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Shadows in the Glass Recap

Wilson wakes up gasping and looks at the “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” painting he bought from Vanessa. He then makes himself an omelet and eats breakfast alone. Once he’s done, he dons a suit and puts on his father’s cufflinks. When he looks in the mirror, he sees a bloody boy staring back at him. After staring at it for a moment, Wilson turns and goes.

Matt’s talking alarm clock goes off and he dresses and tends to his injuries.

At the office, Foggy and Karen argue about whether to tell Matt that they’re investigating Union Allied. Matt comes in and admits that he’s heard them discussing him. Karen admits that they’ve investigating Union Allied and have someone set up to break the story of whatever they find out. Matt points out that the people responsible will send people after them, and Karen says that they took care of it. He warns that they’ll get hurt, but Karen insists that she’s already been hurt and she’s not going to let it happen to someone else. Matt realizes that they’re not going to drop it and they explain that Ben is helping them. He agrees to help them but warns that they have to do it within the legal system so they don’t get hurt. Foggy and Karen have no choice but to agree.

On the docks, Nobu questions Wilson’s promises, noting that Black Sky is dead. Wilson points out that he kept the police away and that what happened had nothing to do with them. Nobu warns that Black Skies are rare and it will be difficult to find another, and asks if they want to renegotiate the terms of their arrangement. Wilson apologizes and Nobu walks out after uttering a threat. Wesley suggests that they teach Nobu some manners, and wonders what the Japanese contribute to the organization. Wilson merely says that they’re a necessary evil and warns that they need to be cautious when things are going their way.

The Past

In an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen a young Wilson is listening to radio music as he and his father Bill are working on making posters and holders for Bill’s campaign to become a councilman. Wilson cuts a board too short and Bill reminds him to show respect if he wants to get it. Wilson’s mother is working on overdue bills and listens as Bill talks about how he plans to buy a real house once the money comes in when he’s elected. Bill offers Wilson a sip of his beer over Marlene’s objections, insisting that Wilson is a man. She wonders how they’re affording everything, and Bill says that Rigoletto floated him. He insists that they have to take risks if they want something out of life. Wilson echoes his father, agreeing.


That night, Wilson is on the phone with Vanessa when he gets a call from Wesley. Wesley says that Blake has woken up from his coma, and will talk to the media about how they had him shot. Wilson orders Wesley to take care of him, and Wesley warns that there’s a 24-hour detail on him in case Daredevil comes after him. Considering the matter, Wilson says to arrange a meeting with Hoffman so he can convince the detective himself.

At the office, the trio goes over files and Matt finds a reference to Confederate Global Investments. They were the ones that hired the lawyers to defend John, and Matt has Karen confirm that Westmeyer-Holt Contracting are the ones forcing people like Elena out of their tenements. Foggy wants to track it down and Matt tells him to use the phones. Karen sees a report on Blake recovering consciousness.

Wilson and Wesley meet with Hoffman and Wilson warns the detective that Blake screwed up by not warning them that Daredevil got the addresses from his phone. Hoffman wonders how long it will be before he screws up, and says that they’ve been friends since they were kids. Wilson asks how much each of those years are worth.

Later, Hoffman goes to the hospital carrying a paper bag. Mahoney is on watch and insists on the detective signing in. He checks the bag and confirms that Hoffman is bringing his partner a sandwich. Once he’s inside and alone, Hoffman takes out a syringe from inside the sandwich and injects it into Blake’s IV line. Blake wakes up just as Daredevil grabs Hoffman from behind and knocks him out. He then bars the door and tells Blake that he’ll be dead in minutes but he can take the man responsible down with him. Mahoney and the others burst in and Daredevil is forced to leave before Hoffman can say anything.

Wilson takes Leland to his personal tailor, Melvin Potter, to get him fitted for a bulletproof suit. Once Potter is done, Wilson tells Leland that he’s moving him to a safe location so Daredevil can’t find him again. Leland demands a dozen men to protect him and warns that if he goes down then a lot of money will go with him. Wesley comes in and tells Wilson that Blake is taken care of, but that Daredevil talked to him. Hoffman doesn’t know what Blake said to him. He says that Hoffman spun it so that Daredevil was the killer, but Leland isn’t impressed and leaves.

The Past

Wilson comes home, beaten, and Marlene gets him some Zuppa. Bill arrives and demands to know what happened, and Wilson explains that another kid, Bernie Walker, was knocking down Bill’s side. When Wilson tried to stop him, Bernie said he was a loser like his dead and beat him up. Bill tells his son to come with him.

The older boy is out breaking bottles when Bill and Wilson confront him. Bernie says that his father was the one who called Bill a loser and he was just repeating it. Bill grabs him and says that he puts himself out there. He grabs Bernie’s bat and knocks him down, and then calls Wilson over and tells him that he has to show people that he’s a man. Bill orders Wilson to kick Bernie, and after a brief hesitation, kicks the older boy again and again.


Wilson wakes up gasping and looks at the “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” painting he bought from Vanessa. He then makes himself an omelet and eats breakfast alone. Once he’s done, he dons a suit and puts on his father’s cufflinks. Wesley calls and tells him that Madame Gao wants a word, and is on her way. He assures Wilson that he’s already on the way and should get there first.

When Gao arrives, Wilson serves tea. When Wesley translates, Gao interrupts him and speaks in English for the first time. She knows that Wilson speaks Mandarin and congratulates him on playing the fool. Gao confirms that Nobu doesn’t know that Wilson speaks Japanese, and tells Wesley to leave them. Wilson nods in agreement, and Gao warns him that Nobu and Leland are displeased with how he is handling the matter with Daredevil. She says that she found where Wilson located because he’s become sloppy and emotional, and if he doesn’t tend to matters then she will deal with Nobu and Leland directly. Once she leaves, Wilson flips over the table in a fit of anger. Wesley comes running in and Wilson screams at him to get out.

The Past

Bill sits Wilson down before a blank white wall and tells him to stare at it and think of the man he wants to be. Marlene wonders where Bill is going, and he says that he has to talk to Rigoletto. When Marlene objects, Bill slaps her and then takes off his belt and beats her. Wilson keeps staring at the wall, wincing at his mother’s moans of pain.


That night, Wesley comes back in and Wilson says that if he wanted him then he would have asked. His assistant says that isn’t always true, and Vanessa comes in behind him. She tells Wesley that Wilson will be all right and he leaves, and Wilson tells her to go. Wilson tells her to go, and Vanessa says that his friend is worried about him. She reminds him of his promise to always be honest with her, and Wilson says that he’s afraid of how she’d look at him if she knew.

The Past

Bill keeps beating Marlene, saying that he lost because of her and Wilson. Wilson finally picks up a hammer and yells at Bill to stop. Bill asks what he’s going to do with the hammer, and Wilson lowers it. When Bill turns back to Marlene, Wilson hits him in the head and then keeps hitting him as Marlene stares in horror. She finally stops him and says to get the saw. As she removes the body’s clothing, she gives Wilson Bill’s cufflinks.


Wilson tells Vanessa that it took hours to dump his father’s body into the river after they cut it up. Everyone figured that Bill left town to avoid Rigoletto, and Marlene sent him to live with relatives at their farm. Vanessa says that he was protecting his mother, but Wilson says that he did it for himself. He wears the cufflinks to remind himself that he’s not a monster like Bill. Vanessa assures him that he’s not a monster, but Wilson warns that there are people that want to expose him and thwart his plan to improve the city. She asks if he’s going to let them, and Wilson says that he isn’t.

Ben is walking to his car, on the phone with Ellison about his current assignment. He hangs up and drops his keys, and Daredevil emerges from the shadows and says that they need to talk. The vigilante denies killing the Russians and shooting the cops, and says that he needs Ben to expose Wilson. Ben admits that he hasn’t heard of him, and wonders why Daredevil came to him. Daredevil says that he has friends who trust Ben, and he’ll find another way to stop Wilson if Ben won’t help. He gives the reporter Leland’s name, and Ben points out that beating a confession out of someone won’t work as a source. Daredevil says that Hoffman killed Blake and they both worked for Wilson, but admits he has no way to corroborate it. The vigilante insists that all they need to do is expose Wilson and then the people will destroy him, and Ben asks for everything he knows.

Wilson wakes up gasping and looks at Vanessa asleep next to him in bed. The next morning, he makes himself an omelet and eats breakfast alone. Vanessa joins him. She picks out a lighter suit for him and a different pair of cufflinks.

Ben is writing a story, saying he’s one of the men who lurk in the shadows. Wilson comes on the news to hold a press conference and says that no one should live in fear. He presents Leland as one of Daredevil’s victims, and says that they can’t bear down to terrorists. However, Wilson refuses to give up his dream to make the city a better place for its citizens.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen all watch the newscast.

Wilson says that he tried to live in the shadows to protect the people he loved.

Ben deletes his story.

Wilson says that together they can make the city a better place.

Matt screams in fury and throws his laptop off the table.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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