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Outlaw's Wife Recap

Abigail Wilson is walking down the streets of Porter and two women, Emma Perkins and Hetty Lake, pass her by. Hetty says good morning to Abigail, but Emma quickly moves her along. Once they've passed, Emma reminds Hetty that it was Abigail.

Abigail goes to Ma Wilson's Laundry and greets her mother, Dora. Dora glares at her and says that when Abigail left, Dora told her that it was good. She tells her daughter to go back to her man, and Abigail says that she can't. Dora insists that Abigail isn't her mother anymore, and Abigail walks out.

Soon, Emma and the other townswomen go the jail and tell Hoby that they want him to get Abigail out of Porter. Hetty reminds Emma that Hoby wasn't there before. Henrietta takes notes as Emma explains that Abigail calls herself Mrs. Lem Duke, and Hoby knows that Lem turned outlaw. He says that Lem is wanted for murder in Abilene, and Emma figures that's why Abigail came back to Porter. Hoby points out that Abigail hasn't broken any laws, and the townswomen leave in disgust. As she goes, Emma warns that Lem might come for Abigail and possibly kill someone, and all Hoby can say is that he'd have to try and stop Lem.

Later that day, Ralph goes in for a haircut and tells Aaron about the townswomen's visit. Aaron hadn't heard that Abigail was back in Porter, and Ralph sides with Hoby. He then remembers that Aaron and Abigail were good friends before she ran off with Lem. Aaron claims that he isn't upset, and wonders what it makes her.

Hoby goes to the saloon and sees Abigail sitting by herself. He goes over and introduces himself, and she asks how long she has. Hoby says that it's no concern of his how long she says, and she says that she left Lem and came home because he's wanted for murder. Abigail wonders if she's responsible for making excuses for him, but she's done with dealing with Lem. Hoby asks her when she saw Lem last, and Abigail says that she doesn't know where Lem is now. She agrees to let Hoby know if Lem gets in contact with her. Abigail says that she isn't staying as Aaron comes in and says that she belongs in Porter.

Hoby excuses himself and Aaron tells Abigail that even if Dora meant what she said, Abigail can stay with her. She figures that Penny won't want them there after what she did, and Aaron says that Penny and Eric are staying in Austin with his aunt on a visit. Henrietta comes in and says that Abigail has a place to stay, and tells Aaron to take Abigail's suitcase to her house before escorting Abigail there.

That night, Abigail goes to a stable and calls to Lem. Lem steps out of the shadows and says that he told her that he'd meet her, and they kiss. Abigail tells him that all of the ranchers are out on a round-up, and Lem says that he's only interested in Ben Stoddard's ranch because he has the biggest spread and the biggest payroll. She admits that she'll be able to find out when the payroll is in Porter and that's why she came to town.

On the following Sunday, Henrietta invites Hoby and Aaron for dinner. Henrietta jokingly tells Abigail that Aaron couldn't make it, and Abigail is disappointed until she comes in and sees Aaron. As they wait for the women to finish cooking, Aaron asks Hoby if he's worried about the money. Abigail listens from the other room as Hoby says that Ben Stoddard is coming into Porter on Friday to pick up six months' worth of payroll. Henrietta interrupts to call them to dinner.

The following Wednesday, Abigail goes to the stable and tells Lem. Lem plans to wait for Ben to come back six miles out of Porter, and Abigail agrees to stay in town for another week.

Later, Dora comes to talk to Abigail. She says that she has realized that she acted wrong and Abigail is her daughter and always will be. Abigail tells Dora that whatever she's done, it's not Dora's fault. Dora is relieved that Abigail doesn't hate her and leaves.

That night, Abigail and Aaron are walking down the street and come to Emma. She says a brief hello to Abigail, and Aaron tells Abigail that eventually comes around.

Friday morning, Ben rides into Porter to get the payroll. Two hours later, the doctor tells Hoby that Ben had a heart attack. The doctor has put Ben in a room at the hotel but Ben doesn't think he's sick and insists that he has to pay his cowhands. He intends to keep his word, but the doctor says that Ben won't make it. The doctor suggests that Ben would trust Hoby to deliver the money, and Hoby readily agrees and they go to convince Ben.

Abigail bumps into Aaron as he's leaving. He explains that Hoby is going to deliver the payroll for Ben and he's riding along, and runs off before Abigail can stop him. Abigail takes a carriage to where Lem is waiting and tells him that the payroll plan has changed. Lem figures that he can take Hoby, but Abigail says that Aaron is with him. The outlaw remembers that she was fond of Aaron and asks who she's really concerned about, and says that he'll kill again to get the money. Abigail says that she doesn't care about him any more and cares about the people in Porter that have treated her decent. Lem slaps her and orders her to stop them when they come up.

Hoby and Aaron ride up and see Abigail. She yells a warning and Lem shoots her in the back. Aaron insists on running to Abigail while he and Hoby return fire. Hoby manages to flank Lem, orders him to surrender, and is forced to kill him when Lem doesn't. Aaron confirms that Abigail is hurt bad and they take her back to town.

Six weeks later, Abigail returns and decides to leave Porter. She stops to tell Hoby goodbye, and admits that the town was right about her when they said she'd bring nothing but trouble. Hoby points out that they were right when they accepted her, and Abigail asks him to say goodbye to Aaron for her. He says that Aaron will be at the depot to see her off and Abigail leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 22, 2017

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