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Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It Recap

At a Wayne Enterprises facility, two guards are playing poker when Dwight and a group of Jerome's followers come in, laughing. When one guard fires at them, and the other one stabs him in the chest and takes the intrudes into the room containing the frozen Indian Hill subjects. Dwight goes to Jerome's pod and stares at Jerome in awe, and then laughs maniacally.

Later, the police arrive at the crime scene and discover that the intrudes took Jerome's body. Harvey confirms that the government shipped everything from Indian Hills there. They realize that Dwight took the body and that the woman he resurrected was his trial run. Dwight plans to resurrect Jerome The detectives ask Lucius what he'd need to thaw one of the subjects out, and Lucius says that they'd have to raise the body's core temperature over a three-hour period. They hear someone moving in a box and open it, and find an injured man inside.

At Wayne Manor, Cole arrives and demands money from Bruce. Cole says that Maria owes him $200,000 for failing to break her contract. He warns them that if he doesn't get the money then he'll turn Maria over to the police, Cole tells them to give the money to Maria so she can give it to him and leaves.

The next day, Jim stops in where Lee is treating the injured man. He says that he needs to talk to the man and he can do it better at the station then a hospital. Lee isn't impressed and insists that her patient needs to go to the hospital, and Jim thanks her for having Carmen call off the hit. She doesn't care for his thanks and leaves. The prisoner recognizes Jim and warns that he can't stop them bringing Jerome back. The man says that they're everywhere and starts laughing manically, while Jim tells a uni to put out a call to have every unit looking for the symbol left at the facility.

Dwight hooks up Jerome's body to his equipment and turns it on.

Oswald wakes up to find Barbara reading newspaper articles to Oswald about how the public is denouncing him after his outburst on live TV. He says that he needs to find Edward, and Barbara warns him that Tommy Bones is sensing Oswald's weakness and starting to make moves to take over. When Oswald says that he needs Edward, Barbara tells him to make himself presentable while she calls a meeting of the heads of the family. Once they see Oswald is his old stuff, it will quell the rumors. Barbara says that she's helping him because people think that Oswald likes her, and that keeps her safe.

Bruce calls in Maria and Selena and gives Maria the money. Selena says that they should call cops, but Alfred points out that if he goes to jail then so will Maria. She figures that Cole will keep coming back for money, but Bruce figures that it buys them time to clear Maria's name. Maria suggests that she leave, and a disgusted Selena storms off.

The unis report that the symbols are all over Gotham, but mostly in the rougher parts of town. They figure that it's a way that the group communicates, and Jerome has thousands of disciples waiting for him to wake up. Lucius shows them a map of the city's electric grid and says that the power company registered a surge at Ninth and Henry around the time Melanie was brought back, and more surges recently. Jim and Harvey take off, unaware that one officer has overheard them and makes a call.

Dwight tries to work out why his process isn't working. His assistant Gus comes in and says that the police have their location. Dwight sys that he's run into some technical difficulties, and Gus warns that people have made sacrifices so that they could see Jerome. Angry, Dwight electrocutes Gus and then admits that he's right. He then takes a scalpel and starts to cut off Jerome's face.

Jim and Harvey take a squad in and find Gus' corpse. Dwight has left... and taken Jerome's face with him.

Jerome's followers gather at their meeting place, and Dwight comes in wearing Jerome's face. Everyone stares at him in shock, and Dwight insists that "The Prophet" is there. The followers aren't satisfied and demand to know where Jerome is, and Dwight insists that Jerome is there. He says that they are all Jerome, and slowly the followers start chanting that they are Jerome.

Lee examines Jerome's corpse and turns to get a tool... unaware that his hand is twitching.

Lucius tells Harvey and Jim that a cell phone at the crime scene received a call from the precinct. Jim goes out to the squad room and tells everyone that they have a mole. He hits redial on the phone, and the Follower Andrew Dove break sand runs. The other officers grab him and drag him away, and Lucius congratulates Jim on his bluff.

Oswald arrives at Sirens, but no one is there except Barbara. He thanks Barbara for being his friend and asks what she thinks he should do. Barbara suggests that Oswald pick one of them and teach them a lesson. Oswald giggles and says that he wouldn't be so easy to manipulate. He slams a knife into the bar top and asks Barbara what her plan was. Tommy calls for Oswald and says that they don’t work for him anymore. Oswald promises to gut him and Tommy says that unless Oswald walks away, they'll kill Edward. Once Tommy hangs up, Oswald vows to kill them all and limps out. Barbara then calls Tommy and he puts Tabitha on. Once Barbara says that Oswald bought it, Tabitha tells Tommy that they're good and kills him.

Harvey and Jim question Dove, and Dove says that he stopped being a cop a long time ago. He says that he changed the night that Jerome attacked, grabs Jerome, and demands to know what Dwight is planning. Dove laughs hysterically and Jim beats him, but Dove keeps laughing. Harvey starts hitting Dove, just as Lee comes in and Jim pulls Harvey away. She injects Dove with sodium pentothal and ells the detectives that Dove will give them what they want to know. Jim goes after Lee, who points out that Jim bent the rules early. He says that she's better than that, but Lee asks if he'll shoot him. When Jim threatens to get her dismissed, Lee says that she'll tell the commissioner that she saw Harvey beating a suspect. She tells Jim to never touch he again or tell her what to do, and walks away. Harvey comes out and says that Dwight is going to Channel 9 to make an announcement on the six o'clock news.

At the station, Dwight and the Followers arrive and gun down the station manage as he calls for an evacuation.

Lee returns to her workshop and finds a dead cop. Jerome, his face bandaged, comes up behind Lee and puts a gun to her head. He has her tell him what has been happening since he "died," and recognizes Lee as Jim's girlfriend. She says that they're not together and that Jim killed her husband on their wedding night. Jerome laughs and Lee points out that there are cops outside ready to kill him again. He figures that he didn't kill Bruce after Theo betrayed him, and is surprised to hear that Theo came back to life before him. Jerome then asks where his face is.

The police arrive at the station and find a Follower in the lobby, holding a gun to a hostage's head.

Maria takes the money to Cole, and he tells her that they pulled it off. Selena comes in, having overheard them, and says that she wanted to make sure she had it right. Maria tells her that Bruce doesn't care about the money, and Selena says that her mother only came back to use her. When Cole tells Selena to calm down, Selena draws a knife and puts it to his throat. When Maria tells her to stop, Selena tells her mother to never come back and leaves.

Dwight prepares to give his speech to the city. A Follower brings in a phone and says that Jim is calling, and Dwight eagerly takes it. Jim warns Dwight that there's no way out, and Dwight doesn't have what it takes to lead the cult. Dwight repeats what Jerome said a year ago, and Jim says that he's a fraud. The Followers listen as Dwight insists that he's Jerome, and Jim hangs up after saying that Dwight is boring him. Harvey tells Jim that they found a way in through the ventilation system and the squad goes in.

The family heads come to Sirens, and Barbara and Tabitha gloat over how they set the whole thing up. Tabitha reminds Barbara that when it's over, Edward dies. Barbara agrees and wonders what they should do with the heads. They agree to Option B and Barbara guns them down. Meanwhile Barbara calls Edward and says that Oswald is all his.

Dwight goes on the air wearing his Jerome mask, and introduces himself as Jerome. At the lab, Jerome watches Dwight and complains about his lack of stage presence to the tied and gagged Lee. He puts on a police hat and casually walks out. He drives to the station, running over a man in the process.

Jim and the others sneak in through the ventilation system and knock out the Follower in the lobby. They burst into the studio and open fire on the Followers who fight back. Dwight tries to run and Jim tackles him.

At Wayne Manor, Selena confronts Maria and asks if he knew. He admits that he did, and says that he didn't have any options. Selena realizes that Bruce paid her to stick around, and Bruce tells her that he couldn't tell Selena that Maria was a con artist. He says that they both lied to Selena but for different reasons. She strikes at him but Bruce blocks her blows. Selena demands that he fight her, but Bruce refuses. She finally says that Maria only tracked her down because of Bruce, turns, and walks out.

A uni takes Dwight away with the Jerome face in a bag. Lee calls Jim and tells him that Jerome is alive and coming after Dwight. Jim and Harvey go to the squad car and find the uni dead. Meanwhile, Jerome drives Dwight away and says that they have a busy night. Once they pull over, and find a hideout, Jerome staples his face back on and Dwight tells him that it looks good. Dwight wonders if Jerome is mad that he cut off his face, and Jerome points out that Dwight brought him back from the dead. He then grabs a box and wheels it out.

Oswald tells Gabe that Edward must be out there. When Gabe says that he's hearing weird things, Oswald doesn't want to hear it. Edward calls and says that he snuck away to the phone. He tells Oswald that he's at Kane Chemicals and hangs up, and Oswald tells Gabe to stay at the phone while the others go with him.

Jim tells Harvey that reports are coming in of random attacks. Lucius turns on the TV and the reporter runs a feed from Jerome in their stolen van. Jerome tells the people of Gotham that dying has given him a new perspective on life. He has tied up Dwight and says that there are no rules, and invites the viewers to kill whoever they want. Jerome lights up the dynamite on Dwight, says that he doesn't forgive him for cutting off his face, and walks out. Jim recognizes the power plant across the water and Harvey calls for a chopper.

As Jim gets to the roof, he sees the explosion at the power plant. The lights go out across the city, plunging Gotham into darkness.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 24, 2017

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