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Wake Up Recap

Five Days Ago

Coulson apologies to Melinda about her getting stuck going to Holden's penthouse. Once he leaves, Holden approaches Melinda and asks Jeffrey how he took the news that Aida is a LMD. She says that she's going to get Aida and once everything is over, she's destroying the Darkhold herself. Holden tells her that he'll let Aida know that she's coming, and Melinda leaves. The scientist then calls Aida and tells her to activate the Sunset Protocol.

When Melinda arrives at the penthouse, Aida injects her with a tranquilizer. The LMD then opens the compartment, revealing the Melinda LMD, and punches the real Melinda unconscious. Aida removes Melinda's clothing and puts it on the LMD, and transfers Melinda's memories to her duplicate. Once the transfer process is complete, the Melinda LMD picks up right where the real Melinda was knocked out.

One Day Ago

The real Melinda wakes up in a spa and an attendant comes in and says that it's time for her facial. He says that she dozed off, but Melinda walks out… and wakes up in a spa. An attendant comes in and says that it's time for her facial. She walks out… and wakes up in a spa. When the attendant comes in, she punches him unconscious... and wakes up in the compartment. Melinda yanks out the IV lines and tries to leave, and Aida grabs her by the throat. Holden arrives and tells Aida to stop, and Aida knocks him back. He tells Aida to sedate Melinda, and the LMD does so.


Holden confirms that Melinda is stable but tells Aida that it's not a permanent fix. Aida wonders why it matters if the original Melinda is alive or dead, and Holden insists that they're not killers. He dismisses Nathanson as an over adjustment, and says that Melinda won't give them any more problems so they can keep her alive. If something goes wrong then Holden says they have a safety net. Aida realizes that he's referring to the second LMD in place.

The Melinda LMD puts her shirt on, covering up the cut in her shoulder. She then goes to the briefing where Talbot tells the team that Daisy has to address the government committee so that everything is all above. Jemma worries that it's dangerous, but Daisy says that she's fine with it. The scientist doesn't think that it seems like Daisy, and Coulson is agreeing to the plan. Coulson says that with Nadeer and her staff in a meeting, they have an opportunity. Talbot doesn't know what he's talking about, and Coulson explains that while Nadeer is in with Daisy, he and Yo-Yo will break into Nadeer's office and plant surveillance. When Talbot objects, pointing out that SHIELD is now legitimate, Coulson says that the have to be proactive. Talbot agrees but warns that it's politicians. Melinda assures Coulson that she's with them.

Holden checks Melinda and tells Aida that there's no reason to harm her. Aida agrees sand then "accidentally" knocks over a jar. Once she leaves, Melinda opens her eyes and manages to pull a beaker over to her. She breaks it and uses the shard to cut herself free.

After Elena and Mack make love, she says that she enjoys him. She says that she's a knock out and goes to get some water, and Mack's telephone vibrates. He gets dressed and tells Elena that there's a change of plans and he won't be on the mission. There's something else that Mack has to do, and he apologizes to Elena for the timing. He assures her that they'll be fine on their mission, kisses her, and leaves.

Melinda goes to the lab where Fitz is secretly checking a monitor. She says that she needs information on Aida for her security report, and asks how much Aida knew of what she was doing. Fitz figures that Melinda is blaming herself for letting Aida read the Darkhold, and Melinda leaves.

The real Melinda cuts her wrist working at her straps, and hears someone coming. She hides the glass, and Aida comes in with a broom. As she approaches Aida, Holden comes in and says that there's a situation she has to attend to. Aida follows him out and Melinda continues cutting.

Coulson tells Mack and Jeffrey that Mack has taken some personal time. Talbot warns that if Nadeer finds out about their surveillance then she'll investigate SHIELD. Coulson admits that it's dangerous but they have to take the chance, and points out that Talbot doesn't give him the full story. Talbot suggests that he take the SHIELD assets to a secure facility for protection in case Nadeer investigates them, but both Jeffrey and Coulson figure that it's better where they are. The general says that Jeffrey has to agree and walks away.

Melinda frees herself and heads for the door, but Aida punches her through the glass, grabs the doorframe, and prepares to kill Melinda. Rolling out of the way, Melinda knocks Aida down and tries to get out. The LMD renews her attack and throws Melinda across the room. She promises to make Melinda's death quick, and Melinda runs her through with a metal leg from a chair she's grabbed and then runs for the roof.

Jeffrey and Daisy enter the chamber where the Accords will be signed. Daisy assures him that she's good, and Jeffrey tells her that he knows how it feels putting on an act full-time. He says that he knows it's not an act with Daisy, and Daisy says that Coulson told her that Jeffrey is trying to do the right thing. Jeffrey assures her that she's got it, just as Nadeer and Talbot come in. Nadeer says that a lot of questions will be answer in the meeting and they swear Daisy in.

Coulson and Elena enter the Capitol Building using fake badges, and Elena asks about Mack. Her partner says that he's not going to get in the middle of things, and advises her to ask Mack. Elena says that if Coulson takes it slow then he and Melinda will never get together. And then uses her power to secretly steal a badge so that they can enter Nadeer's office.

Jemma enters her quarters and finds Fitz on the bed studying some plans. She suggests that he come with them on the mission but Fitz says that he's busy. Before she goes, Jemma tells Fitz that he can talk about what's bothering him. Fitz says that he goes quiet when he's "processing," and brings up the schematics on Aida once Jemma leaves.

Melinda continues up the stairwell.

The committee chairman warns Daisy that she'll answer to the public now that she's out in the open. Nadeer asks Daisy if she feels more responsibility to help Inhumans than normal Americans, and Daisy insists that Inhumans are normal. She says that she's there for all Americans, and Inhumans are the victims of more hate crimes. Daisy says that Inhumans are their "brothers," and Nadeer brings up Daisy's theft of $7 million while she was undercover, and how she distributed it to "worthy causes."

Coulson and Elena plant the surveillance devices while Jemma monitors the hallway. She warns Coulson that two security officers are approaching and tells him to hold until they pass.

Nadeer points out that Daisy never signed the Accords and SHIELD used an unauthorized enhanced agent... and is still doing it.

Jemma loses the signal from the surveillance devices. Meanwhile, Elena finds a glowing device in the desk. It explodes, knocking her out, and the Capitol Police come in and immediately arrest them. They have leg cuffs ready to put on Elena.

Nadeer says that SHIELD continues to engage in illegal activities, and announces that two SHIELD agents were just arrested in her office. The policemen bring Coulson and Elena in, and Nadeer says that SHIELD really is a criminal organization.

Later, Nadeer meets with Talbot and Jeffrey. Daisy, Coulson, and Elena sit outside, and they figure that someone leaked their operation to Nadeer. Jeffrey and Talbot come out and say that they're free to go. Talbot warns that there will be a full investigation and Nadeer will drag them in front of every subcommittee. The general complains that Coulson ignores his advice, and Coulson points out that he has lied to them. He figures that now they know they have a leak, and asks if Talbot warned her. Disappointed, Talbot says that he's not the leak and SHIELD only exists because of him... and maybe that's a mistake.

Melinda reaches an empty upper penthouse and finds Aida waiting for her. Aida attacks her and Melinda manages to kick her off the balcony. "Aida" disappears and reappears behind Melinda, and congratulates her that she got further than before. The LMD explains that the entire thing is a simulation, and they've moved her to another location. Holden figured that the best way to keep Melinda busy. She's reached the end of the program before they were ready to code more, and Aida says that they'll wipe Melinda's memory and send her through again. Melinda points out that she keeps beating the simulation, and will get out eventually. She attacks Aida… and the LMD resets the simulation to where she dropped the jar.

Melinda tells Jemma that someone gave them up. Jemma figures that someone is inside their base, and sees Fitz in the lab with the tablet. She yanks it away and says that he's obsessed with Aida, and asks if he turned on the LMD's ocular receptors. Fitz admits that he did and Jemma points out that they gave Aida's eyes the Deathlok technology and Holden could be accessing it. As Jemma starts to walk away, Fitz says that he's running an investigation.

The Melinda LMD goes to Holden's apartment and demands to know what he did to her. She explains that the injury tipped her off, and Holden assures her that the real Melinda is okay. When the LMD says that Holden forced her to spy on her own people, Holden laughs and tells her that she's not telling Coulson. An instinct will kick in to complete her mission eventually, and until then she won't be able to jeopardize it. The LMD says that there's enough Melinda in her to do what needs to be done, and tries to attack Holden. Her arm freezes, and Holden says that he programmed her so that she wouldn't want to tell anyone. He tells her to do what she truly wants, and he knows who that is. Holden says that the LMD and Melinda could be happy if they took what they wanted, but Melinda is too busy fighting a battle form her past. He realizes that's what Melinda needs... just as Coulson, Jemma, Coulson, and a strike team break in. Jemma says that Fitz had a theory that Holden programmed Aida to do it. The LMD says that she came there to find out what Holden knew and the truth came out.

When Mack returns to his quarters, Elena tells him that the mission didn't go well. She asks Mack where he went, and Mack says that he went to see Hope. Elena tells Mack that she's not interested in a man that goes off with other women. Mack says that Hope was his daughter and she died 11 years ago. He and his ex Nicole had a life planned, but Hope only lived four days. The next day is Hope's birthday, and Nicole texted him saying that she needed him there. Elena apologizes and hugs him.

Back at HQ, Melinda gives Coulson a drink. He admits that the day didn't go well and Nadeer has them on the ropes. Coulson figures that he was reckless just like Talbot said, and Melinda tells him that they are who they are.

Fitz visits Holden in his cell and says that he hoped that he was wrong. Holden insists that he wanted to help people, and says that Fitz has been like a son to him. He asks Fitz to help him explain it to them that his first priority is to preserve life. Fitz stares at him for a moment and then gets a gun from the guard and shoots Holden in the head. When Holden turns back, the skin over his metal skull is torn apart. The LMD finally shuts down.

Nadeer watches the entire thing on a tablet in her office. She tells the real Holden that he has a problem, and Holden admits that he figured he wasn't safe so he replaced himself and called Nadeer for protection. Nadeer tells him that he'll have to meet the Superior, and Holden agrees. Holden then checks with Aida, who is running the new simulation on Melinda. She assures her that it's working the better than the other problems, and Holden figure that all he had to do was change the fight and take Melinda back to Bahrain.

In the simulation, Bahrain relives the fight in Bahrain and saving Katya.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2017

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