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Love Handles Recap

Lucifer and Chloe go back to Lucifer's penthouse, kissing. They undress and Lucifer carries Chloe to the couch, and Lucifer asks if she wants to do it. Chloe tells him to shut up and discovers that he has a pair of horns, and grabs them...

... and wakes up from her dream. Maze is watching, having figured out what she was dreaming about, and Chloe tells her to get out. The demon tells Chloe that she should loosen up for once rather than being herself, and walks out. Chloe lies back and wonders if things will be different.

The next day in therapy, Lucifer tells Linda that he figures things will be different and he's going to take things slow. Linda is skeptical when Lucifer says that Chloe is overwhelmed by him, and tells Lucifer that he's stalling because he's realized how complicated his relationship is. Lucifer admits that he's confused why Chloe kissed him after he described his negative qualities, and Linda suggests that maybe Chloe is taken by him. He wonders if Chloe is no longer immune to his charms and refuses to consider any other possibilities. Lucifer says that he knows what to do and leaves.

Later, Lucifer meets Chloe at the new crime scene and they make small talk. He tries to use his desire-sensing power on her, and realizes that she's still immune to his ability. Lucifer claims that he was joking and she slaps him on the butt in an attempt to loosen up. She admits that it was weird and they go into the university dormitory. Ella tells them that the victim is a student, Rick Cornier, who died of poison poisoning. When Lucifer makes a joke, Chloe laughs hysterically for a moment and apologizes. Ella says that the toxin tore through Rick's body and she doesn't recognize it.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to Rick's roommate, Timmy, who says that they all loved Rick. Timmy hadn't noticed anything unusual but points out that actor Johnny Kane came by the dormitory. Johnny was there researching a role, and Chloe points out that Johnny is 40. Lucifer is a fan and says that Johnny is much younger, and then points out that Johnny just walked in wielding a large knife. Chloe draws her gun and Johnny asks if Rick is dead. The actor says that Rick is dead because of him, and he couldn't deal with what the man said. The man said that he'd kill Rick if Johnny didn't cut his face.

At the station interrogation room, Johnny shows Lucifer and Chloe the emailed video of the masked doctor who told him to either cut his face or let Rick die. The doctor gives Johnny 24 hours to decide, and Johnny explains that he went to the school and confirmed that Rick was real. He couldn't cut up his face, and Lucifer understands. He figures the doctor was manipulating Johnny, and wonders if Chloe was showing affection to manipulate him. He quickly leaves without explanation, and Johnny tells Chloe that he never met Rick before.

Lucifer calls Charlotte and realizes that she's already in the station. He goes over and demands to know what she's up to, but Charlotte says she has no idea what he's talking about. Charlotte wonders why he's so upset that Chloe kissed her, and Lucifer admits that he doesn't know if it's real. She tells him to follow his heart, just as Dan goes over. Charlotte quickly excuses herself and looks meaningfully at Dan as she goes. Dan tells Lucifer that Cyber got a hit on the email trace.

Chloe and Lucifer soon go to a library where the sender, Matthew Hoffing, works part-time. Chloe asks Lucifer if he's ever made out in a library, and Lucifer wonders why she's acting strangely. She wonders why Lucifer isn't reacting like he normally does, just as they hear a girl screaming. They go into the next room and find Matthew watching a porn video. Once Matthew cleans up, he tells them that he doesn't know Rick. He admits that he only uses the email address for porn, and says that he was TAing a class when the email was sent to Johnny. Matthew confirms that there's an email there, and another one sent an hour ago to surgeon Gwendolyn Scott. It's the same masked man, telling Gwen that she can either destroy her hand or Ashley Corbett, an innocent sophomore, will die of poisoning.

That night, Dan goes to see Gwen and Lucifer and Chloe go to the sorority party where Ashley lives. Lucifer suggests that Chloe needs to blend in. She lets down her hair and a surprised Lucifer says that she's beautiful. He hands Chloe a beer and they go inside. They split up to search the crowd, and one frat boy says that he saw Ashley an hour ago. Meanwhile, Lucifer makes his way through the crowd, yelling Ashley's name. Several girls come on to him, and they say that they'll tell him where Ashley is once he does something for them.

Dan meets with Gwen and she asks him what he would do if he were her. He doesn't know, and Gwen says that she's taken oath to do no harm. Dan says that she doesn't have to and he promises that his people will find them.

Lucifer ends up chugging beer, and a sorority girl leads her off. Meanwhile, another frat boy hits on Chloe. When he asks if she has a boyfriend, Chloe sees Lucifer going upstairs with the girls and says that she doesn't. Upstairs, Lucifer is asking the girls how they know when love. Chloe comes in and is angry that Lucifer isn't working. She realizes that he wasn't having sex, and the girls realize that Chloe was the woman Lucifer was talking about. Ashley is in the bathroom and they're waiting for her. Chloe knocks on the door and gets no answer. She goes in and finds Ashley bleeding from her nose.

Charlotte goes to Linda's office and says that she has some upsetting for information that might set him against God. However, she's worried that Lucifer won't believe her. Linda says that she won't tell Lucifer the information for Charlotte, explaining that she has doctor-devil confidentiality. Charlotte insists that she wants Linda to illuminate the truth for Lucifer, and Linda says that she's too smart to be the messenger. Getting the wrong message, Charlotte figures that she needs to find someone who Lucifer will trust and is foolish enough to deliver the news. She thanks Linda and leaves.

Chloe calls Dan and tells him that Ashley is in the hospital and the poisoner used a different poison. He assures Gwen that they'll figure things out, and she goes to get a glass of water. As Dan calls the hospital, he hears the garbage disposal and runs into the kitchen to find Gwen preparing to thrust her hand into the disposal. He tells her to stop but she does it anyway.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive with the EMTs and Chloe says that they emailed back what Gwen did. Gwen insists that she had no choice, and Lucifer irritably says that she had a choice not to be so foolish. He rants briefly about how people can't win against a twisted tyrant, and Chloe takes him to the side to tell him that he's out of line. She warns that they can't let their emotions get in the way of their job or someone could get hurt, and Lucifer admits that Chloe has a point. A delivery man arrives with a gift present: a vial containing the antidote.

While Chloe and Lucifer deliver the antidote, Dan meets with Ella. She's checked with a contact in DHS, and they found a dead man with similar symptoms to Rick. The plane he was on came out of LA, and the first dead man has hot spots on him like he spilled the poison on him. Ella figures that it's a designer poison, and each poison needs a designer antidote. Dan recognizes the dead man from the photo and realizes that it's Andy, the suspect in the stewardess murders. He figures the special package was the poison, and Andy somehow obtained it…z and died.

At the hospital, Chloe questions Ashley. She remembers that her arm was sore because of a flu shot that she got, and the ME report shows that Rick got a flu shot as well. They check the university CCTV footage of the university health can, and discover that Dr. Jason Carlisle gave the shots. Jason was in a car crash and got out with his four years' worth of work, leaving the Uber driver to die. When the video went viral, Jason's wife left him and his reputation was ruined. Lucifer figures that Jason is recreating the moral dilemma he faced. The unis have searched Jason's house and found files on over a dozen possible targets. Lucifer suggests that they threaten Jason's ego and claims that his father had the same type of ego.

Chloe sends Jason an email insulting him. Dan advises against it, saying that it's a rash move, but she ignores him. Jason emails back with a video link. He removes the mask and says that he wants to finish his experiment without interference. Lucifer points out that Gwen chose to save the girl, and Jason insists that he was vilified for doing what anyone would do. He thanks Chloe for improving his experiment and says that Gwen only mutilated her hand because she was being observed. This time Jason is controlling his variables, and shows them Benjamin Tibi, attached to a poison drip. Next to him is Leon Klem, a track star stuck in a vice. Leon can sever his leg within 60 minutes to save Benjamin. Jason warns that the poison formula is unique and he's the only one who can create the antidote, and logs off.

Charlotte arranges a meeting with Maze at a bar and says that she thinks Maze should tell Lucifer the truth about Chloe. Maze tells Charlotte to do it herself, and Charlotte says that God put Chloe in Lucifer's path. She tells Maze that if maze doesn't believe her then there's something she should see.

Dan has no luck tracking down Jason's lab, and Chloe worries that she taunted Jason into speeding up his timetable. Ella discovers that Andy was strangled before the poison killed him. She found out where Andy was killed and checked the security footage, which shows Jason killing Andy. A key card with a logo is visible in the tape, and they figure that Jason is at the university's closest rival.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the lab at the rival university and find Jason there. The bulletproof glass door between them is locked, and Jason says that they can see first-hand what he's trying to prove. He holds up a vial of poison gas and tells Chloe that it will kill her if she enters the room. Jason puts on a gas mask and breaks the gas vial. As he runs out, Lucifer tells Chloe that he can save both students but Chloe has to go after the professor. He asks Chloe if she trusts him, and she says that she does and goes after Jason.

Jason walks away from the lab, but runs when Chloe comes after him.

Lucifer breaks a piece of glass to cut his arm, but realizes that Chloe is still too close and is making him vulnerable.

Chloe tackles Jason, who punches her in the side and knocks her off. He comes to a fence and tries to climb it, and Chloe orders him to stop.

Once Lucifer can no longer cut his arm, he realizes that he's invulnerable again, opens the door, and goes inside. The poison has no effect on him,.

Jason draws a knife and turns, and says that he knew she'd save herself. Chloe tells him that he can still save the kid, and Jason says that he needed people to understand that he's just a human being and he didn't have a choice then or now. With that, Jason cuts his own throat.

Chloe goes back to the lab and Lucifer comes out. She hugs him in relief to see him alive, and says that they make a good team after all. Lucifer realizes that her feelings are real.

That night, Maze calls Lucifer to the bar. Lucifer arrives and finds Charlotte with Maze. He says that he's happy now that he and Chloe are real, and he didn't think it could happen. Maze tells him to forget it and tries to lead him off over Charlotte's objections. Charlotte stops them and argues with Maze, and Lucifer sees photos on the wall of the bar's customers... including Amenadiel with Chloe's mother. He demands answers, and Charlotte says that god put Chloe in Lucifer's path. Lucifer remembers his time with Chloe and figures that none of it was real, and stops Charlotte when she tries to comfort him. Shocked, he drops the photo and walks out.

Lucifer goes to Chloe's home and yells that he needs to talk to her. He asks if she knew, and realizes that she's bleeding from the poison and it won't stop.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 24, 2017

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