asks Maze if she'll work with them to capture Burt. Maze immediately agrees and says that she'll do it because she's awesome and doesn't need Chloe's thanks. The demon insists that self-worth comes from within and goes to slut up.

Lucifer finds Amenadiel waiting for him at his penthouse and asks if his brother thinks that he's boyfriend material. Amenadiel points out that he's never been the type to get emotionally attached, and figures that it's about Chloe. He says that Charlotte told him what almost happened, and suggests that Lucifer has been underestimating himself when it comes to Chloe. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he should ask himself if he's a worthy romantic partner.

Dan waits at the bar and Maze comes in dressed as an attendant. She tells him to hit on her to make it look convincing. Chloe and Lucifer are out in a surveillance van, and Maze tells Dan that he needs to own up to what he did and be proud of it. Chloe is listening in, and Dan tries to avoid the subject. Maze finally says that he slept with Charlotte, and Chloe is not happy. Lucifer isn't, either, and Lucifer says that he just wants to prove his worth to Chloe. Chloe insists that there will be no sex and she made a mistake, and the two of them aren't happening. She tells Lucifer to step outside and give her some air, and he does so.

Dan tells Chloe that a man just entered the bar. The man introduces himself as Burt, and Maze takes him to the hotel room that they've prepared, slams him against the wall, and says that she knows he killed Jana and Raj. The man says that his name is really Jim, and some guy paid him $100 to claim he was Burt.

Lucifer is drinking from a flask when the party boy from Andy's place--Burt--puts a gun to Lucifer's head and demands the package.

Chloe and Dan go to the hotel room and ask where Burt is. Jim says that Burt saw Lucifer and took off, and Chloe and Dan go to find her.

Burt demands the package, and doesn't believe that Lucifer said no to Jana. When Lucifer says that cocaine isn't worth murdering, Burt says that the package contents are far more valuable than drugs. Lucifer easily disarms him and says that Jana deserved better than Burt... or Lucifer. Burt says that they can work something out, and Lucifer points out that they're similar in lots of ways... except Burt is a bad guy and Lucifer is much worse. He reveals his true face and advances on Lucifer, who cowers before him as Dan and Chloe arrive with the unis. Burt begs them to arrest him, and the unis lead him away. Chloe tells Dan that what she heard didn't bother him, and figures that there's something more going on. She wonders who has the package.

A man finds Andy with the package at the hangar. There are several syringes in the package, and Andy says that one of them broke and he spilled it on him. he collapses, and the man chokes him to death and then walks away.

The next morning, Chloe tracks Lucifer's phone GPS to the beach. She says that they should wrap up the paperwork, and Lucifer tells her that he realized it would never work out between them. He assures her that he won't attempt any more moments and would be honored to work at her side. Chloe wonders why he's giving up, and Lucifer says that she deserves someone worthy of her and it isn't him. He points out that she always puts others first and every crime scene breaks her heart, and deserves someone as good as her because she's special and he's not worth it. Chloe says that he's probably right and then kisses him.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 17, 2017

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