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The Lost Recap

Six Days Later...

Quill lies in her bed sleeping... and pregnant.

At a club, the host introduces April as his best student. Jackie is in the audience and applauds with the others as April sings her song, "The Lost."

April sits in class and looks around at her friends. Charlie is the only one who looks back.

Ram is still trying to master his artificial lab.

Tanya lies in her bed and tries to call Ram. He ignores her and goes back to practicing with Varun.

April asks Charlie if he ever feels if it is so dark it will never be light again. Charlie remembers Matteusz ignoring him and says that he feels that way sometimes, lately. He always hopes that there's a way out, and April hugs him. Charlie hesitantly helps her back, and April says that they can help each other be brave. She admits that she misses the others.

At home, Charlie looks in the cabinet and considers the gun he took from Quill. He then looks at Quill.

Frustrated, Ram walks off the field. Varun says that he can't let him give up, but his son keeps walking..

April's eyes glow red.

Varun suddenly gags on his own blood and looks down. A Kin blade is extending from his chest, and As Ram runs to his father screaming, Varun dissolves into ash. Corakinus appears behind Ram, ready to kill him.

April finishes her song. As the next musicians play, Ram runs in and says that Varun is gone.

Matteusz goes to Charlie's house and rings the bell. Charlie tells him what is happening with Quill, and that she hasn't woken up in a week. The prince has been force-feeding her and refuses to let her die because they are the only two survivors.

April wonders how the Kin are back after she destroyed the world. She says that she felt Corakinus briefly, and Ram admits that he hasn't called his mother and told her what happened.

Matteusz tells Charlie that he's been sleeping in his cousin's car, and promises Charlie that he'll love him. Charlie makes the same promise and they start to kiss, and Quill screams. The two teenagers run in and Quill demands to know what happened to her. Once she realizes that she's pregnant, Quill remembers that her offspring will eat her once the fetuses move to the second womb. She figures that the Cabinet is responsible, but refuses to answer Charlie's questions and demands her gun.

Tanya is in her room when April calls. She ignores the call.

Charlie asks Quill what she plans to do with the gun, and she says that he'll use the Cabinet on their enemies and then she'll use the gun on her enemies. April calls Matteusz, and he and Charlie run off. Quill is too dizzy to go after them, but figures that the war begins today.

Vivian brings Tanya some soup and assures her that she'll nail the exams. When she points out that Tanya hasn't mentioned her new friends recently, Tanya says that they're not her friends and tells her mother to leave it. As Vivian goes, she says that things will eventually get better... and Corakinus kills her.

At home, April feels Corakinus briefly and tells Ram that it felt different. Ram says that they need to run and never come back... unless Charlie uses his weapon. April wonders if they'll be any better if they kill the Kin, and Ram says that they will be. The girl warns that if they die then she will, too, and then collapses as her eyes glow red. When she recovers, they find Corakinus holding a sword to Jackie's throat.

Quill realizes that there's only one fetus, not a litter like Quill usually have, and tells her unborn child that she will take it to the end of the world. The doorbell buzzes.

April tells Corakinus that if he harms Jackie then he'll die. Corakinus realizes that Jackie has Kin in her veins and says that he'll only kill her if April doesn't accept his offer.

Quill answers the door and finds Tanya there, crying.

April realizes that Corakinus wants her to come back with him so that he'll have his heart. He says that he reclaimed his throne despite the fact that April beat him.

Tanya finally tells Quill that Corakinus killed Vivian. After a moment, Quill holds the girl.

Ram promises to kill the Kin, but Corakinus doesn't believe that they will use the Cabinet. Charlie and Matteusz arrive and Charlie aims the gun at Corakinus.

Tanya finally realizes that Quill is pregnant, and says that her brothers aren't answering the phone and she doesn't know if they're still alive. She tells Quill that she wants to use the Cabinet.

Corakinus says that the students are expecting to be heroes without playing a price, and says that he's killed two. If April doesn't come with him then he will kill more. April wonders who else he's killed.

Quill takes Tanya to the Cabinet and says that only Charlie can use it. Tanya wonders if they can make Charlie use it. Charlie calls and Tanya ignores it, and Quill suggests that they go to Charlie so that she can start punching him now that she's free of the Arn.

Corakinus confirms that Vivian is dead and says that Charlie is the savior of his people that never were. The Kin knows of the legend and blasts Charlie in the face with a shadow blast from his sword. Corakinus then tells him that they should consider but won't have long, and they will be five. With that, he disappears.

Tanya tries to haul the Cabinet out of the house.

April tells the others that Corakinus has put the shadow on Charlie's heart, just like it is on him. If Charlie uses the Cabinet on the Kin then he will die as well. Ram angrily demands to know who the next two victims are, and that there is no help. They either sacrifice their families or each other. When the others don't respond, Ram figures that it's helpless and he goes to tell his mother what happened. April goes after him and says that she's sorry about Varun, and Ram asks her to come with him. She refuses to leave Jackie unprotected, and Ram says that he never stopped loving her. After a moment he turns and goes.

Charlie and Matteusz go to Dorothea's office at Coal Hill. Dorothea is there and Charlie aims the gun at her and says that they need her help.

April tries to call and gets no answer. Jackie figures that Corakinus didn't kill her because there's a bit of the Kin soul in her legs... and more inside of April.

When Dorothea refuses to take orders from Charlie, he fires a warning shot. She asks what happened to Matteusz's pacifism, and he says that's between him and Charlie. Dorothea takes them to a staff-only door but says that she will die before she lets them through the door.

Jackie tells April that what she did before was because she's April, not because she's a superhero.

Dorothea promises that she'll get to the bottom of things and would have anyway. She insists that the Governors only gather knowledge in preparation for the Arrival. Dorothea tells Charlie that he can still be a part of it, but he still won't pass beyond the door. Before she goes in, she says that they won't even know that she's gone. With that, Dorothea goes through the door and disappears.

Quill and Tanya enter Coal Hill, unaware that a rift is opening up behind them. They go to the library and Tanya finds her brothers where they're supposed to be. However, Corakinus appears and prepares to kill them... and Quill kicks him back.

April can hear Corakinus' thoughts and tells Jackie that she'll find a way to stop him. She says that she loves Jackie and leaves.

Tanya tells her brothers to get out while Quill continues attacking Corakinus. She knocks him down and he vows that they will all die before disappearing through a shadow rift.

As Charlie and Matteusz wait for Dorothea, Matteusz admits that the Charlie he's seeing is the one that he's afraid of. The Pole wonders who they are when they're done threatening and killing.

Tanya tells Quill that Corakinus will keep coming and find her brothers, and Quill tells her that she can either give in or face her future with spite and defiance.

Matteusz takes Charlie's hand and says that he thought that he lost him for six days. Every day he thought that he didn't want Charlie to go somewhere that he couldn't follow. Dorothea comes back through the door and says that they have a problem.

Quill explains that pregnancy is the traditional end to a Quill life as their offspring consume them. She figures that the humans give their strength every day because they can shape it, and tells Tanya to give back to those who have hurt her. Tanya asks her to teach her how to fight.

Dorothea takes Charlie and Matteusz to the library where the Kin just appeared. She explains that the Kin are coming to Earth through rifts too small to allow anything but a shadow to pass through. Charlie realize that it's something the Governors did, and Dorothea admits that mistakes were made. She warns that the Kin will wipe out Earth like they wiped out Rhodia.

Quill takes Tanya to the gym and then starts training her in how to fight by attacking her.

Charlie and the others find the debris from the fight, and Charlie finds Quill's discarded bracelet.

After Quill knocks her down, Tanya says that she can't because of her grief, and Quill tells her that it's no weakness admitting loss. She says that the trick is to keep on living while it does. Tanya wonders why Quill is being kind to her, and Quill insists that her pregnancy isn't making her weak. She says that it just makes her more ferocious, and Tanya says that it does the same for them. Tanya then tells Quill to keep teaching her.

April calls Ram from outside the school and gets his voice mail. She says that she's been afraid to love him but she isn't afraid anymore and she loves him. After she hangs up, April goes into Coal Hill.

Charlie and the others enter the gym and see Quill apparently attacking Tanya. Tanya shrugs Charlie off, and Charlie sees the Cabinet. Charlie warns that if the Kin die then April die, and Matteusz says that Charlie will die as well. Tanya refuses to choose Charlie over her brothers.

April stands at the board of honor.

Tanya tells Charlie to use the Cabinet to destroy the Kin. When Matteusz says that they'll find another way, Tanya says that they've tried other ways and the Kin keep coming back. She insists that it's time to use the Cabinet, and Dorothea says that the Governors have calculated the probabilities. Angry, Quill breaks off a stool leg and prepares to beat her to death, and Charlie steps in front of her.

April senses Corakinus again.

Dorothea says that she's protected, and Charlie tells Quill that Tanya is right. Corakinus appears behind Matteusz, holds his sword to the boy's neck, and tells him that he's the next to die.

After packing, Ram goes to his car and sees he has a call from April. He checks his voicemail.

Corakinus tells Charlie that Matteusz's death is the one he won't tolerate. Charlie says that no death is tolerable, but Corakinus points out that Charlie is holding one weapon and has the Cabinet. The Kin reminds him that killing him will kill Charlie as well... and April as she arrives in the gym.

As Ram listens to April's message, he sees the Kin arriving on Earth.

April tells Corakinus to release Matteusz and she'll go with him. Corakinus promises that no one else will die, and she warns that Earth's existence will be in Corakinus' hands. When Charlie says that she can't, April tells him that it's the only way or people will keep dying. She hugs Charlie and tells him that they need to be brave enough to find the light again. April asks Charlie to set her free. Realizing what she's asking, Charlie says that he can't. When Matteusz tells her not to sacrifice herself for him, April says that there will be more deaths if she doesn't and asks Charlie to tell Ram that she loves him.

When April gets close to Corakinus, she says that she can read his mind and knows that he has insurance. She looks around and sees the Kin in everyone's shadows.

Kin throughout the city and people run in terror.

Corakinus says that he will send them back once April comes with him. Charlie says that they still have the Cabinet, and Corakinus shoves Matteusz aside and grabs April. The Kin points out that if Charlie uses the Cabinet, everyone will die. April reads Corakinus' thoughts and realizes that he will kill everyone no matter what they do. She says that they're only there because the king commands it, and Charlie realizes what he has to do. He fires the gun and kills Corakinus. Ram arrives in time to catch April as she collapses, and is furious that Charlie killed her.

Dorothea points out that the Kin aren't moving, and Charlie realizes that he's the king now because he killed the previous king. He warns that the Kin will fight him even though he's king, and tells the others to protect him as he uses the Cabinet. The Cabinet opens and Matteusz begs Charlie to stop so that he won't die. Charlie says that he's already dies and tosses the gun to Quill, and she and Tanya says that they'll both protect him. Matteusz tells Charlie not to do it, and Charlie says that he loves him. He then moves for the Cabinet. The kin attack and Quill and Tanya fight them off while Dorothea walks out.

Matteusz begs Charlie to stop, and Charlie says that he wasn't hero enough to save one soul. As the Kin overwhelm Quill and Tanya, Charlie declares his intent to wipe out the Kin. The souls fly out of the Cabinet, each one destroying a Kin somewhere on Earth. Jackie's legs give out as a soul destroys the shadow essence in her legs.

Charlie tells Matteusz that he hasn't stopped all of them, and the souls travel across the planet and to the Kin homeworld, destroying it and everyone on it. One last soul emerges from the Cabinet, but Quill shoves it out of the way as it goes to April.

In the staff room, the Governors tell Dorothea that the Cabinet is empty. Dorothea insists that they're predictions foretold that Charlie was too moral to use it, but the Governors are more interested in how much of an asset Dorothea is. Dorothea says that her belief is pure and she has done everything in the name of The Arrival. The Chair says that it is a shame that she won't get to see it, and the Governors leave the chamber. Dorothea turns to discover that the Governors have unleashed a Weeping Angel on her. Meanwhile, the Chair promises that they will be ready for the Arrival.

In the gym, Ram and the others wake up. Charlie wonders why the soul didn't kill him, and Quill says that he has to live with the sacrifice. Crying, Charlie says that he thought he could bring back his race. Corakinus' body sits up and Ram grabs the gun and prepares to shoot it. After a moment, Corakinus speaks with April's voice and wonders why everyone is staring at her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 21, 2017

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