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The World's Columbian Exposition Recap

Wyatt and Rufus return to the present and tell Denise that Flynn got Lucy. Jiya tries to track the mothership and discovers that he's in New York in 1780. Rufus figure that Flynn is able to leap so fast because he's powering the mothership with the nuke he acquired in Las Vegas.

Lucy is typing at a desk and Flynn watches her. The mothership returns and Flynn says that he went back to the compound to kill Rittenhouse and his son John. However, without Benedict Arnold he was unable to get in, and Rittenhouse survived... and it's Lucy's fault. Lucy insists that killing John might not have changed anything, and Flynn figures that they'll find the boy when he's a few years older. She warns that there's no record of John, and figures that he went underground and changed his name. Flynn has his men take Lucy to the mothership and says that he's going to take down each Rittenhouse family member, as long as it takes.

Jiya confirms that the mothership jumped to Illinois, May 30, 1893. It's the month that the Chicago World Fair opened, and Jiya warns that the lifeboat isn't charged yet. It will take four hours to charge.

At the World's Fair, Flynn shows Lucy the Fair in the distance and says that at 4 pm, there's going to be an important meeting between Thomas Edison, Henry ford, and JP Morgan. He's going to kill them all and Lucy is going to help her because they're all a part of Rittenhouse. He says that Lucy wrote in her journal that one day the two of them would stop Rittenhouse together. Flynn wonders if he was wrong about her, and says that if they're not meant to be a team then Lucy is expendable. He asks her if she's going to help him or not.

As they wait, Rufus secretly tells Connor that he erased the recording. He explains that if Rittenhouse heard it, they'd know that they helped kill their founder. Connor warns that it was Rufus' last chance, and tells him to run and take his family with him. Rufus says that he's not going to run until they find Lucy. The CEO warns that it may be too late, and Rufus walks off.

Rufus and Wyatt review the historical record to see who was at the Fair. Wyatt figures that they should start with Teddy Roosevelt as the highest-profile target, and Rufus assures him that they're going to get Lucy back. Once the lifeboat is charged, they depart for 1893. When they arrive at the Fair, the two men spot Roosevelt and figure that Flynn is nearby. they spot one of Flynn's men, Karl, in the crowd and follow him as he goes to a hotel.

At a bar, Flynn tells Lucy that Edison and Ford are going to meet with Morgan, their financier. Their room will be heavily guarded, but he's going to plant a bomb. Lucy says that Flynn will have to kill her because she won't help, and doesn't believe that he will kill innocents after what he did in the service. Karl comes in and says that Wyatt and Rufus went for Roosevelt just as Flynn predicted, and Flynn tells Lucy that he's sent her friends to the World's Fair Hotel. Serial killer H.H. Holmes built the hotel and set it up as an elaborate death trap for his victims.

Wyatt and Rufus ask a caretaker if they've seen Karl. He says that he hasn't and excuses himself, and the two men split up to find Lucy. Meanwhile, the caretaker watches them go.

Flynn says that Lucy can still save her friends in time, if she helps him find someone who can help him evade the security.

Harry Houdini is performing as Lucy and Flynn sit in the audience. Lucy says that Harry isn't famous yet but he's the perfect man to get past security. When Harry calls for a volunteer, Lucy steps forward.

As Wyatt checks out the hallways, he bumps into a woman, Sophia Hayden. He notices that she has blueprints and says that he's impressed. Wyatt helps her get her things into her room, and he asks if she's seen Lucy. The caretaker watches them through a secret peephole.

Rufus enters an suite and doesn't find anyone, and realizes that no one has been in there for quite a while. He finds a furnace filled with ashes, and spots a human bone inside as the door slams shut behind him.

Wyatt hears the door close and tries the door, but discovers that it's locked. Gas bumps in through the vents and Wyatt and Sophia collapse.

Harry does a handcuff escape with Lucy assisting him, He steps into a trunk and his brother Dash closes the lid. Dash then has Lucy confirm that the trunk is locked and tosses away the key. He then has her lift a curtain up, and lower it to reveal Harry standing atop the trunk, free. After the show, Lucy says that he's one of her biggest fans and claims that her uncle owns a theater in Chicago. She takes Harry out to see him and Flynn and Karl are waiting with guns. Flynn says that they need him to pick a lock.

Wyatt wakes up and finds a man looking down on him. The man introduces himself as George and says that they've been waiting for Wyatt to wake up. Rufus and Sophia are locked in with them, and Wyatt confirms that his gun is gone. George says that they're still in the hotel and he is a guest, and he passed out in his room. He tells them that he's been there a couple of hours, and Sophia says that the chamber is soundproof and airtight. Sophia explains that she's an architect, and George offers them a box of Cracker Jacks. She wonders why someone would build an airtight chamber in a hotel, and Wyatt figures that someone built it to trap and kill people for fun. He secretly tells Rufus that Flynn deliberately led them there, and Lucy might be trapped somewhere else.

Lucy tells Harry that Flynn is holding her friends hostage, and insists that she really is a fan. Harry says that the real trick to escaping is to focus on escape. Lucy suggests that he show her the Cutpurse trick, and he agrees. They arrive at the building and have Harry pick the lock. He easily does so and Flynn takes him in while Karl stays with Lucy.

Flynn makes his way to the meeting room and waits until the guards step away. He gives Harry three minutes to open the lock on the door, but Harry spots a vent in the wall and jumps up to it and then climbs in. He then opens the door from the inside and Flynn points a charge of C4. Edison, Ford, and Morgan come in, and Flynn says that he knows they're with Rittenhouse. He goes for his gun, but Harry has pickpocketed it and aims it as his head, and then takes the charge. He calls the guards and tells the three men to leave as quickly as possible, takes a bow, and leaves after handcuffing Flynn to a chair.

Outside, Harry knocks Karl out from behind and Lucy says that she came to him because she knew he was the best at getting out of tight spots. She then asks Lucy to ask for his help rescuing her friends, and figures that Harry is used to craziness.

As Wyatt works at the wall, the lights flicker out as the air runs out. George talks about his 8-year-old son and how he wants to hear his son laugh. Sophia talks about how her father is waiting for her to come home and tell him about her trip, and says that she designed the Woman's Pavilion. She went to MIT, and assumes that Rufus is Robert Robinson Taylor, the first black man to go to MIT. Rufus says that he was the other one, just as Wyatt realizes that his efforts aren't working. He says that he knows what it's like to have someone disappear, and promises that he won't let it happen to the others.

The guards come to get Flynn. When they unlock his handcuffs, he takes one as a shield, grabs his gun, and kills them both.

Sophia finds one brick and realizes that the mortar is deteriorating. She gives Wyatt a hatpin to dig a hole.

Harry and Lucy enter the hotel and Harry warns that Holmes could be anywhere. They start searching while the caretaker watches them from the shadows.

Wyatt manages to dig a hole and starts yelling through it. Lucy and Harry hear him, and they follow the voice to a hidden doorway behind a bookcase. Harry goes in and offers his hand to Lucy, and they continue on. When they find the hall, Lucy calls through and confirms that both her friends are there. Harry picks the lock and Lucy hugs her friends, and gives Flynn's gun to Wyatt. As they leave, Wyatt tells Lucy that they're not done there.

The team finds the caretaker, who says that his name is Pat Quinlan. They check his wallet and confirm he is who he says, and he says that Holmes is probably in his office on the third floor. Wyatt tells Lucy to get the police and goes up with Quinlan. Lucy looks at the photos on the wall, and realizes that one of them is "George." As she yells a warning to Wyatt that George is Holmes, Holmes comes in behind her.

Outside, Rufus hears Lucy screaming. He runs inside and meets Wyatt coming down.

Lucy wakes up and realizes that she's locked up in a coffin-sized box. Holmes is outside and says that Flynn paid him to trap her friends. He wonders if Flynn set him up, and figures that they'll find out. Lucy begs him to let her out but Holmes tells her to be quiet and leaves. Clearing her mind, Lucy focuses like Harry told her earlier, setting aside her fear. Holmes says that if he burns in Hell then so will she, and starts to turn on the furnace. Lucy calls him by his real name and says that she's not like the other women that he's killed. Lucy says that she's a psychic and knows that Holmes is a spiritualist, and tells him that she knows his future.

Quinlan tells Wyatt that he doesn't want to know what's going on in the hotel, and the caretaker says that sometimes Holmes goes to the basement.

Lucy describes Holmes' history from her research, and says that she can help him if he lets her out. Wyatt comes in and aims his gun at Holmes, telling him not to move. Rufus gets Lucy out, and Holmes explains that he locked himself up with his victims to watch their fear. He says that he was born with the Devil in in him, and offers to confess to all of his murders. Holmes figures that Wyatt lost someone important to him, and he'll give his victims' families closure. Wyatt asks Lucy if Holmes is telling the truth, and she says that Holmes lies for profit. Holmes goes for a tool and Wyatt shoots him dead.

Later, Sophia thanks Wyatt for saving her life. She says that she hopes she'll meet Rufus again at their class reunion. Harry asks Lucy to come with him as his assistant, and Lucy assures him that he'll find an assistant soon. She tells him that he'll go on to have an amazing career, and Harry says goodbye to them. Wyatt realizes that Harry has taken pickpocket his gun and orders him to hand it back, and Harry does so with a smile. Once they're alone, Lucy says that she knows they were going to save them and Wyatt jokingly points out that she saved them.

Back at Mason Industries in the present, Connor looks on as Rufus records a message for Rittenhouse. He says that he'll pilot the lifeboat and help capture Flynn. However, if they touch him or his family then he's out. Rufus points out that there is no other pilot and tells them to back off, and says that he's done recording the team. He then gives the recorder to Connor and tells him to give it to Rittenhouse. Connor asks if he's sure he wants to do it, and Rufus says that after what he saw he's not scared of Rittenhouse. As he goes, Rufus tells Connor that he picked a side, and Connor should too.

In the locker room, Wyatt gets a call from Flynn. Flynn congratulates him on getting out of the hotel alive, and gives him the name of Wes Gillian: the man who killed Wyatt's wife Jessica. He figures that Wyatt can't stop the murder, but would have to go back further and kill Wes' parents. Flynn asks what Wyatt is going to do about Wes.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 17, 2017

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