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Fallen Light Recap


At the infection Disease Conference in DC, Eph meets with Jim Kent before going into a conference. Eph then addresses the guests about the recent SARS outbreak and how air transportation contributed to it. He explains that they'll have to expand their quarantine facilities, and Nora suggests that they focus on vaccine development. Eph dismisses it, noting that it will trigger a huge political fight. After the meeting, Eph talks with Nora. He admits that her boss warned him that she was going to challenge his assumptions, and invites her to work with him.


At the loft, Nora takes a call and thanks the caller for the information. Once she hangs up, Nora tells Eph and Zach that Zach's grandparents are alive. Justine set up a call center and Kelly's parents contacted it from Sea Island, GA. Zach wants to go there, figuring that they'll be safe, and Eph says that they should wait and find out what the situation is first. He then talks to Nora privately and says that they can't run. They need to find a way to scale up the bioweapon. Nora warns that he finally has an option for Zach and they have to do something.

At Riker's Island, Gus and Angel drive a school bus in and Angel complains about the plan to break the prisoners out. They pull up to the gate and discover that the gatehouse is empty. Gus drives through the gate and Angel puts on his crucifix silver knuckles as they cut through the gate.

Zach talks to his grandparents and breaks into tears. Eph hugs him and glances at Nora.

CDC Center, 2005

Jim points out that Nora is attractive. Eph insists that it won't be a problem, and Jim asks how things are going with Kelly. Irritated, Eph insists that he knows how to separate his personal and professional relationships.


Vasiliy checks on Dutch, who says that she was writing a letter for him. She explains that she thought she was going to die in Eichhorst's sanctum, and is surprised that he came for her after she was an utter shit to him. Vasiliy says that she's being hard on herself, and Dutch says that she's going to walk out on a man who risked his life for her and knows who she is, and loves her anyway. Crying, Dutch says that she's going to be with Nikki and try to make something real with her. Vasiliy hopes that she does, and she kisses him before she goes.

On the upper east side, Lyle confronts Justine, who is surrounded by the possessions she took as payment from the rich. He complains that she took their money anyway, and Justine points out that she needs to pay the police to help drive out the plague. She reminds the mayor that his officers are putting their lives on the line, and Lyle demands her letter of resignation. If she doesn't then he'll have the DA indict her. Justine tells her to call the DA because she'll go to the city council, and Lyle says that the council has already agreed to have her sit down. Justine has Captain Kowalski remove Lyle, and he warns that she's fighting on his turf now as he goes.

At Riker's, Gus and Angel make their way in and find a nest of strigoi. They find one guard, Harris, and Gus says that he used to get him away from the security guards and beat him down. The ganger asks for Harris' ID card to open the lock, and then walks away. Harris calls to him and Gus says that he can't tell him what to do anymore as he goes.

Gus and Angel go to the control room and open the gates. The prisoners emerge and Gus finds one of his friends, Perez. Gus hands out weapons with silver ammo and assures the prisoners that they'll take orders from Quinlan because he knows how to fight the strigoi. If they fight with him, they'll control the city afterward. The prisoners agree and they head out.

Vasiliy drives Abraham to Alonso's warehouse where the gangster is expecting them. Alonso's people take Abraham's cane and lead them inside, and Abraham demands to see the Lumen. Alonso's mem bring it out and Alonso notes that he picked the right bling. Abraham confirms that it's authentic, and Alonso quickly takes it back. When the old man hands over the payment, Alonso says that Eldritch is bidding as well. When Vasiliy points out that Eldritch doesn't want to stop the plague, Alonso admits that he's done well by the outbreak. Abraham asks for 24 hours to beat Eldritch's offer, and Alonso tells him to meet there with Eldritch the next day and they can bid it out.

Gus leads his new recruits out past Harris's cell. Harris begs Gus to release him so he can help, and Gus releases him. Perez shoots him before Gus can stop him from making noise, and another prisoner hacks Harris apart with a machete. A strigoi kills the prisoner, and Perez kills the creature. More strigoi come out and the prisoners retreat for the door, killing anything that attacks them. Outside, Perez refuses to fight for Quinlan and draws his gun on Gus. Angel shoots him and asks if anyone else agrees with Perez. No one speaks, and after a moment they get on the bus with Gus.

Eph tells Nora that he has Zach back, they're not a family. He's going to Justine to get a permit to get Zach out of the city. Nora assures Eph that Zach will miss him.

Vasiliy and Abraham go to Quinlan in his penthouse and tell him that they've found the Lumen. Abraham says that he needs the Ancients' gold, and Quinlan agrees but warns that the Ancients fear that Abraham will use the Lumen against them. The old man warns that if the Master obtains the book then he will destroy them all, and Quinlan agrees.

Justine and Kowalski are leaving the hotel when Detective Sampson approaches her and says that Lyle is dead. They go to the morgue and confirm that he was shot in the head at his mansion. His security detail were gone, and Lyle's wallet and watch were missing. Lyle's assistant said that Justine and Lyle exchanged harsh words, and Justine insists that she didn't kill him. Sampson warns that he won't let anyone get away with anything on his watch, and Justine asks for a few minutes alone. Once Sampson leaves, Justine asks if Kowalski killed Lyle. He assures her that none of their people are involved, and Justine tells him to find out who murdered Lyle.

Eldritch goes to Justine's office at the hotel. He assures Justine that Coco will make a full recovery, and says that he wants Justine to take over as mayor. Justine warns that the city council disagrees with him, and Eldritch assures her that he's talked to the council and they will introduce a resolution to appoint her special director of security. He says that he needs a strong partner at City Hall to save NYC, and admits that he'll be richer after the outbreak is dealt with... but he also intends to win.

Protestors have gathered outside of city hall and Eph and Nora force their way through the crowd. Kowalski lets them in as the council votes and confirms that Justine is the new special director. Justine takes the podium and talks about the rights of the people to be free of the plague.

At his penthouse, Eldritch and Coco watch a broadcast of Justine's speech. Eichhorst comes in and wonders if Eldritch can control Justine, and Eldritch says that he'll deal with her. The German compliments Coco on her approved health, and Eldritch says that he needs to prepare for the auction. He figures that Abraham will take the Lumen, and Eichhorst says that the Master wants him to attend the auction. Coco sides with Eldritch, and Eichhorst threatens to reclaim the master's guilt. When Eldritch threatens to withhold his funs, Eichhorst promises that if he doesn't then he will never get another drop of the white. Eldritch hesitates and Eichhorst warns him that the white's effects aren't permanent. The billionaire caves and agrees that they can't let petty differences divide them. Once Eichhorst leaves, Coco warns Eldritch that Eichhorst is playing him, and Eldritch says that there is much more to come.

Dutch goes to Nikki's apartment and finds Mrs. Taylor moving her daughter's things. The woman says that Nikki is inside, and asks Dutch to give Nikki her chance for a better life. Nikki comes out and says that she has papers to get out of state. She reminds Dutch that she disappeared for two nights, and Dutch begs her to come home with her. Nikki has her mother go inside, and then tells Dutch that she can't set at home and wait for home. Dutch agrees to stay home, but Nikki says that she found a fight to believe in but it's not her fight. She insists that it's not her mother, and kisses Dutch before going inside.

Eph and Nora tells Justine about the bioweapon. They want the tools to mass-produce it, and says that they need a bio-reaction facility and teams to disperse the bioweapon. Eph asks for two travel permits to go to DC and get the reacting agent. He'll drop Zach off with his grandparents and come back. Nora insists on going along as well and Justine agrees. Once they're alone, Nora says that she wants to make sure Zach escapes safely.

Brooklyn, 2013

Jim gets together with Nora and Eph for dinner, and drunkenly insists that they're closer than family. Jim staggers to the couch and says that Nora and Eph look great together. Nora goes to call Jim's wife Sylvia, and Jim tells Eph that if Nora makes him happy then Eph should go for it. Eph goes to the kitchen and Nora joins him. They talk about Jim's relationships, and Eph finally says that Kelly filed for divorce and wants full custody of Zach. Nora figures that it's because of them, and says that something has been happening between them for a long time. After a moment, Eph kisses her.


Justine's people deliver the travel permits, and Eph thanks Nora for coming. He apologizes for hurting her and insists that he never stopped loving her. Nora looks at him and then walks away. She goes into her bedroom and cries.

Gus reports to Quinlan that his mission was a success. Quinlan tells him about Abraham's plan, but doesn't expect him to honor their agreement to share the Lumen. He wants Gus to convince Abraham to give up the book. Gus asks what happens if Abraham isn't convinced, and Quinlan tells him to kill Abraham and take it.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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