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Aloha, Rich Man, Goodbye Recap

Todd Lewiston is a retired real estate developer living the good life in Hawaii. He and his wife Xx are having a picnic, and Martine invites him on a walk to a nearby cliff. She finally shoves him off the cliff and bids him aloha.

Later, the police fish Todd's body out of the ocean and the Tropical Punch squad are on the scene. Mike figures that it was a boating accident, but Al says that the preliminary report confirmed that Todd fell to his death. Tom insists that Todd was murdered, and says that it reminds him of a FBI report he read about a beautiful psychopath--the "Black Widow"--that targets wealthy men and kills them. As the tide washes Todd's body away, Tom shows his teammates a matchbook where Todd hung out. Mike figures that Tom is should be the bait and they run off.

At the lounge, Mike and Al go undercover and Tom goes in wearing a yachtsman costume that Mike picked out for him. Mike goes off after a gorgeous blonde while Martine comes in and sees Tom flashing a wad of big bills. She goes over and invites him to buy her a drink, while Mike discovers that the woman he's trying to pick up has a very large husband. Mike identifies himself but the husband doesn't believe him and punches Al by mistake. Al tosses the husband down the bar and then realizes that Tom has left with Martine. Al says that he put a tracking device on Tom's jacket just in case, and determines that he's on his way to the north shore. Mike tells Al to order a helicopter so that they can get there fast.

Martine takes Tom to her favorite cliff.

Mike and Al fly to the north shore and Mike has Al deviate from their course to check out a waterfall. He figures that Tom has things well in hand.

Tom asks Martine for a short break, but she wonders if she's too much of a woman for him and Tom plays along.

Al and Mike drop out of the clouds and head for a mountain.

Martine finds Tom's gun and aims it at Tom, figuring that he's a cop. Tom insists that he isn't.

Once Al avoids the mountain, Mike insists on navigating. It doesn't go well.

Martine takes Tom to the cliff edge and prepares to throw him off. However, the helicopter pulls up and Mike orders Martine to drop the gun. Martine shoves Tom and runs, and he manages to regain his balance and goes after her. As Al and Mike land, Tom grabs Martine and throws her to the ground.

Later on the beach, Mike and Al walk along the beach. Mike suggest that they go back to the lounge and celebrate, and Al agrees as Todd's body washes back in with the tide.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 22, 2017

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