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Stick Recap

A man runs down a stairwell and into an office, and takes a gun out of a drawer. He hears the elevator coming, runs out, and opens fire when the doors open. However, there's no one inside to be hit. As the man reloads, his intended target puts a sword to his throat and demands to know where Black Sky is. The shooter says that he doesn't know, and the swordsman cuts his hand off when he goes for his gun. The swordsman repeats his question and the shooter says that they put Black Sky on a ship headed for New York City. He swears on his family that he's telling the truth, and the swordsman--an elderly blind man--says that they're better off without him before cutting off his head.

At the law office, Foggy reads a tabloid about "Daredevil" and tells Karen that the vigilante is a terrorist. Karen dismisses the article as speculation but Foggy figures that Daredevil is a nutjob. She asks Matt what his opinion is, and he insists that Daredevil should be found guilty in a court of law rather than the press. Foggy disagrees and suggests that he and Karen go out, but she says that she has something to do. Once Karen leaves, Foggy wonders if she has secrets, and asks Matt about his secret girlfriend. Matt says that it didn't work out and tells his partner that he's staying to work on Elena's case. Once Foggy leaves, Matt goes back to reading the Braille files on Leland, who works at Silver & Brant.

Later, Leland meets with Nobu at a parking garage and tells him that the funds have been transferred as requested. He knows that Nobu is using the money to clear the docks for an arriving ship, and suggests that they protect each other so that Wilson doesn't betray them. Nobu refuses and leaves with his men, and Daredevil approaches Leland and demands to see his records on Wilson's accounts. Something taps on the floor, distracting Daredevil, and Leland shocks him with a stun gun and then drives off. The old swordsman--Stick--comes up and asks if Daredevil is just going to lie there all night.

The Past

A young Matt lies on his bed at the Catholic orphanage, trying to shut the noise out. Meanwhile, the head nun summons Stick, explaining that Matt has recently gotten worse. They've heard that Stick works with special cases, and the nun assures him that Jack left Matt plenty of money. Matt's mother is out of the picture. Stick tells her to write the check out to cash and enters Matt's room. He tells Matt that he's getting stronger, and tosses him a set of keys. Matt catches them and Stick tells him they're getting started.

Stick takes Matt to the park and buys him ice cream, and then tells him that he's lucky that he had sight for nine years, and he's lucky to have survived the accident. Stick tells Matt to focus and let the world in, and has him analyze the nearby people. Matt senses one old man slowly dying, and Stick tells him that the world isn't fair. He says that the only way that guys like them can survive is to fight, and he says that he's going to train Matt to use his gift for the war that's coming. When Matt wonders what he means, Stick tells him that they'll get to that part when he's ready.


Daredevil realizes who is there and tells him to get out of his city. Stick points out that he's wanted as a cop killer and an old man just beat him, and says that he's there to save everyone in Hell's Kitchen from a horrible death.

Karen meets with Ben and admits that whoever used Union Allied and broke it up covered their tracks. Ben warns her that research is the job and it's complicated and boring, but it has to be done. He's done his own investigation and discovered that the Union Allied people are tied in to the Yakuza. Karen asks what he thinks of Daredevil supposedly shooting the cops, and Ben says that he was with Blake when he got shot. Now the detective is in a coma, and Ben advises Karen to stay away from the vigilante. Karen says that she'll only feel safe if they put away the people who tried to kill her, and Ben says that if they get enough then he'll take it to Ellison.

Matt takes Stick to his apartment, and the old man warns him that he's become soft and let women and fine things distract him. Stick tells his student to cut his friends loose before they get hurt, and says that Matt is still a kid. When he insults Jack, Matt attacks him and Stick easily puts him in a hold and forces him to the floor.

The Past

Stick easily put a young Matt into a hold and forces him to the floor. He tells Matt to make him stop or quit, and knocks him to the ground. The boy comes at Stick, angry, and the old man easily deflects his blow. He tells Matt to learn how to control his anger and knocks him down repeatedly, and Matt blames himself for Jack's death. Matt wanted Jack to win, and Stick tells the boy that all he knows is Jack is gone and Matt needs to stop taking a beating and start giving one. The boy comes at him again and Stick puts him in a hold.


Matt breaks the hold and Stick chuckles. As he gets a beer, Matt asks why he's there and Stick says that it's the war. Now it's against the Japanese, mostly, and Stick explains that Nobu is high up and uses several different aliases. He doesn't want Nobu: he wants what's on the ship that's arriving at the docks. They're bringing in a weapon: Black Sky, the Bringer of Shadows. Stick needs a soldier, not a friend, to help him so he came to Matt. Matt hesitates and Stick warns him that he's only doing half-measures. However, he then asks Matt to come with him and promises that Wilson will know fear because he knows that Matt defeated the man that Wilson is afraid of. Matt agrees... after he makes Stick promise not to kill anyone.

Karen goes to Elena's apartment and assures the old woman that she doesn't owe her anything. However, she asks for information if Elena wants to help. Elena says that she can tell Foggy is in love with Karen, and Karen hastily returns to her investigation. She's trying to tie Tally to Union Allied, but Tully has disappeared. Elena didn't sign any papers, but she describes the two "repairmen" and confirms that one of them had a neck tattoo. Karen has her describe it and then leaves to find the men.

Out on the streets, Karen walks out and a large bald man follows her. His partner grabs Karen and drags her into an alley, and easily stops her when she tries to draw her mace can. Karen kicks the man in the groin and Foggy arrives and knocks the other one out from behind. He admits that he was following her because she was acting weird, and she sprays one of the men in the face and insists that she can take care of herself. As she walks away, Foggy hits the man with his baseball bat and goes after her.

At the docks, Nobu and his men watch as a cargo container is off-loaded. Daredevil and Stick watch from a rooftop, and Stick tells him to deal with the men while he takes out Black Sky. Stick gives him a pair of jo sticks and Daredevil heads down as the old man assembles a bow. The vigilante picks off the men one at a time while the others open the container. Inside is a young Asian boy, chained to the floor. The Yakuza men bring the boy out, and Daredevil hears Stick drawing the bow. The vigilante leaps out and deflects the arrow, which nicks the boy instead of killing him. Daredevil ducks back into the shadow as the Yakuza thugs open fire. Several of them move forward and Daredevil takes them out, but Nobu and the rest drive off with the boy. By the time he finishes his opponents off, Daredevil realizes that Stick is gone as well.

The Past

Stick and Matt spar until Stick is satisfied the boy is competent. He explains that fighting is just the start and tells Matt to learn meditation to control his feelings. As Stick starts to leave, Matt gives him a bracelet that he made from the ice cream cone wrapper when they first met. Stick takes it and after a moment, crushes it and tells Matt that he can't help him anymore and he expected too much of him.


Matt returns to his apartment and finds Stick there. He tosses the sticks to his former teacher and demands to know what was going on. Stick says that the thing in the container wasn't a child, and dismisses Matt's concern as emotional. He admits that he needed a soldier but Matt needed a father, and starts to leave. When Matt says that he won't let him kill the boy, Stick says that he caught up to the van and did it anyway. Matt attacks him and the two fight. Stick knocks him down and yells at him to get up, and beats him down. One of the sticks rolls over and Matt grabs it and renews his attack. He finally takes the old man down and tells him to get out of his city. Stick gets to his feet and says that maybe there's hope for Matt after all, and walks out.

Karen takes Foggy to Ben's office and insists that they can trust the lawyer. Ben reluctantly gives in and shows Foggy his board sketching out their opposition's organization. Karen and Ben figure that Daredevil and the organization's leader are working against each other,

As Matt cleans up the wreckage of his apartment, he finds the bracelet he made for Stick.

Stick meets with another of his clan, Stone. He says that Black Sky is no longer a threat, and admits that Matt is stubborn and immature. Stone wonders if Matt will be ready when "the door" is open, and Stick warns that he has no idea.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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